Everything about Australian gambling news – industry updates, regulation and casino technology

There’s a reason why Australian casino news is becoming increasingly more important. Online gambling is an extremely popular activity in many parts of the world. With the power of the internet, the barriers to finding a gambling platform have been lowered considerably. It takes only a couple of minutes for people to sign up on online casinos and start playing slots and casino games. As a result, the market has grown to an unimaginable size with many online gambling platforms vying for the people’s attention. These platforms come up with different offers and services that gamblers have to choose from. There are also many platforms that might not present their services in a truthful manner. Of course, with the internet and money, there are going to be scammers as well. This all means that the need for awareness among the gamblers is higher than ever. People need to keep up with the latest Aussie casino industry news and read user reviews to be constantly aware of what’s happening on the market – and we, Playamo, are the experts of the Australian gambling scene feel obliged to provide you with the most recent news and updates.

ORYX Gaming and Pragmatic Play announced a partnership

Gambling is an industry that is affected by almost every little change. Every single change can cause a significant disruption in the market. Both providers, and developers, try to come up with the most unique product, addressing all of the user needs or current requirements. This is one of the best…
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Deep Sea Slot game

Our Earth is a very unique planet. We are extremely lucky to have both water and land, all on one planet. There are several planets around us. They all might offer something else and deserve our attention. Most have land or terrain structure, which is similar to what we can find on Earth… What…
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The new deal of 1X2 Network, White Hat Gaming is a big deal

1X2 Network is an independent software company, which is based in the UK. The company has pioneered soft gambling content since 2002. The company has several third-party development partners. They have been aggregating content from a selection of the third-party vendors via the 3rd party interface (…
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Stephen Chadwick becomes the first Australian poker open winner

The Australia Poker Open that went on from the 25th of January till the 1st of February finished by Chadwick winning big time and taking home more than A$300,000 along with the title of Australian Poker Open champion. The championship took place at The Star Gold Coast, with Mike Watson, Andras Nemet…
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Top 5 Games from Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is one of the go-to’s for any casino game lover, as they offer an extensive selection of all sorts of casino games, starting from the classic card games to slots that cover almost every theme and variety of reels and wins. Evolution Gaming is also one of the largest companies that o…
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What to expect from “Fast Spin” Video slots?

There is a new Video Slot available at Playamo that offers a unique ranking system and offers you daily and weekly rewards, among many chances to score free spins and extra cash. Fast Spin is a racing themed slot game, where every 12 hours you have a chance to win A$1200 among with 1000 free spins. …
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Why is it important to keep up with casino news?

Finding out about new casinos

The gambling market is constantly changing. There are casinos that are closing down and there are also new ones opening every now and then. Because the market is so saturated, the new platforms have to bring something innovative, which is why it might be worth switching to these platforms. Without being up to date with the AU casino gaming news, you might miss out on the opening of an amazing platform that could turn your gambling experience completely around.

Avoiding scammers

Common knowledge is a great tool if utilized right. There are many things you as an individual gambler will have trouble finding out alone. However, the internet allows combining the knowledge and experience of millions of gamblers around the world. An AUS gambling blog can contain information that will lead you to realize that the casino you were about to sign up on might not be as truthful as you thought. If there’s a scam on the market and some gambler somewhere figures it out, it is likely that the gambler will share that information on the internet. You should definitely take advantage of this information.

What if your casino is about to go under?

Keeping up with the casino news online also means having more information about the platform you are currently using. No casino will advertise its issues on the website so the main way you can find out about its troubles and get out before things start to become problematic for you as well, is by reading the news.
Be aware of the latest developments in the industry
Everything on the internet seems to be evolving at the speed of light. The gambling industry is not an exception. There are advancements in technology that are pushing the gambling platforms forward. You will miss out on these great opportunities unless you subscribe to our Playamo Australian casino news website and get notified about the recent trends directly from us.

Find out about new regulations

It is very important for gamblers to operate within the regulatory framework. In order to be able to do this, they have to know about the current developments in regulations. Australia has changed its approach to gambling in the last couple of years when it became illegal for operators to offer gambling services to Australian citizens. However, individuals who managed to find operators could still gamble online without any repercussions. Those who read Australian gambling news will know how to get the best out of gambling without breaking any laws of the country.

The process of choosing a casino

In addition to providing you with the updated information on the gambling industry, we will help you find a great platform as well. As we said, there’s a huge market of online casinos and users face a complicated choice when deciding which platform to open an account on. We have compiled lists of casinos based on certain criteria. For example, if you are looking for casinos that accept payments in Bitcoin, you won’t have to go through every casino and check their payments page individually. Instead, you can refer to our list and spend your time analyzing other criteria instead. Our Australian gambling blog will do all the work of finding the right casinos.

We will also guide you through the process of selecting the best casinos based on your preferences. Sometimes new gamblers just go for the first casino they see. This means that they might miss out on great opportunities, bonus offers, and functionality. They might also come across an issue that forces them to abandon the platform and find a new one, wasting a lot of time and energy. Our Australian gambling blog offers a detailed guide to the process of selecting the best casinos to meet your specific needs.