BetSoft games you can play at Playamo Australia casino

The online gambling market is truly vast with millions of gamblers and thousands of providers vying for the attention of the gamblers. Due to the size of the market, there are also many providers that develop games for the players. BetSoft Gaming is one of the leading software developers on the market that provides games to many popular gambling platforms, including our Playamo website. It has come up with some of the most iconic games that you might be familiar with if you’ve been involved with gambling for some time.

When you are gambling online, you might find that you like the games of a certain provider more than those of the others. In this case, it is important to know more about the developer as well as its games to be able to find new ones to play. You will also need to be familiar with what kind of bonuses there are available for the players so that you don’t miss out on these opportunities. This article will go over those issues and discuss in more detail the best BetSoft gaming slots and table games.

More about BetSoft

BetSoft was founded in 2016 and by providing high-quality products and services, has established itself as one of the best software providers for online casinos, thus becoming a leader in the industry. BetSoft has a huge team of professional developers, engineers, designers, graphic artists, managers, and animators. With its resources, the company is able to offer not only games but also an advanced casino management platform. In 2010, BetSoft introduced its first Slots3 title and a year later the first ToGo title. Being constantly focused on quality and compliance, BetSoft acquired Class 4 Licence from Malta Gaming Authority in 2014. This represents a certain level of guarantee for the users of Betsoft Gaming casinos in Australia.

In 2016, BetSoft moved to HTML5, which allowed it to offer its products to the users of various platforms. The company also continued to focus on licenses as it acquired certification from AAMS in 2016, thus entering the Italian market and was also awarded Class II License from the Romanian National Gambling office in 2018. The company continues to focus on development and expansion as it wants to solidify its place as one of the leaders of the market. That’s a big part of the reason why over 500 casinos choose BetSoft as their software provider and are offering BetSoft games online in Australia.

Types of casino games

In this article, we will discuss some of the popular games that have been developed by BetSoft, but if you are new to gambling, the terms might seem unfamiliar, which is why we will go over the types of casino games and their features first. In general casino games are divided into table games and slots. BetSoft games for Australian players include both types of games. If you’ve never heard of slots, these are games with spinning reels and different symbols that award different prizes depending on the alignment of the symbols. A gambler has to spin the reels by placing a bet of a certain size. Per each spin, the size of the bet will be deducted from the players’ account. These games get their name from the traditional slot machines, where users had to place coins in the coin slots in order to get the reels to spin.

Slots can come in different forms and sizes and although the main idea behind the games is the same, there are thousands of variations of slots that appeal to different kinds of users. More classic slots are distinguished by a simple layout with three reels and three rows. They might have more traditional symbols as well, like diamonds, 777 and such. Although there are many gamblers who prefer classic AU BetSoft gaming online slots, these games have come a long way since then and now offer more intricate gameplay, with interesting features and themes. The design and animations of slots have improved a lot and many of the games today are visually striking. With newer slots, themes have taken a center stage as well. These games often choose certain stories, movies, or legends for inspiration and base the whole game around those ideas, which is a lot of fun.

Slots aren’t the only type of casino games. Table games are equally popular and perhaps more well-known to the world outside of gambling. These table games include Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and others. Naturally, in addition to providing the best BetSoft gaming slots, the provider also develops top-notch casino games. You might think that there’s not much diversity to be had here, but slight changes in the rules of these games over time have given rise to different variations of the established titles. There’s European Roulette and French Roulette, you have Aces & Faces poker and Joker Poker. These are, of course, only a few of the vast catalog of table games developed by BetSoft. You’ll be able to enjoy this huge selection of games on our Playamo platform as well.

Features of casino games

When you are browsing a catalog of casino games, you’ll have to be familiar with certain features to be able to compare different games with each other and judge them accordingly. One of the most important terms you’ll come across will be RTP. RTP, which is short for Return to Player, denotes how much, on average, a casino will pay out to the gamblers from the placed bets. For example, if certain AU BetSoft gaming slots on mobile have an RTP of 95%, this means that, on average, you’ll get $90 back per $100 you wager.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that RTP will virtually never exceed 100% as, in that case, it would simply be unprofitable for a casino to offer the game to the customers. An RTP of 95% and above is generally considered to be a good offer. Most games will provide this information openly to the players so you won’t have to do a lot of digging, however, don’t forget that gambling is supposed to be fun. If you have to worry about losing too much, you shouldn’t be gambling in the first place. That’s also the position of BetSoft, which has a strong stance on responsible gaming and has acquired certifications from independent bodies in that regard. It’s also a position shared by our BetSoft gaming casino in Australia.

RTP is not the only feature of these games to consider. Design is also very important. This is probably more true for slots than it is for casino games, however, if a game has visuals of a 2000 Windows card game, you might want to take a look at some of the other options. With BetSoft games, you won’t have to worry about that as all of the games by the developer are of the highest quality and offer great graphics. With slots, designs are often inspired by certain themes, so the more colorful and vibrant the theme, the better the gameplay. From the first seconds you open a game on BetSoft gaming casino Australia platform, you’ll be able to judge its design and make your decision accordingly.

Another crucial aspect of casino games is cross-platform availability. Some games, you’ll be able to play on desktop only, while others are also accessible on your mobile. Mobile gambling has really been taking over as people are switching to these smaller devices for the convenience that they are able to offer. You can take out your smartphone and start gambling on a bus, in line, in a restaurant or anywhere else you desire. That’s not as convenient with your laptop. When you are looking at different casino games, you can use this criterium to make a judgment. If you sign up on our Playamo platform, you’ll be able to access the casino on your computer as well as on your phone all with one account. You want to be able to continue playing your favorite games on your phone as well. Luckily for you, BetSoft gaming mobile slots for Australian players use modern technology that makes them accessible on mobile platforms as well, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to continue playing these games on your phone.

Online gambling is extremely popular and it offers some undeniable advantages over physical casinos. With these platforms, you have access to a whole set of games at your arm’s length. The degree of privacy is also extremely high. However, there are drawbacks as well. Online casinos lose a certain atmosphere that is peculiar to the gambling houses in general. The closest thing on even the best BetSoft gaming casinos Australia offers that can replicate the atmosphere of a physical casino is a live casino game. These games offer a live feed of a real table that is actually set up in a physical casino and is curated by a human dealer. Many gamblers prefer live casino games to the standard ones.

Popular BetSoft games

The True Sheriff

If you’ve been gambling for some time, you might be aware of some of the most iconic games developed by BetSoft. The True Sheriff is definitely one of such games. As the name suggest, the slot centers around the western theme. There’s this interesting storyline about bandits and a sheriff. The game includes cool animations and graphics as well. In fact, the visuals are one of the most appealing aspects of the game. The True Sheriff has five reels and three rows for a total of thirty paylines. The BetSoft-powered casino game also includes some interesting bonus features. For example, there’s a Wild Guns feature which leads to the Sheriff shooting five unique symbols on the reels and making them wild, which can substitute for other symbols to form a winning combination. There’s also a bonus round of Heads or Tails which can be triggered under certain circumstances.

Sushi Bar

For those gamblers who enjoy fun themes and great visuals, Playamo has a great slot to offer. Sushi Bar, one of the best BetSoft Gaming slots out there, draws inspiration from the Japanese cuisine and culture. The graphics are visually appealing and the color scheme is pleasing to the eye. The symbols depict different items from the Japanese cuisine and there’s an animated sushi chef accompanying the game. When it comes to bonuses, don’t expect over the top offers. Instead, you get more traditional gameplay. There’s the Wild symbol and Scatter symbol. The latter triggers a Free Spins mode where all the winnings are doubled. Although the game logic isn’t very intricate, the design, theme, and simplicity still make Sushi Bar one of the most fun slots to play on new BetSoft gaming casinos Australia offers.

At The Movies

Another iconic slot by BetSoft is called At The Movies. With this slot, it’s all about the movies. The background of the game is a movie theatre and the symbols draw inspiration from different ideas related to movies. Much like with any other BetSafe slot, the design of At The Movies is top-notch as well. You get five reels and three rows. There’s a Wild Mask symbol, which can take the place of others on a payline. Scatter symbol, depicting a projector, triggers a free spins mode that will reward you with 8, 12, or 20 free spins. The winnings in this mode will be doubled as well. In terms of gameplay, At The Movies closely resembles the Sushi Bar slot. You might come across free spins no deposit BetSoft Gaming Australia offers for this slot as well.

Under The Bed

The games discussed above have themes that are not very uncommon with slots, however, BetSoft knows how to create different products as well. Under The Bed, one of the popular games by the developer, prove this. The slot has chosen a strange and fun theme. The game follows two children who are scared of monsters under the bed. The game is one of the most visually appealing Aussie BetSoft Gaming slots online. There are 30 paylines in total. There are some interesting bonuses as well. For example, if you get a paying combination of monsters with special rims around the symbols, you trigger the Sticky Wild feature. The rimmed symbol will change to a Wild Symbol and the will be fixed in the position for several spins. There are other cool features as well which you’ll have a lot of fun figuring out if you decide to play the game.

BetSoft at Playamo

If you are interested in playing BetSoft games, or if you want to receive BetSoft Gaming no deposit Australia bonuses, you’ll have to find a gambling platform and you won’t find a better one than Playamo. At Playamo, we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and we know how to design a platform that suits the needs of the users the best. Through our integration with BetSoft, you’ll be able to enjoy the array of games provided by the developer. All of the games listed above are available on Playamo as well.

In order to be able to play these games, you only have to register by filling out a simple registration form. You’ll be able to play the games right away after you deposit money. If you find a BetSoft gaming casino no deposit bonus Australia offer, you won’t even have to make a deposit to play the games. However, those offers aren’t always available. We’ll discuss bonuses at Playamo in more detail below.

BetSoft bonuses at Playamo

At Playamo, we put a lot of emphasis on creating the best gambling experience for our users. As fans of gambling ourselves, we understand the importance of bonus offers and promotions.  Bonuses have become an integral part of gambling with online casinos and we want to offer the best of such promotions to the users of our Australian online BetSoft gaming casino. These offers can come in different shapes and sizes, however, there are two bonuses that have become especially popular. These are no deposit bonus offers and deposit bonuses. We will go over these two and consider the examples from Playamo.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are given to users when they make a deposit on the platform. Because this generates user activity, they are quite popular with online casinos. It’s a tool to attract new customers as well as incentivize repeat deposits. First deposit bonus offers are specific for the first time a customer deposits money on the casino. These promotions can include different kinds of benefits. BetSoft Gaming free spins Australia deposit offers will grant you free spins on certain slot games once you make a deposit, however, a more coveted and common form is a match bonus. A match bonus will give you a certain percentage of your deposit for free. For example, a match bonus of 100% means that if you deposit $50 on the platform, you’ll have $100 to gamble with.

At Playamo, our first deposit package includes both, the free spins and a match bonus. The casino will grant you 100% of your first deposit up to $100. This means that you can end up with $200 if you deposit $100. You’ll also receive 100 free spins distributed over five days. You can use this money and free spins to become more familiar with our new BetSoft Gaming casino Australia platform. However, it’s not where everything stops. We’ve gone out of our way to make these bonuses continuous and never let our customers get bored. In addition to the first deposit bonus, we also have a second deposit bonus which matches user deposits by 50% up to $200 and rewards 50 free spins.

To make it all even more fun and exciting, we have introduced weekly deposit offers that give our users something to look forward to every week. For example, on Fridays, we have a Friday Reload promotion that awards users with 50% match bonus up to $250 as well as 100 free spins. On Mondays, if you deposit money you can receive 100 free spins as well. It’s BetSoft Gaming casino deposit bonus Australia offers like these that make our platform truly stand out.

Things to pay attention to with bonuses include wagering requirements. Once you’ve decided that you like the benefit that you’re going to receive, make sure to check the conditions as well. Sometimes, the best bonuses will have the toughest of requirements to meet. You won’t be able to withdraw the BetSoft Gaming casino bonus Australia offer cash directly, however, you still get to keep the winnings. In order for you to be able to withdraw those winnings, you’ll have to meet wagering requirements. These indicate how many times over you have to be the bonus money. For example, if you have a $100 bonus and the wagering requirement is 5x, you’ll have to make bets worth $500 in total to be able to withdraw. Wagering requirements can completely break even the best of promotions. Also, make sure to pay attention to the BetSoft Gaming bonus codes Australia offers as you’ll need them to redeem the bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses

Now imagine if you could get the benefits of a deposit bonus, but without having to deposit anything on the casino in the first place. Naturally, it sounds more appealing to many customers as it requires less effort and commitment to the casino. However, for the same reasons, these offers are also more costly for the casinos, which is why you won’t find a lot of them around. At Playamo, from time to time, we will offer no deposit bonuses, because of the high demand for them. However, if you manage to come across BetSoft Gaming no deposit bonus codes Australia offers, you should be familiar with how they work.

No deposit bonuses will give you a certain amount of free cash right after you sign up on a platform. You only have to go through the registration process and redeem the code. The bonus will be credited to your account right away. You won’t be able to withdraw it, however, you’ll still get to keep the winnings if you meet the wagering requirements. Because the casinos don’t receive any money directly in return for the on deposit bonuses they offer, the wagering requirements for these promotions might be tougher than usual. That’s why it is paramount to be careful with the no deposit BetSoft Gaming casino offers.

Free cash isn’t the only thing awarded to players by the no deposit promotions. You might also get free spins in a similar manner. You just open an account and without having to deposit anything, you will get the free spins to use on certain games. Keep in mind that the free spins that you get from a bonus are usually for specific games and can’t be used on whichever game you decide. Another thing to consider when looking at this offers is whether you have to make a deposit before the casino allows you to withdraw the winnings from no deposit bonus BetSoft Gaming Australia offer.