Australian real money casinos

A guide to the best Australian real money casinos in 2019

No one could probably answer the question of why gambling is so fun and addictive completely. However, most people that partake in the activity can list at least a few reasons they are attracted to it. The enjoyment of the games is definitely a part of it. Casino games like Poker are fun for the trickery and wits involved. There is definitely enjoyment to be had from going up against someone in a game and winning. Another reason could be the prospects of winning big time. Casinos can make people rich overnight and since everyone overestimates their luck, people are drawn to the game tables in hopes that they could strike gold. All of this is definitely a part of gambling, but there’s something more. It’s what keeps people coming back. The thrill of the risk of losing as concentrated as it is in gambling is difficult to come across. When people play casino online for real money in Australia, they are under constant risk of zeroing out completely. Like high-speed racing, skydiving any many other activities that focus on the risk, gambling offers certain enjoyment as well.

Legal Gambling in Australia

Australia has one of the biggest gambling industries in the whole world. The gambling market is one of the largest and Australians are known as some of the biggest fans of gambling in the world. 8 out of 10 people are involved in at least one type of gambling activity in Australia. The huge amount o…
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Monday Free Spins Promotion

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NetEnt and ReelPlay team up for brand new opportunities

The gambling industry is getting more and more popular time by time. The industry is huge and thus the competition is very high as well. Online casinos are constantly popping up on the market. More than 200 online casinos are born every year, though hardly ever they succeed in staying on the market.…
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Top 5 online women-themed slots games

Slot games are very popular with Australian players. Not only the treasure-themed games are on the front rows, but some of the adventurous and women-themed games are also quite trendy. There is a list of the most popular games that the online casino, PlayAmo, offers.  Tomb Raider  One of the most po…
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Playamo VIP gaming experience

One of the leading online casinos in the online gambling industry is PlayAmo. This online casino is among leaders in its field, for many reasons, and in the following review, we will outline certain aspects that make it extremely popular and a top choice for countless players worldwide. Once you mak…
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AU casinos try to fight the Coronavirus outbreak in the country

Coronavirus, also known as the 2019-nCoV or COVID-2019, has been announced as the pandemic by the World Health Organization. The novel virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China on the 31st of December 2019. The new decade has already taken a very challenging start, not just for China, but for the w…
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Gambling with real money

Gambling with real money requires depositing funds on the account of your choice, then selecting the games to play and actually starting to gamble. With real money, there’s the possibility of real winnings as well. Of course, you can always try out the demo and free versions of the games, but whatever you win won’t have any value in the real world. With AU online casino real money platforms, on the other hand, you could end up winning a lot of money that you can actually withdraw back to your bank account and spend as you see fit.

While gambling with real money adds a new level of excitement to the process, it is associated with risks as well. You could end up losing all of your money. People who decide to gamble with real money should be prepared for the losses and be able to withstand pressure. Losing money can often lead to more losses as people try to recoup the previous ones. Responsible gambling is an essential part of any gambling activity that involves real funds. This is the only way to mitigate and control the risks associated with the activity. When you gamble responsibly and are prepared to lose the money, the enjoyment you get from the process is even bigger. For that reason, many casinos will offer special tools for responsible gambling that we will discuss later. If you are interested in finding the best real money online casinos for Australian players, then keep reading. We will also guide you through the process of setting up your account and depositing/withdrawing money from it. Finally, we’ll discuss the scams associated with online gambling with real money and how to avoid them.

Regulation of real money casinos in Australia

Before we move on to explain how to choose the best real money casinos Australia has to offer, it’s a good idea to review the regulatory environment in Australia. This will be very important in the next section and it will help you better understand the process. Historically, Australia was very liberal when it came to gambling. In fact, Australians had one of the highest rates of gambling spending per capita. However, after the turn of the century, the government came up with some changes to the regulations that changed everything for the industry. The authorities outlawed providing online gambling services to the residents of Australia. The casinos that failed to comply would incur fines up to $1.1 million. Interestingly, while it was illegal for companies to provide these services, residents could still gamble on AU real money online casinos without any repercussions, as long as they found a provider. Furthermore, Australian casinos could continue to provide their services to the residents of other countries except for the select few. 

The crackdown on online gambling in the country means that currently there is no licensing scheme for gambling platforms. Companies don’t go through screening procedures to be able to offer services to the population legally. Gambling still continues to be very popular in the country, but now all of it online is done within the reaches of the law. Some forms of gambling services like sports betting and select games are still legal for real money online casinos in Australia to provide.

How to choose the right platform

The gambling market, in general, is a huge one. There are millions of customers around the world looking for the best platforms. Due to the high demand, the supply is high as well. Hundreds of online gambling platforms are vying for people’s attention. As a result, there’s a lot to choose from. While this is good as you’ll be able to pick ou the best Australian real money casinos from a bunch of options, it also makes the process a bit harder. However, we have prepared a short guide that will lead you through the process and will give you some criteria to consider when you’re choosing an online gambling platform to sign up on.

Selection of games

No matter whether you’re a new player or an experienced one, if you prefer high stakes games or more safe gambling, one thing is the same for all. There have to be good games to enjoy. As addictive as the thrill of gambling is, it can be completely destroyed by a low-quality game. That is why it’s important to consider what kind of games are available on the AU casino real money platform. With the selection of games, there are a few things to look at. First of all, you want there to be many games to choose from. All gamblers have their own tastes and preferences and chances that the platform will be able to accommodate your particular needs are higher if there are a lot of games on it. At Playamo, we offer over a thousand games, which is a huge number when compared to other similar websites. 

The number of games alone is not enough. There has to be variety as well. Slots can become quite repetitive and if all games on a platform are of the same kind, there’s not much benefit to be had from the numbers. Right away, it might be difficult to judge the variety of games on a platform. So, you can look at the number of providers the casino is using. For example, with Playamo, you’ll see that we have partnerships with many leading game studios which enables us to offer a huge range of games. All studios have their style and approach and more of them there are supplying games to an Australian casino real money platform, the more diversity there will be. Slots can be very modern with a heavy emphasis on the visuals and convoluted gameplay with multiple levels and storylines. Newer slots also tend to focus on certain themes like TV shows or popular movies. If you have a particular preference, you can check out those slots. Some users prefer more classic games with a very standard and minimalistic approach. Make sure that the casino you choose will have both kinds.

Slots are fun, but there’s so much more fun to be had from gambling online for real money in Australia. Some gamblers have a strong preference for casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and Roulette. These classic games have existed for hundreds of years in the physical world and they continue to be equally as popular online. While most gambling platforms should have some versions of these games, the number of variations provided will be different. If you’re someone that has a strong preference for a certain version of Roulette or Blackjack, then you should see if they are available. Otherwise, more of such games there are, the better. If you get bored with one version of the game, you’ll be able to switch to another and diversify your gambling experience. 

When considering the selection of games, you should also consider if there are any live-casino games offered by the Aussie real online casino. While casino games are fun, they can’t quite replicate the special atmosphere of a physical casino. Live-dealer games, on the other hand, do it more successfully. If you’re not familiar with the term, a live casino game offers a live feed from a table that’s actually set up somewhere in the world. There’s a human dealer that curates the game and often you can chat with him/her using a chat box. Live-dealer games are very fun but also expensive to host, so you won’t find many of them on any given website. At Playamo, we offer a couple of live-dealer games for each of the popular casino games listed above.

If you’re someone that will be gambling on a mobile phone, don’t forget to check the availability of the games on mobile devices. There can be a thousand games on a real money casino in Australia but if only a handful of them can be accessed using a phone, it doesn’t mean much to you. Game studios sometimes won’t make their games accessible via phones so you should take this step seriously. Of course, if you think you won’t use your phone to gamble, you can just move on to the next criterium.


When you’re gambling with real money, another thing you have to think about is the security of the platform. After all, you don’t want your money to be stolen or appropriated. Now, there are two main sources of danger you should consider when choosing a top real money Australian online casino. One is the danger posed by scammers and fraudulent platforms. This is, unfortunately, a huge problem everywhere where the money is concerned on the internet as some people try to take advantage of the complexity of the web and defraud gullible users. As such, we have devoted a separate section to this problem with a guide on how to avoid scams and fraudulent platforms when gambling. You can go over that part later. Now, let’s consider another source of danger.

An Aussie casino play for real money platform can be as honest as possible and might not have any bad intentions to get away with the customers’ money, but users could still end up losing their funds. While scammers set up websites posing like legitimate platforms, there are also hackers who attack legitimate platforms and steal the money. In order to counter such efforts, casinos have security measures in place. The strength and adequacy of these security measures determine how safe the users’ money will be. You as an individual won’t have the ability to check these security measures yourself as you won’t have access or, in many cases, the background to conduct this check. However, there are independent audit organizations that do it for you. Unfortunately, such reports aren’t very common and might not be free. Instead, what you can do is to look at the past history of the AU online casino for real money. If it has had accidents in the past where it lost its users’ money, then its security might not be up to par. If, on the other hand, it has been operating on the market for years and hasn’t had a fluke, you can feel safer to trust it with your funds.

Mobile casino

Many services that used to be conducted using computers are moving to mobile devices due to the convenience that they offer. You might not be around your computer most of the times, but you’ll certainly have your phone at hand at all times. At least, the majority of us do. Imagine that you’re waiting in line for your doctor’s appointment and there are two hours to kill. You can simply take out your phone, access the top mobile casinos for Australian players and have fun. You wouldn’t be able to do that with your computer as easily. For you to use your phone, the casino has to have the support of these devices. There are two ways it can allow you to access its games via phone.

You can use the web browser of your phone to open the website of the casino. If it has a responsive design, you’ll see that the layout will adjust to a smaller screen so that it’s easy to navigate from a mobile phone. This way, you’ll be able to play the games and use the majority of the functionality offered by the website. While that’s a completely legitimate way to gamble online for real money in Australia, there’s a better way. Some casinos have dedicated applications that you can download. These are more well-designed and offer a wider set of functionality specifically built for mobile phones. Make sure that there’s an app for the operating system of your phone. While the app will take up some of the free space, it will have a better user experience.

Customer support

Customer support is an issue that doesn’t seem urgent at first but could become really important when you need to use it. Imagine that you come across an issue that doesn’t allow you to withdraw the money. It might have a really simple fix which the representative could help you within a matter of minutes. The only thing is to get in touch with them really fast. That’s when the quality of customer support comes into play. It is one of the most important criteria to consider when you’re choosing the best online casino sites for real money in Australia

There can be a few options for contacting customer support. Probably the least convenient one is to have to write an email. Emails take a long time to respond and don’t give you a chance to give instant feedback. If you have to write back and forth a bunch of emails to resolve the issue it could drag on for too long. A better option is to call the casino representative directly. Many platforms will have an open phone line that you can call. This will give you a chance to better explain your issue and stay on the line until you get a satisfactory answer. Unfortunately, if there isn’t enough staff and the demand for the support is high, long waiting queues might form which can get really annoying. 

The best way to contact the top real money online casinos is using a live chat. When you use a live chat, a dialogue box will open right within your browser where you type in your question. A representative on the other end will answer it and you can message back and forth as long as it takes to get your question answered. You don’t even have to pick up a phone. This is a very convenient method. At Playamo, we offer  24/7 support and a live chat option. It is important that the support is available around the clock as the casino might be located at the opposite end of the world and could have completely different operating hours from your gambling hours.

User experience

User experience is a term that encompasses a lot of details about the best real money casinos Australia has to offer. It refers to the overall satisfaction that you’ll receive from using the website. It also considers the ease of use of the platform. Casinos have a lot of different functionality. There are many types of games, bonus offers, payment methods and technical parameters to navigate. If the navigation of the website isn’t easy to use, you could easily become lost and annoyed. There are some guidelines that most modern websites we use daily follow. We are used to that logic and find it easier to follow new websites that follow such guidelines. The casino that you choose should be designed that way as well. The way to check it is to simply open the website and browse a few pages. If you find it easy to get around and everything seems to be in its place, then you’re all set.

Creating an account

Once you start the process, you’ll find it very easy and straightforward to register on an Australian casino for real money. The first thing you do is to go to the website of your chosen platform and look for a button that says ‘Sign Up’, ‘Register’, or something along those lines. Click on the button and you should be taken to a registration form that will contain a few fields to fill out. Usually, first, you’ll be asked to provide your name, date of birth, country of residence, address and other personal details. You will also be asked to fill out your email and phone number fields. Once you do this, the casino will send you a verification code that you’ll need to enter to continue the registration. While some platforms might not have that step, most will so be prepared to access your phone an email address at any moment.

When you’re done entering your personal details, the casino might offer you to set responsible gambling options. This step is very important with online casinos for real money in Australia. It basically allows you to set limits on your spending behavior. First, you choose a period of time that you’re setting the limit for. This can be a week, month or a year. Then you indicate the level at which you want to cap your deposits or bets in that period. Some platforms will only offer options for deposits while others might allow you to limit your bets as well. Once you’ve set a limit, you will have to stay within that range as the platform won’t allow you to deposit more. If you think that you’re someone that could get overheated at times and start spending more than you want to, then you should definitely take advantage of this functionality.

With AU online casinos for real money, where the movement of funds is concerned, the casinos will face Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations that require them to verify the identity of their customers. Some casinos could ask you to go through verification during registration, but most will require this step when you initiate a withdrawal. Either way, it’s not a difficult procedure but you have to have some documentation at hand. To prove your identity, you’ll be asked to upload a photo of your national ID, passport or driving license. In addition, as a proof of residence, you’ll also have to upload a copy of your bank statement or a utility bill. Any official document that contains both your name and your address could serve as a proof of residence. That’s typically all you have to do to become a verified user. Most platforms will restrict withdrawals to verified users only so the sooner you do it, the safer you’ll feel knowing that you’ll be able to withdraw the winnings.

Once you’ve gone through all of these steps you’ll be a user of the online casino Australia real money platform with access to its full functionality. You’ll be able to make deposits, withdraw your winnings, claim the bonuses, play the games and more. Don’t forget to write down your username and password which you should have created during the registration as you’ll need them to access the platform. 

How to deposit/withdraw money

Now that you’ve set up an account, you’ll want to deposit money on it. Depositing money will allow you to actually play casino online for real money and not just the demo versions. If you’ve chosen the right website, then you shouldn’t have any trouble with this step. Just go to the banking page of the casino and click Deposits. There, you’ll choose your preferred deposit method and just follow the instructions. With most payment channels like credit/debit cards and eWallets, the payment should be reflected on your account immediately. More outdated methods could take a little longer to be processed. When you make the deposit, you might be entitled to a deposit bonus, which should also be reflected on your account. Otherwise, you can just continue gambling with the money that you just transferred. 

When you’ve been playing on the AU real money casino online platform for a while if you’ve accumulated some winnings you could decide to withdraw them. This process is also very simple and straightforward. Again, you should go to the banking page and initiate a withdrawal request. Keep in mind that some casinos will only allow withdrawing through the same channel that you used for deposits. In some cases, you’ll have to withdraw the same amount that you deposited through the same channel and then you’re free to choose whatever method you want. For example, if you’ve used your credit card to deposit $50 and now you’re withdrawing $100. You’ll definitely have to withdraw $50 using the credit card and the other $50 whatever method you desire (it could also be the credit card).

Once you’ve submitted a withdrawal request, it will take some time for the AU online casino real money platform to process the request and release the payment. As we’ve said, you might be asked to go through the verification process at this time, but that will only happen for the first request you submit. Otherwise, as soon as the payment is released, the third party intermediaries will process it and get the money back to you.

In order for you to be able to better decide which payment method to use, we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular ones. Credit/debit card payments are convenient and easy as they allow paying directly from your bank account and are reflected on your casino account immediately. You don’t have to set up any third party accounts or download any applications to be able to transact with these cards. The convenience that they offer for those who gamble for real money in Australia is unparalleled. Furthermore, these transactions are extremely cheap. On a more negative note, some users don’t like the payments to online casinos to show up on their bank statements. If you pay with a credit or debit card, the transaction will be included in your bank statement. Such gamblers have no other option but to resort to alternative payment methods.

Electronic wallets are a very popular choice among the online gambling community. Much like credit/debit cards, they offer a lot of conveniences. Payments that you make with eWallets will be reflected on your account instantly. Because you’ll transfer the money to the wallet first and then to the platform and vice versa, the only thing that’s going to show up on your bank statement is a transaction with the wallet provider. For the users of Australian casinos for real money, that’s an extremely appealing option. However, eWallets have their drawbacks as well. In order to use them, you have to download a separate application and set up an account on it going through the verification procedure one more time. Furthermore, you’ll have to learn and get used to using the application or the website. If you’re not very tech-savvy this could take a while. Most importantly, eWallets are quite expensive to use. Although many will offer special rates for transacting with gambling platforms, in general, they will have higher fees than you’ll have to pay for your credit/debit cards.

Using a bank wire is also an option offered by many online casinos for real money in Australia. However, it might not be very convenient. Depending on where you’re sending the money to, it might also be very costly. With small amounts, using this option is definitely not the best idea. The payment might also take some time to be reflected on your account. Some casinos will allow you to withdraw money with a bank check. This is another not-so-convenient option. The check could take a week to arrive and then you’ll have to go to your bank to cash it which is also a lot of time and energy wasted. On the other hand, limit with checks could be much higher than with other options. If you hit a jackpot and have a huge amount of money to withdraw, then the wait might be worth it.

How to avoid scams?

Since you’re reading this article, you’re probably not new to the world of internet and you might already know about the dangers it poses. These threats are particularly severe with Aussie online casino sites for real money. There are groups of people out there that are actively targeting gullible gamblers and want to steal their money by scamming them with false platforms and luring them in with non-existent offers. You as a user have to be aware of such problems and also have to have a plan for tackling them. Everyone thinks that they will be able to identify a fraudulent offer, but scammers evolve with time too. They still manage to steal money from thousands of users and being equipped with knowledge is the only way you can truly counter them.

Traditionally when dealing with online gambling for real money we would suggest using the resources provided by the regulators actively to determine which platforms to trust. However, in the case of Australia, things are a bit more complicated. As we mentioned above, there is no licensing scheme for online gambling operators in the country. In countries that have such processes in place, platforms have to go through screening and monitoring where the government with its vast resources double-checks the reliability and intentions of the operators and customers are basically given sifted options with much of the work already done. These countries also provide registries of licensed companies where users can easily check the regulatory status of a platform they are about to open an account on. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for online gambling real money platforms in Australia. Instead, you have to resort to other methods.

The fact that the platform you’ll be using won’t have a license to operate in Australia doesn’t mean that it has to be completely unregulated or unregistered. If you can’t find any information on the registration of a company, take it as a huge red flag. Our Playamo website provides this information very clearly on our website so that every visitor can be sure that they are dealing with a legitimate business. This should be the case with all real gambling platforms. Being a registered and regulated company, even if it’s in other jurisdictions, means that the platform has to uphold certain standards and comply with the behavior rules set by the local regulators. That is some sort of a guarantee for you as a user. So, to protect yourself against scams, make sure that the platform you’re considering is registered. For extra security, you can double-check the registration status with the local authorities as nothing hinders scammers pretending to be legitimate real money casinos in Australia from lying on their website.