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Australian casino welcome bonus offers and how they work

A welcome bonus is simply part of the wide range of available benefits to the gambling society in the online casino world. Nearly every single platform offers this type of bonus to drive as much value as possible and provide the first-hand experience for potential customers to “try out” the operator before committing to them fully.

As already mentioned, Australian welcome bonuses are simply a small part of the casino bonus world, but they are quite extensive as well, therefore there’s much to cover. First things first are to simply define what the bonus is, why it’s called “welcome” and where could Australians find these types of offers.

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What is a welcome bonus?

Australia is notorious for online casino welcome bonus AU offerings simply due to the demand from the population. It’s no secret that Aussies like their wagering habits and are not willing to back down and look for new opportunities every single day.

A welcome bonus is designed to accommodate customers like these, that are looking for better options but are not ready to commit to the platform fully. The casino will dedicate some of its personal finances to the player, and offer them some types of benefits to start them off with.

In almost 90% of the cases, these bonuses will revolve around some free cash, which the casino will dedicate to the player. They could range from 100 AUD to 1000 AUD respectively, but it also depends on the size of the casino itself.

Other cases may include free bets, additional spins to give the slots a quick look and various other additions tacked on so that the player can get the full scope of the platform.

In almost all cases, Australian casino welcome bonus comes in the form of a first deposit bonus, meaning that nearly 90% of the time the player will have to make some type of deposit to qualify for the bonus. This is sort of like a guarantee for the company that they are not wasting their resources. But the required deposits are usually minimal sometimes as low as 100 AUD for the qualification.

Here at Playamo we also feature the first deposit bonus, which is our version of the welcome bonus. Players can deposit up to 500 AUD and receive and additional 500 AUD as extra betting cash. We also help players start their Monday off on the right foot and provide up to 100 free spins. So if you register on Monday you get double the benefit from our bonus.

How does the Aussie casino welcome bonus work?

The possibilities and variations for the bonuses are pretty much limitless, it all depends on how the operator themselves wants to twist the offer. Just like there are Australian online casino welcome bonus offers, the same could be found for other customers from the UK or various EU states.

In most cases though, casinos follow the same pattern. They offer the bonus on the first deposit and brand it as a welcome bonus. Here’s how that offer is going to work on Playamo.

You have the option to deposit up to 500 AUD and have it matched with a 100% bonus. Meaning that no matter how much you deposit with a maximum cap of 500 AUD, you will be given the same amount as a bonus to use.

Unfortunately, that’s where the first deposit bonus offers stop for Playamo, but other opportunities are opened for players. What Playamo users can do is apply for the second deposit bonus, which is unique to the platform. This type of offer is quite hard to find elsewhere, as most AU welcome bonus offers stop at the first instance because operators think that the conversion has already happened.

Playamo tries to continue the provision of the value for its players, even after several deposits, following up with weekly additions and monthly challenges.

Many casinos are now trying to add more value to their bonus offerings by expanding the feature with extra benefits and perks. In most cases, you will be met with weekly or daily gifts such as a few free spins on a specific game the website has just acquired, or you’ll simply be given better odds if you opt for sports betting and wagering.

With Playamo, the first deposit bonus offers continue for more than five days straight. Every single day the player will receive 20 additional free spins for a specific game (this time it’s Lucky Lady’s Clover Slot).

The advantages of a welcome bonus

The essence of the welcome bonus needs to revolve around the value that is provided to the customer. Only the best Australian casino welcome bonus offers are able to achieve that through constant nurturing of the customer and the continuation of the value offered.

There is one and only one thing that the welcome bonus focuses on, therefore you need to focus on it as well. It is designed to familiarize you with the platform. That’s why there are usually caps on how large a bet you can place with bonus money on your account. It’s to provide as many opportunities for the users to find their ideal game or slot or betting activity on the platform.

With the Playamo welcome bonus, you will be given a 6.5 AUD betting cap. Considering the dozens of games that are offered by the platform you should be able to try the most popular games available.

Imagine the Aussie casino welcome bonus as a tour guide. You’re in a foreign country and don’t know where to go. Soon enough a tourism agency (online casino) approaches you and assigns a tour guide to you (the bonus). You will rely on that tour guide to show you the most important landmarks right?

That’s basically how the welcome bonus works. You get it and it’s up to you which landmarks you visit on the website. It needs to be noted that you will have access to pretty much anything on the platform.

The disadvantages of a welcome bonus

Bonuses are definitely not a toy to be played with, it is mostly something that has to deal with cash, which is a very serious topic. You need to understand that there is no such thing as free cash. Although it could be available to you on the platform there are some terms that need to be fulfilled before that digital number on your screen turns into banknotes in your hand.

No matter how much a platform tries to promote their product as the best casino welcome bonus Australia can offer, there are always skeletons in the closet that everybody tries to hide.

In most cases, every single bonus offer, especially the welcome bonus, comes with some criteria before it can be withdrawn.

In most cases, it’s a rollover that you need to have on those available funds for the cash to become available for withdrawal. Usually, you’ll find platforms requesting at least 15 times the amount gambled than they gave you and up to 100 times.

Playamo is aware of how taxing it could be for the customer to have a large quota to fulfill with the bonus amount, therefore we’ve tried to be as forgiving as possible with the rollover. For the welcome bonus received every player will have to have an x50 wagering requirement. Meaning that if you received 500 AUD as a bonus, you need to have wagered 25,000 AUD to make it withdrawable.

It may seem much but when compared to other Australian casino welcome bonuses it’s much more manageable simply due to the amount most customers make from a single win.

Also, consider that slots are the primary games to receive the wagering requirement as the winnings and bets there account for 100% of the amount and are added to the rollover. Other options are also available, but simply receiving the free spins should be enough to account for the required amount.

Are welcome bonuses in Australia legal?

Although you may have some concerns about the legality of the bonuses, there is nothing to worry about.

The Australian government has indeed banned the bonus betting offers in the country, but the keyword there is “betting”. This means that only sportsbooks are restricted from offering additional betting bonuses to their customers, but when it comes to Australian casino welcome bonus offerings, it completely falls within the ramifications of the local law.

The difference is in the gambling activity. The government saw that sports betting was becoming more and more taxing for the population, while slots were much more manageable, therefore it shifted the law to better accommodate the consumers’ interests.

Once again, it is completely legal to offer and apply for a welcome bonus in Australia, as long as it does not touch sports betting or betting in any manner whatsoever.

How to get the best casino welcome bonuses Australia can offer?

Although most platforms try to streamline their offers as much as possible so that the customer does not need to tamper too much with the research, it’s still very important that you at least look at the landscape and check out how a casino welcome bonus in Australia should look like compared to others.

Legal Documentation

The very first thing you should look at is the casino itself. Is it regulated? Does the government have anything against it? What are the customers saying about it?

All of these things need to be checked, and it’s possible through the company’s legal documentation section on the website.

What you need to be looking for is the license that the company has from the Australian regulator. However, you also need to check its location. If they are saying that they’re located in Australia, but are also promoting their local license, it’s best to avoid them simply due to the local laws.

According to the Gambling Act of 2001, no Australian-registered companies have the right to offer their services to local customers. All of them are forced to find their clientele somewhere else. Many scammers actually take advantage of this law, as not many Australian players are not aware of it. They try to promote themselves as trustworthy by simply being located in places like Sydney.

If you find out that the AU welcome bonus casino is located in Australia and is offering you as an Australian citizen their services, then it’s best to simply avoid them and report them to the authorities.

Playamo has of course considered this law and is fully compliant, which is why our headquarters is located in Limassol, Cyprus, while we also hold a Curacao official license and address as a gambling company.

Bonus size

Once you’ve done your homework about the company it will be time to actually check out the bonus offering itself.

In most cases, you need to look at various details depending on the type of bonus. For example, if we’re dealing with the Playamo welcome bonus type of offer, you need to look at the percentage the company is ready to give you as free cash.

After that, the casino welcome bonus AU offering needs to fall within reason in terms of calculation and logic. With the Playamo bonus, it’s very easy to calculate. You deposit 500 AUD you get 500 AUD additional cash. You make a wager the size of your initial deposit, you get free spins for five days if you do it every day. Quite simple right?

Well, most casinos have a very complicated algorithm which accounts for the transfer fees, betting fees, and etcetera. All you need to know is how much you want to deposit, and how much you will have available on your balance. The more the better, but that also has some issues that we’re about to discuss.

Wagering requirements

The larger the bonus, the higher the wagering requirements will be. The wagering requirement, as already mentioned is the amount you need to have “spent” over the course of a couple of days in order to either qualify for additional bonuses down the line, such as free spins or to simply have your funds classified as withdrawable.

Every Australian online casino welcome bonus comes with its own wagering requirements, but let’s look at the Playamo requirements as a reference. As already discussed, you will be given a x50 wagering criteria to have the funds classified as withdrawable. So, if you receive 500 AUD as a bonus from us, you need to have wagered 25,000 AUD. Your initial deposit will still be available for withdrawal but you will be forfeiting your winnings.

The good news is that Playamo does not have a deadline for meeting that amount. But others may have it.

If you are given a deadline for meeting the wagering requirements, it needs to be as fair as possible. For example, giving you seven days for wagering 25,000 AUD would be very unfair considering that not every game is worth the same amount of “points”.

If the casino welcomes bonus AU comes with wagering criteria and a deadline it needs to allow you to meet it within reason. So, for example, if you had 30 days for meeting the 25,000 AUD criteria then it’s completely fine as some players can do it within a day.

Other details

Every casino needs to disclose information on what games they want you to play to meet the wagering requirements. Not every option has similar outcomes. For example, on Playamo, we assign more wagering “points” on slots games but not all of them, the information is clearly disclosed on what games have the advantage and what don’t.

No matter how trustworthy a platform may seem, this type of information needs to always be provided. If you find out on the day before the deadline that you’ve been performing at 5% of the capacity is a real bummer, so better keep your eyes and ears open for these types of conditions.