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Bonus za první vklad

100% bonus + 100 zatočení zdarma za první vklad!

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50% bonus + 50 zatočení zdarma každý čtvrtek!

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€2021 ve fondu výher pro hry u stolu!

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Každý týden bude na účet vítěze připsáno 250 zatočení zdarma na automat týdne!

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25,000 CZK + 1,000 zatočení zdarma každých 12 hodin!
350,000 CZK + 14,000 zatočení zdarma za týden!

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Dead man's cove

Dead man's cove

Join the adventure as the Max Quest team take to the seas in search of fame and fortune, in the Dead Man’s Cove. Legends of the Caribbean tell of this mysterious island where the dreaded Pirate King Brutus buried his hoard of unimaginable treasures.

But beware: The brutal Pirate King has risen from the seas to protect what was rightfully his!

Stand among other Max Quest players in an action filled fight against infected rats, blood-thirsty crabs, and a ghostly pirate crew as you collect keys to buried treasure chests, cash prizes and more. Legend even tells of creatures of the sea, serpents and sirens.

Mission: Amazon

Mission: Amazon

Your journey is set in the thick, lush jungles within the Amazon basin, home to the great river covered by a canopy of towering trees and countless plants. Deep within this jungle hide mysteries and terrifying beasts. Legend tells of untold treasures hidden deep within, protected by savage, inhuman guardians.

Join the mission as one of the Max Quest explorers within the jungle, but be armed and ready for anything. Compete against the dreaded guardians with glowing eyes and blood-thirsty spirits for the lost treasures of the Amazon.

Rise of the mummy - coming soon!

Join the Max Quest team in search of untold fortunes deep in the catacombs of Alexandria, where the cursed remains of the mummy gods and their disciples lie. Rich with history, gold and danger, seek out these untold fortunes on your adventure.

Obtaining these artifacts is not without risk, your mere presence has awoken the gods who have returned in their mortal forms to protect their tombs. Fight against the gods, Ra, Anubis and Osiris, as well as their mummy minion hordes, to be rewarded like a King!

Dragon stone - coming soon!

Prepare for your biggest adventure yet in MAX QUEST: DRAGON STONE! This epic fantasy chapter of the Max Quest tale leads the crew to Fortress Dragonstone, in search of treasure guarded by a powerful dragon and his armies of evil, including orcs, wizards, goblins, and more!

WIN BIG with the Max Quest team as they navigate enchanted lands and face fearsome monsters in search of the valuable shards of the Dragon Stone, the key to summoning the great dragon and claiming the hoard of riches and priceless artifacts contained within his fortress!

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