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Review of the best deposit bonuses for Australian players

Online casino deposit bonuses in Australia are one of the tools used by gambling platforms to attract users. Gambling has always been very popular. However, setting up a physical casino was associated with huge barriers so not many could enter the business. As a result, the activities remained largely concentrated in a small number of territories and everywhere else, the competition wasn’t very tough. With the internet and online gambling, on the other hand, things are very different. It became much easier to set up a gambling platform and cater it to practically everyone in the world. Now platforms aren’t only vying for the attention of users near them, but for all internet gamblers. This means that the competition in the industry has skyrocketed and the casinos have to come up with new and interesting ways to appeal to users.

There’s only so much a platform can do in terms of the traditional gambling services. What really allows them to distinguish themselves from the competition are AU deposit bonuses. These offers give unlimited options to the casinos. Although being too generous could possibly hurt the business, it depends on how much platform values attracting new users.

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How do deposit bonuses work?

There are many types of bonuses that casinos could offer its users and depending on how creative the creators are, the bonuses could take many different forms. With deposit bonuses, however, things are a bit simpler. The idea is basically the same. When you make a deposit on your account, the casino will give some type of a benefit to you in return. Match bonus for Australian players is a very popular version of a deposit bonus. What it means that the casino will match the deposit of a user up to a certain amount by a certain percentage. At Playamo, for example, we have a first deposit bonus matches the first deposit of users by 100% up to $100. To make things clear we’ll give a specific example. Say you sign up on the platform and deposit $100 on it. The casino will give you a 100% of this deposit i.e. $100 for free.  If you had deposited $50, you would’ve received $50. Because the limit is $100, no matter how much more you deposit over $100, you will still get $100 free cash.

The size of a deposit bonus will vary in two ways. Casinos might offer a higher percentage matched deposit bonus for Australian players or they might increase the limit. For example, instead of a 100% match in our example above, a casino might offer 50% or 200% instead. The limit could be lower or higher as well. If a casino matches the deposit by a higher percentage, it could be offsetting it by a lower limit so be careful when you are considering these offers. If you are someone that will make a small deposit, a higher percentage is more important, but with larger deposits, you might want to actually weigh in different offers by calculating what you’ll receive in return.

You might be tempted to think that you’ll sign up on a platform, make a deposit, receive the AU match deposit bonus and then withdraw all of the money thus making a quick profit. However, that’s not exactly how it works. The free cash you receive as a part of the bonus can be used for gambling on the website, but it can’t be withdrawn directly. Most offers will allow you to keep the winnings you make from the bonus cash, but the cash itself can’t be withdrawn. There will also be certain conditions that you have to meet in order to be able to withdraw whatever you win with the bonus cash. We will go over them below. Read them carefully, as this knowledge will be extremely important when you have to choose a platform by the deposit bonus it offers.

One of the conditions you’ll have to satisfy to be able to withdraw the winnings from a match bonus Australia platforms offer is a wagering requirement. This means that you will have to wager the amount of the deposit a few times over until you’re free to withdraw. For example, if you receive $50 free cash, you might have to wager it 20 times over, so a total of $1000, to be able to keep the winnings. A wagering requirement that’s too high can break the appeal of the bonus. There will almost certainly be an expiration date as well. The bonus won’t be on your account for every. After a specified date, it will expire and you won’t be able to use it for gambling anymore.

Not all AU casino deposit bonuses will match users’ deposits. Some of them might offer different benefits. For example, a casino bonus could also give users free spins for making a deposit. At Playamo, our first deposit offer includes 100 free spins as well. Free spins can usually be used on specific games and work pretty much like free cash for those games. Free spins are not considered as appealing as free cash for obvious reasons. They are limiting the option set to specific games whereas the bonus cash can be used on many games. Keep in mind, that, in many cases, the bonus cash has a list of games that it can be used on as well. You won’t be able to gamble with the money on every game. However, the list of such games is much longer than in case of free spins.

Another way these offers could differ from each other is based on which deposit you receive the bonus on. First deposit bonus is probably the most common one. When you sign up on a platform and make your first deposit, you’ll be able to claim this type of a deposit bonus. They are used by casinos to attract new users and to incentivize them to open an account on their platform instead of competing ones. There are also reload bonuses, which are used to reward loyal customers and incentivize people to return to the platform. Reload bonuses are also deposit bonuses but they are offered on deposits made after the first one, hence the name.

What’s good about deposit bonuses?

Casino match bonus for Australians as well as other types of deposit bonuses has its obvious advantages for the gamblers. First of all, it allows gambling with free money. You can still win a lot by gambling with this money and you’ll be able to keep those winnings as well, but you’re risking much less of your own money. That’s probably the main advantage of this offers and the biggest reason why people are so attracted to them. It’s the best parts of gambling without its worst parts. Being able to win a lot without the fear of losing your money can be too good to refuse.

In addition to the obvious advantage listed above, an Aussie deposit matched bonus allows gamblers to explore the functionality of a platform better without any risks. When you sign up on a platform, you won’t be able to navigate it with ease right away, no matter how good the design. You might not be accustomed to the games as well. You will need time to get used to this new platform and in that time, you might make a few mistakes. When you’re gambling with your own money, those mistakes can be quite costly, but when you’re gambling with free cash, you can feel more at ease. Platforms also offer demo versions of their games where user’s play with ‘fake’ money, but that doesn’t have the upside of winning and could become very boring very easily, which is not the case with an Australian deposit bonus.

Yet another advantage of deposit bonuses is the fun and diversity they bring into the gambling experience. Gambling can become quite repetitive over time and something that introduces change in the daily processes is always welcome. A reload bonus can become something that the users look forward to. Even as a surprise, they are enjoyable and fun. A deposit bonus on specific games incentivizes users to try out those games that they otherwise might have avoided. That way, their gambling experience is more diversified and less boring or repetitive.

If you’re a gambler or if you have ever tried to find a good platform to sign up on, you probably know that the search process is not an easy one. There is a plethora of platforms on the market to choose from and many of them are identical in terms of the games and services they offer. AU casino deposit bonus offers could become a tiebreaker that allows you to make a final decision which platform to open an account on.

Disadvantages of deposit bonuses

Although at first, it might seem that there’s nothing on the other side of the coin for free cash, you have to pay attention to minor details before you dive into the search for the best deposit bonuses. Very often, casinos will advertise the best parts about an offer but will discuss the less appealing features less conspicuously. You have to be careful not to fall for such traps. As we said above, the AU casino match bonuses have wagering requirements and conditions that need to be met in order for the player to be able to withdraw the winnings. If these requirements are too tough and difficult to meet, then the size of the bonus doesn’t really matter. That’s why it is important to go over the whole offer and read the information about requirements carefully before you decide which deposit bonus to go for.

These offers have another drawback as well. There might be betting restrictions which won’t allow you to participate in some games with the free cash. Even if you have a favorite game that you always go to, you might not be able to play it with the bonus money. That’s often done by the casinos to restrict gambling with free cash on games that have a smaller house edge or in order to promote some games. Unfortunately, it could also make the Australian match bonus lose its appeal for some gamblers.

How to find the best deposit bonus

When you start looking for the deposit bonus offers, you will have to pay attention to a few criteria if you want to pick out the best one. A lot of these things might seem intuitive, however, it’s always good to emphasize them so that you don’t make any mistakes in the process.


As we’ve said a few times now, an Australian match bonus can be used by platforms to attract new users. Unfortunately, this also makes them a great tool for scammers and fraudulent websites that want to appeal to gullible users. The benefits of a huge bonus can sometimes be blinding to the true nature of the platform. There are almost always red flags that should help you as a user identify that a platform can’t be trusted, but the prospects of an amazing bonus offer could lead to neglect some of these signs or to take the risk regardless. There are some things you as a user can do to ensure that the platform you’re about to sign up on can be trusted.

Unfortunately, in Australia, the process of identifying a scam is made a bit more difficult by the current regulatory framework. The government has outlawed providing gambling services to the residents of the country. Companies that do so could incur huge fines. For the population, on the other hand, it is still completely legal to gamble online and use the best casino deposit bonuses in Australia. The illegality of the service means that there is no licensing scheme. As a result, you won’t be able to double check the regulatory status of a certain country with the authorities in your country. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. First of all, you can check the registration and license of the platform in other jurisdictions. If it has a license to operate somewhere else, it means that the company is adhering to at least some standards of behavior and your funds are relatively safer. Playamo, for example, is registered in Curacao and we provide this information to all visitors of our websites very conspicuously.

If a casino is hiding its registration information from users, it’s a huge red flag that definitely needs more research. There should be some kind of detailed information in the ‘About us’ section as well. You can double check this information online and if there’s something that doesn’t add up, you might want to start searching for an AU casino match bonus someplace else.

Another great approach to this problem is to read user reviews. You probably aren’t the first customer of the platform. If it’s a scam, it would’ve left many unsatisfied users who are more than willing to share their experiences online. You should use this information and factor it in into your decision-making process. There are many websites, discussion forums, and gambling groups online where people share this sort of information. It’s always a good idea to go over them if you’re having any doubts about the reliability of a website. If you don’t want to put all of this effort into it, then just move on to another platform if you see a red flag that needs double-checking. There are many platforms that will offer you very appealing Aussie matched deposit bonuses.

Bonus size

Once you’ve established that you’re dealing with a reliable platform, you can move on to judging the offer itself. The first thing you want to look at is the size of the bonus. Depending on which type of bonus it is, you might have to look at different things here. Let’s say that we are dealing with a matched bonus like the one offered by our Playamo platform. In this case, there are two parameters to consider, the percentage at which the platform will match your deposit, and the maximum amount of bonus it will give. If you know in advance how much you are going to deposit, everything is very simple. You just do a simple calculation to figure out how much free cash you are going to receive with the AU deposit bonus. In general, if you don’t plan to deposit a lot of money, you should pay more attention to the percentage. With higher deposits, you have to consider both factors. Sometimes, casinos will advertise higher matched bonuses only to balance out the percentage with lower limits.

If the deposit bonus also contains free spins, as is the case with our Playamo first deposit bonus, then you have to take those into consideration as well. With free spins, there are a few things to compare. First of all, you can look at the number of spins directly. The higher the number, the better the bonus. An online casino first deposit bonus for Australians might distribute the spins over a few days and not hand all of them out at the same time. Free spins will almost certainly be for specific games. You can look at that factor as well. If they belong to a game that you don’t particularly enjoy, then the appeal of the spins is lessened significantly.

Wagering requirements

Another thing you’ll have to consider with the bonus offers is the wagering requirement. This one won’t be advertised as openly and you’ll have to do a little bit of digging to find out what the requirements are. Wagering requirements can make or break a bonus offer. No matter how big the size of the bonus is, if you’ll never be allowed to withdraw the winnings, the whole point is lost. With wagering requirements, you’re basically looking to find out whether you’ll be able to meet them or not. You probably have an overall idea of what spending and gambling behavior is like. If you feel like you won’t be able to wager as much as the AU casino deposit bonus online offer asks you to, then there’s no point in looking at the size of the bonus.

Other requirements and limits

Wagering requirement won’t be the only limitation you have on your deposit bonus. There might be time constraints and other conditions that need to be met as well. This information will also be indicated in the fine print so it’s up to you to find it and comprehend it. If the time limit is very short, then the bonus will expire soon without giving you the opportunity to take advantage of its benefits properly. An Aussie deposit match bonus that has many conditions and requirements will be more difficult to cash than the one with fewer requirements.