A Brief History of Slots and Which Ones are the Most Beneficial

The casino industry is full of amazing games with different rates of payout to their players. Ranging from poker and blackjack all the way to the luck-based slots and roulette, casino players from all around the world have enjoyed playing those games and winning some exciting rewards.

And if one particular game can be specifically associated with gambling, it’s definitely slots. You see, the main idea behind gambling is plying with luck; you don’t know the outcome of your bets and that’s what makes those games so exciting. And slots are the ultimate representation of just that.

When playing slots, players don’t have even the faintest idea of how their hand will turn out. Be it online or offline slot game, the algorithm is always going to be random, that’s why players have no say in the final result. 

Liberty bell – the first slot game

So, the history of slots goes way back to the 19th century when the first slot-type games were introduced. Although, these games had no mechanical machinery or any kind of automation.

The first prototype of the modern slot machine was invented by Charles Fey at the end of the 19th century. The game was called Liberty Bell and it changed the way people played the games. 

As you know, slots are called pokies in Australia because the slot machines were standing beside the poker machines. And people often mistakenly called the two games pokies. Soon after the game became popular in Australia, as well as in other parts of the world, the new symbols started to appear such as 7s, apples, bananas, and other fruits. 

In fact, the appearance of fruits became one of the most significant turning points in the game. They introduced diversity in the game which was pretty exciting to its players. Some of the first casinos to incorporate fruits in slot machines were the Las Vegas-based establishments that quickly rose to fame as a result.

Migrating to online gaming

The next big thing that happened in the slot industry is the emergence of online gaming. The internet changed everything in our lives: how we work, rest, have fun, etc. It also improved the products and services offered by the entertainment industry. And casino slots were among them.

The first-ever online slots hit the market in the late 1990s. And it’s no surprise that online fruit slots garnered the most attention. That’s because the game creators were now able to fit a lot more symbols and skin packs to their slot games which was almost impossible back in the days with real machines.

And so did the online slot games with fruit symbols became a worldwide hit in the industry. And while all of the types are undoubtedly very entertaining, fruit slots are still favorite for the players. As many of them explain, fruit slots are some of the most lucrative games in the industry. They have struck jackpots in these games that completely changed their lives.

Besides, online casino providers have invested in visually thrilling graphics, sound effects, as well as exciting bonuses and free spins. And when it comes to the average RTP (Return-to-Player) ratio, these games have the best odds at 90-95% of the payout. This means that the chances of getting $90-95 out of your $100 deposits are very realistic.

9-reeled slots with larger payouts

But beyond fruit slots, are there any other types of this game that also make for a lucrative payout possibility? Well, as it turns out, there is. Let’s take a look at the 9-reel wheel slots.

One of the main assumptions in this game is the higher the bets, the bigger the payout chances. For example, if you bet 10 cents and your friend bets a dollar, your friend has a chance of getting larger profits than you. And this characteristic is further expanded when we move from a regular 3-reeled wheel slot to the 9-reeled one.

And the reason is simple: the more symbols you need to align, the higher the payouts. And with 9-reeled slots, that’s exactly what’s happening. In general, having a strategy of playing many lines and with larger bets can produce larger payouts as well. But keep in mind that the losses increase too. 

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