Everything you need to know about playing online Blackjack

Online gambling is a very popular activity that has many fans around the world. There are also many games in the world of gambling that have managed to appeal to many players and have established themselves as the staples of casinos. Blackjack in Australia and everywhere else in the world is definitely one of such games. Along with Poker, Roulette and Baccarat, Blackjack is an absolute must-have for online casinos that want to offer high-quality services to the users. The game itself is quite simple. It depends more on the player’s wits than Roulette, but probably less than Poker. Blackjack is also quite fast-paced, which makes it one of the absolute favorites for players in the casino.

If you are an experienced player, you probably know a lot about Blackjack. However, you might find out more by reading the information below, that could be useful in your gambling. For those that are new to the online blackjack casinos in Australia, we will provide you with the essentials to start playing the game and to do so successfully. We will review a brief background of the game and its history, as well as some of the rules and strategies often used by gamblers. When you decide to play the game, you will also have to choose between several variations that the casino will have available. For example, at Playamo, we have Vegas Strip, Vegas Single Deck, Spanish Blackjack, Multihand and other versions of the game. You have to be familiar with some of the types of Blackjack to be able to choose. Finally, we will also guide you through the process of finding top Australian online Blackjack casinos.

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A brief history of Blackjack

Blackjack originated from a game called twenty-one, which some of our readers might be more familiar with. While it is not possible to pinpoint the exact time in history when the game originated, a version of the game was first mentioned by Miguel de Cervantes in one of his short stories. In the game, a couple of gamblers play a game called ‘veintiuna’, which stands for twenty-one in Spanish. The rules of the game described in the story are similar to the Aussie online Blackjack. You can’t go over 21 and an ace represents both 1 and 11. We encounter the game in other literature as well written after Miguel de Cervantes’ time.

The history of how the game got its name is also an interesting one. The United States first got introduced to the game called twenty-one. However, as it was a new game, casinos started to offer bonuses in order to attract customers. One of such bonuses, which gamblers got if their hand consisted of the ace of spades and a blackjack (jack of clubs or jack of spades), was a ten to one payout. Due to the composition of the hand, the bonus was called blackjack. Although it was soon withdrawn by the casinos, the name stuck to the game and that’s how we refer to it today at Australian casino Blackjack online platforms.

Rules of Blackjack

Some gamblers attempt to play the game with minimal understanding of it and figure out the rest in the process. However, that’s not advisable. If you don’t go over the complete set of Blackjack rules in Australia and everywhere else in the world, you will miss out on some opportunities that you will simply not know about. As a player, you have to make some decisions. Among these decisions, there are options that you can ignore completely and still be able to play the game. So, if you don’t read about them or ask about them, you might not figure them out at all. It’s best that you know about such options and takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by the game.

General rules

When you play the Blackjack game in Aussie casinos, it will involve playing against the dealer. To start the game off, the dealer deals a hand of two cards to each position [a player can have multiple positions in some casinos, but for simplicity, from now on, we will refer to a position as a player]. The dealer gets one card face-up. In a version of the game called ‘hole card’, the dealer also gets a peak the second card. That version of the game is popular in some parts of the world and less common in others.

The main idea behind the AU Blackjack games online or offline is to create card totals that are higher than that in the dealer’s hand. However, the total of the hand can’t exceed 21. If it does, the player busts and loses the bet. Number card values are their natural values and the value of the jack, queen, and king is 10. The ace can count as a 1 or 11 depending on what the player decides. When a player is dealt the initial to cards, they can ‘hit’, which means taking another card, ‘stand’, which means to end the turn, ‘double’, ‘split’ or ‘surrender’. We will explain the latter three terms below in detail. If the risk of busting by taking another card is low, a player would probably choose to ‘hit’, while if the combination is already close to 21 it makes sense to ‘stand’. A player can also win if the dealer busts. After players finish their hand, the dealer has to resolve the hand by drawing cards until a value of 17 or higher is achieved, or the dealer busts. After the hand is resolved, the players that have a hand of higher value than the dealer win.

When you play online blackjack Australia casinos has to offer, the first two cards you are dealt might make up 21 on their own. In this case, you have a ‘natural’ or ‘blackjack’, which means that you are automatically a winner of the bet unless the dealer also gets natural. If you and the dealer both have blackjack, then it’s a tie and the bets are returned without adjustment. In general, a winning hand in Blackjack pays out at 1:1, but winning with a hand of blackjack pays 3:2 in most cases with some gambling platforms offering different payouts.

Player actions

Blackjack Australia game is one of those casino games that involve the player’s input to some extent. While it is still largely based on luck, players decisions do play a big part in the outcome. We already discussed the meanings behind ‘hit’ and ‘stand’, which are the two primary actions a gambler can take. However, there are other options as well and even though you would be able to play with just these two, you should definitely become familiar with the other options and use them actively in your gameplay.

‘Doubling down’ is another popular action often taken by gamblers who play Blackjack in Australia. If a player commits to stand after one more card, he/she can increase the initial bet by up to 100% (in some cases it has to be exactly 100%). After doubling down, a winning hand will win twice as much. Players usually do this when they are fairly certain that they have a good hand.

‘Splitting’ is an option you get when you receive the first two cards of the same value. In such a case, a player can split the cards into two hands by making another bet equal to the first one. When a player asks to ‘split’ the dealer will move one of the cards to another box and add another card to each box. This way a player now has two independent positions that can be played independently. Splitting is a great feature that many who play Blackjack online in Australia forget about.

Some gambling platforms might allow another option called ‘surrendering’. It works pretty much as you would think. A player can surrender only as a first action and not after other decisions have been made. After surrendering, the house takes half of the player’s bet, returning the other half. It is a good option if you think your hand stands a very small chance of winning, as you can at least recover half of your bet.

Insurance is another interesting feature of the Aussie online Blackjack games you definitely need to know about. This option becomes available if the dealer’s upcard is an ace. Insurance basically represents a side bet that is not directly dependent on the main bet. If a gambler takes the insurance and the dealer has a ‘blackjack’, the player will be paid out 2:1. Although you might think that the chance of the dealer getting the blackjack is small, remember that the dealer already has an ace on the table. This means that any of the 10 value cards would make a blackjack. Chances of getting that outcome are one third. It is possible to bet up to half the value of the original bet for the insurance. In case of the maximum bet, a dealer’s blackjack would mean recouping the loss from the bet exactly. It is also possible to take insurance if the player has a blackjack. That’s completely within the online Blackjack rules Australia platforms allow. In such a case, they will win the amount exactly equal to their original bet no matter what the dealer’s second card turns out to be.

What makes Blackjack a good choice?

In all honesty, a lot of things when choosing the best casino game to play depending on the player’s preferences. What some might find to be appealing, could turn others off. With Blackjack online Australia games, gamblers often emphasize the fast pace of the game when compared to Poker. Each turn of Blackjack takes a couple of minutes only, while poker could drag out for hours. For those players that want to enjoy the simplicity of a casino game, Blackjack is definitely a good choice over Poker. Blackjack rules Australia platforms follow are also considerably easier to understand than those of Poker. If you are a new player, you will have an easier time picking up Blackjack than Poker.

When compared to slots, Roulette and other games of pure chance, Blackjack is preferred due to the involvement of the decision-making factor. The player can actually influence the outcome of the game and there are strategies that can be learned and followed. With Roulette, the outcome depends completely on where the ball lands and slots don’t even give you an option to choose a number like a Roulette does. That’s why, for those gamblers that prefer to be more in control of the game, it’s a better idea to play Blackjack online in Australia rather than Roulette or slots.

When you pick a favorite game and start playing it on the online gambling platform of your choice, you might get bored after some time. If you get bored, you will want to switch to another game. If a game you chose has a few variations, you won’t have to pick up a completely new game but can instead switch to another version of the one you’ve been playing. Due to the popularity of the game, real money Blackjack casinos for Australia offer many variations of the game so you will have a large set of options to choose from. Most will have live-dealer versions of the game as well. At Playamo, we have Blackjack Multihand, Blackjack Surrender, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack, Unlimited 21 Blackjack Auto Split and many other versions of the game.

Drawbacks of Blackjack

A Blackjack game is considerably less dramatic than a game of Poker. There’s no bluffing involved, which takes Poker to a whole another level. Furthermore, there’s only so much room to grow. Poker players manage to achieve a level of proficiency and master the craft to an extent that puts them above common players. With Blackjack, you can’t go too far. You could learn strategies and follow them well, but fewer skills will be involved and it will be harder to truly differentiate oneself from the other experienced players.

Another disadvantage of Blackjack gambling in Australia is that although it might be simpler than Poker, it has more rules than Roulette and is much more difficult to pick up than slots. You might learn the players’ decisions and all the rules right away, but it will take time for you to actually get the hang of them and start using them the right way. It takes experience and time, which might be involved with losses in the meantime.

Strategies for Blackjack

There are several types of strategies a gambler can follow when playing online casino Blackjack in Australia. The most popular one is called the basic strategy. It depicts statistically calculated moves that a gambler would make under certain conditions. There are tables that show the player’s hand on one side and dealer’s face-up card value on the other. At the intersections, it shows what the best move is. There is a certain pattern that will become evident once you look into these tables so it’s not very hard to memorize. We won’t explain the whole basic strategy here as it would take a lot of time, but we advise going over it on your own before you start to play the game. Many experienced gamblers say that not knowing the basic strategy is one of the biggest mistakes you can make with Blackjack. While it’s still a game of luck, you won’t put yourself at a disadvantaged position by making moves that are loss-making in the long term.

A basic strategy of real Blackjack in Australia considers the player’s totals as well as the dealer’s face-up card. However, it doesn’t take into consideration anything else. A way to improve on this strategy is to consider more information that is available. For example, the basic strategy doesn’t differentiate between a player’s hand total of 12 that is comprised of a ten and a two or a nine and a three. However, there is some information to be extracted from this. For example, what if the dealer needs ten to bust? It’s more likely to happen if you have a nine in your hand and there are more tens in the deck than if you have one of the tens yourself. Such a strategy is called composition-dependent strategy as it considers what cards comprise the player’s total value.

Some gamblers also use what’s called an advantage play as Aussie Blackjack strategies. This refers to the method of using card counting, shuffle tracking, other observations, memory and computation to calculate whether the player has a certain advantage in the game and making the bets accordingly. With online gambling, this is a little less feasible. Furthermore, although it is not illegal, many casinos will blacklist gamblers that use such strategies.

Common mistakes made in Blackjack

Before you truly understand the ins and outs of the game, it is likely that you will be tempted to make some of the rookie mistakes that are all too common among the players of Aussie casino Blackjack games. You should go over the list below and make sure to remember the suggestions when you sign up on a casino and start playing the game.

    • Using the insurance option. As surprising as this might sound, taking insurance is in the long-term a bad idea. Of course, it’s a game of risk and some gamblers might be willing to take a risk because they have the notion that they can beat the odds, but on average, taking insurance is a loss-making strategy. You are expected to lose about $0.77 for every $10 you bet on insurance.
    • Not having a strategy. Although casinos are a form of entertainment and people don’t want to get too serious when gambling Blackjack in Australia, it is good to have a general strategy when you go into it. It will make the gambling process smoother as you won’t have to think about your choices too long during the game. You have to at least know the basic playing strategy in order not to lose too much money.
    • Splitting tens when the dealer has 6. This is one of the biggest mistakes and also one of the tempting traps to fall into. Mind that it’s not loss-making on average to split the tens in this case, however, you will gain a lot more if you just stand. In fact, you are expected to win about $70 by standing, as opposed to $18 you’ll make on average by doubling.
  • Not knowing when to quit. This one might as well be a universal rule with all kinds of gambling. It is especially true for unexperienced gamblers. Anything that involves as much luck as does online Blackjack for real money AU game is bound to be unsuccessful at times. New gamblers who haven’t yet gotten accustomed to dealing with loss will pour more money into the pit-hole in attempts to recoup the losses. That’s never a good idea. It’s best to step aside for some time and continue when you are emotionally ready to make a sound judgment.
  • Other common mistakes. More tactical common mistakes made by rookies also include hitting 11 when the dealer has ten, standing on 16 when the dealer has an Ace and doubling 11 when the dealer shows an ace. It’s best to keep these in mind when playing so that you don’t make the same mistakes. If you are having doubts whether either one of this is a mistake or not, know that it can be statistically shown when a certain move is loss-making on average.

Types of Blackjack games

You might think that there’s not much to change up with Blackjack as its rules are pretty straightforward. However, there are many Blackjack variants in Australia and other countries that will determine how profitable the game is for you. These variations stem from different approaches to the rules or a different number of decks used, which as you’ll see make a difference for the gambler as well. There are over 100 variations of the game in existence and we won’t be able to go over all of them, but we’ll give you a general indication as to what could cause the differences in the types of Blackjack offered.

A term you need to understand to follow the discussion below is ‘house edge’. It reflects the advantage of the casino compared to the player with AU blackjack real money games. On average a dealer has an advantage over the player as the player has to go first. If the player busts, the dealer wins no matter whether he/she was going to go over 21 too or not. In different versions of the game, the ‘house edge’ can be different. Smaller ‘house edge’ is better for the gambler.

You’ll see titles like ‘Single Deck Blackjack’ and ‘Double Deck Blackjack’ quite often when you play the game online. This refers to the number of decks from which the cards are drawn. The fewer decks there are in the game, the smaller the house edge. So, as a player, you would prefer playing a single deck version of AU online blackjack gambling all else being equal. You’ll see that at Playamo, we offer Single Deck as well as Double Deck options for Blackjack.

The reason why fewer decks lead to a smaller house edge is due to the fact that getting a blackjack is more likely. If a player gets a ten on the first card, the likelihood of drawing an ace as the second one is higher with fewer decks. However, don’t rush for a Single Deck game over the others right away. In general, casinos will have other measures in place to compensate for the loss in the house edge.  For example, they might not allow doubling on soft hands or could pay less on a blackjack. You should go over the whole set of rules before you play online Blackjack in Australia.

Another popular reason that branches out these games is a different approach to what happens when the dealer gets a soft 17. In some games, the dealer has to hit on soft 17 and in other, they have to stand. Usually, this rule will be abbreviated as H17 or S17 on the table so it should be pretty easy to find out which game you’re playing. All else being equal, S17 rule decreases the house edge and is better for the player.

Other AU variants of Blackjack could stem from differences in various rules. For example, a game might or might not allow doubling after a split. The ones that allow doubling have a smaller house edge by 0.12% so should be preferred. There are also rules about resplitting. Most games would allow splitting after the player has already split, but there are those that don’t. There’s also the Reno rule, which says that a player is only allowed to double on hard totals of 9, 10 or 11. The Reno rule in general increases the house edge and is not good for the gambler. Differences in payouts for winning blackjack could also cause variation in the game of Blackjack. Some games could pay less than the usual 3:2. There are also games where the dealer wins in case of a tie, which, obviously, is not beneficial for the gambler who wants to play Blackjack Australia game.

How to pick out the best Blackjack game?

Once you’ve become acquainted with the general rules of the game as well as its different variations, you can move on to picking out the best version of the game to play. There are several things that you will want to consider in this case and we will guide you through the process below.

House edge

We’ve explained what house edge means and it should be clear by now that a smaller house edge is better for you. This indicator is determined through a combination of things and it would be very difficult for you to calculate it for one game, let alone for several to compare. However, the casinos often will provide you with the number. When deciding which online Blackjack Australia game to play, you can compare the house edge and pick the one that gives you a bigger advantage over the long-term. Keep in mind that no matter what, the house will always win over you in the long-run, but you can at least minimize your chances of losing.


While the contents of the game and the rules are extremely important, you shouldn’t ignore the other side of the gambling experience. After all, you want to have fun and enjoy the game as well. Design of an AU online Blackjack game plays a huge rule in how much fun you’ll have with the game. Depending on the game studio, some Blackjack games are very well designed with high-quality visuals and interesting imagery, while others use a more outdated approach reminiscent of the computer card games from the early 2000s. If you want to pick out a game before you select a gambling platform, you can go to the websites of the developers and try free versions of the games. This way, you can test the game and its design without risking any of your money or taking the time to go through the registration process. Aussie free online Blackjack is a great tool to practice as well so you should definitely put it to use.

Live-dealer version

A good design can make a casino game very realistic, however, it won’t be able to replicate the real gambling experience as closely as a live-dealer version. When you are looking at different games you should definitely consider the live casino games. At Playamo, we have a huge selection of Blackjack games and many of them are live-dealer games. These games offer a live stream to a real table with a real dealer and you can control your decisions through your computer. Furthermore, such games might allow you to communicate with the dealer through a chat-box. Although you should be able to trust your platform no matter what, some people still feel more comfortable with the physical games than a computer algorithm that can be written any way the developer wants to. That’s why many prefer live Aussie Blackjack casino games over the standard one.

Mobile support

As a player, you might be using your computer to gamble or your phone. You could also be alternating between the two devices and using both of them depending on the situation. Mobile phones offer many advantages over computers. For example, you can take out your mobile phone anywhere, on a commute to work, waiting for your doctor’s appointment or anywhere else and start playing. Computers have a bigger screen and offer more convenience. So you might be using a computer at home and your phone everywhere else. In this situation, you will want to be able to play online Blackjack Australia game on both platforms. Not all games support mobile devices. Some developers only make their games available on computers. Before you choose a game, you want to make sure that it can be accessed on your mobile phone as well. If a phone is not something you plan to use, then this might not be a priority for you.


Since there are not many casinos can do to differentiate their games, they try to come up with promotional offers in order to attract customers. Some platforms might have an Aussie online Blackjack bonus, which will give players free cash for using on Blackjack games. Frequently, there will be a particular game that the bonus can be used on, which is why it’s a great way to compare different games. If Blackjack is the predominant reason why you are signing up on a platform, you might look for the ones that offer bonuses for the game. Usually, casinos will advertise such offers very loudly, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding information on it. It’s a great way to add more fun and excitement to your gambling experience and can be used as a criterion to compare one game to another.

How to find the best Blackjack casinos?

When you’ve decided that you want to get involved with Blackjack, you will want to find the best online Blackjack casinos in Australia. In order to do this, there are several things you can do. First of all, you want to find a platform that has more of the aforementioned bonuses for this particular game. Most gambling platforms nowadays offer some kind of promotions, but not all of them have Blackjack-specific offers. You might want to try to find ones that have. However, there are some more important issues you should think about.

You will want the platform you choose to be trustworthy. Unfortunately, the world of the internet is plagued with scammers and hackers you want to get away with your money and personal information. With gambling, where there’s a lot of money involved, this problem is especially more severe. You will want to avoid such platforms but looking for casinos that are regulated, licensed and have a good track record. Unfortunately, Australia has made it illegal for providers to offer their services to the residents of the country. As a result, you won’t be able to check the license of Australian online Blackjack casinos in the country. However, you want to make sure that the casino is registered at least in some other jurisdiction. Another great way to ensure the reliability of a platform is by checking its history and background. If it has been operating on the market for a few years, it’s unlikely that you are dealing with a scam. It would’ve been found out and exposed by now. You can read user reviews as well to make sure that the casino doesn’t have many dissatisfied customers.

Payment methods are also important to consider. When you are dealing with Aussie Blackjack for real money, you will have to deposit some funds on your account before you can get to gambling. In order to do this, you’ll have to choose one of the payment methods offered by the platform. Depending on your preferences, this could help you filter out some casinos. You want to go for the one that accepts your preferred payment method. If you don’t want the transaction to show up on your bank statement, you’d rather elect a casino that accepts payments through eWallets and not only using debit/credit cards. You also want to check all of these before you actually spend time on creating an account. Make sure that you take a thorough look at the withdrawal options as well. Remember that they will not always match the deposit methods exactly. Also, think about the processing times and fees. At Playamo, we have one of the quickest payouts on the market, which is definitely a huge advantage as you want to take hold of your Aussie Blackjack game online winnings as soon as possible.

Finally, you have to also consider other games that are available on the platform. Although Blackjack might be the main reason you are creating an account, who knows when you’ll want to try out other games as well. It is important that the casino you choose has a large selection of games in addition to the variety it provides for Blackjack. Playamo offers over 1000 games that you can try out whenever you are bored of the AU Blackjack online for real money games. Selection of games should include many options for slots as well as other casino games like Poker, Baccarat, and Roulette.

Once you’ve selected the right platform, you can open an account on it by following the simple registration procedure. Most companies will ask you for minimum information during registration, like your name, date of birth, address and preferred currency. You might be asked to verify your phone number and email address as well. That should take you a couple of minutes before you can start playing your favorite Australian Blackjack online for money games. When you get to the withdrawal, you will probably have to go through further verification by providing a picture of your national ID and proof of residence. However, that shouldn’t be a lot of trouble either.