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Best AU casino games – types, features and how to choose one

Australian Casino games are indubitably the most important part of any gambling platform. After all, the only reason one signs up on these websites is to play the games. Currently, with the advancements in technology, game studios are able to come up with extremely high-quality products and the market is full of games with interesting gameplay and amazing visuals. Yet, producing these games requires resources that not every game studio might be able to afford. As a result, gamblers still have to navigate among many choices presented to them and select the games that will be the most enjoyable to them. It is important to know about the features of popular casino games to be able to make a choice. You also have to know what kinds of games there are to navigate the options easily.

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Popular casino games

Casino gaming has a long history and throughout centuries some games have stood the test of time and are still popular among gamblers around the world. There are also games that have been developed recently but were quickly adopted due to their appeal. Mainly, platforms will categorize games into two types. There are table & card games and there are also slots.


Slot machines have been around for quite some time, but recently online slots have taken over gambling and game studios come up with new ones quite often. These are online casino games that are purely based on luck and require minimal input from the player. Slots have reels and rows that show different symbols. The player spins the reels and different alignment of the symbols leads to different outcomes. To make the games more fun and exciting, developers have added more features, bonus levels, and intriguing storylines. Many slots center around a particular theme like the Vikings, fruits, Candyland and more. Some games take inspiration from popular movies and tv shows. You will find that most online platforms offer a bigger selection of slot games compared to other casino games. At Playamo, we have a huge array of casino games on its website provided by several leading game developers.


Arguably the most famous Aussie casino game out there, Poker has given inspiration to movies, novels, and many interesting stories. There are worldwide tournaments involving poker that have millions of fans and involve hundreds of millions of dollars. Poker is also probably the game the outcome of which depends the most on the player. It’s not just a game of luck as the best players manage to overcome even the worst odds. There are many variations of poker and casinos will usually offer a few of them on their websites. On Playamo, you will be able to play the Caribbean poker, Trey Poker, Bonus Poker, Stud Poker, Three Card Poker and a few other versions of the popular game. We will not go into the details of poker and its rules as they are quite complicated to explain in a few words.


Blackjack is another one of very popular casino games online in Australia. It is a bit more fast-paced than Poker, which makes it a great choice for gamblers. You wouldn’t have to sit at the table for hours to see the conclusion of the game. The rules are simpler as well. Each card has a certain number associated with it. The objective of the player is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. The dealer continues to deal the cards until the player decides to end the turn. There are a few more details like doubling the wager or splitting and surrendering. If you decide to try your luck at Blackjack, it will take you only a few minutes to learn the rules and a bit more time to get the hang of it.


If you’re looking for simplicity and a game of pure odds, then you’ll want to try out Roulette. This one doesn’t depend on the wits of the player at all. The outcome is decided on where the ball lands on the roulette. It’s also extremely popular among casino online games and is offered by the majority of gambling platforms. Its popularity is mainly caused by the simplicity of a Roulette. Even if you know nothing about gambling, you’ll be able to play the Roulette with just a few words of explanation. You just have to place a bet on the table indicating where you think the ball is going to land on the spinning roulette that contains sections numbered from 0 through 36 in colors black and white (plus green for zero). There are variations in Roulette as well. For example, at Playamo, we offer French Roulette, European Roulette, Speed Roulette and more.


Baccarat is also quite popular, especially in certain markets. It largely owes its success to the James Bond movies as the game has been depicted as the favorite of the main protagonist. Baccarat might not be as thrilling as the games listed above, but it is still a top Austrlian online casino game choice for many players.


The last major casino game you have to be familiar with in order not to become confused when looking at the selection of games on your chosen platform is Craps. If you’ve seen movies about Las Vegas, you’ll likely have seen people play this particular game. Its main differentiating feature is the involvement of dice. Due to the fact that the most thrill and excitement from Craps comes from the process of rolling the dice, it’s not quite popular online. However, with us, at Playamo AU online casino gaming, you’ll still be able to play the game on your computer.

Important features to pay attention to

When you actually get to deciding which casino game to play, you will have to take a few things into consideration. If you have a favorite game that you’ve been playing for some time but want to try out new things, it might still be useful for you to look over the information provided below.


When you play casino games, one of the most important things you’ll have to consider is the Return to Player. It refers to the percentage of the wagered money a game pays out to the gambler on average. So, if RTP is 96%, this means that for every $100 bet, you will win $96 on average. Mostly RTPs are a characteristic of slot games as in case of games like Poker, the return depends on the decisions made by the player. In general, RTP will be above 90% but never above 100% as that would be a losing venture for the casino. You want to aim for something that’s in the high 90s. An RTP of 96% that we mentioned in the example, would be considered a great one. In rare cases, it can be 98% and above as well. RTP doesn’t determine the fun and excitement a game will bring, but it will show you how profitable the game is on average, so it’s something that should definitely be considered.


Another important thing you can look at when you play casino games online is the provider of the game. There are many studios around the world involved in the development of casino games but there are a few that have managed to accumulate resources and experience needed to come up with top-notch games. These companies push the boundaries of gambling and produce innovative games with an interesting plot and striking visuals. Playamo has partnerships with some of the best providers in the world, which allows us to offer a huge selection of games. As each developer will have its style and characteristics, when you like a particular game, you can see which studio worked on it and then find other games by the same developer.

If this is the first time you are looking to play Austrlian online casino games you can look up the biggest developers and most well-reviewed game studios and start your search process through the website of those developers. Most will give you access to demo versions of the games where you’ll be able to play for free without actually risking any money. This is a great way to see what you prefer and which features are appealing to you in particular.


Best Australian casino games will feature great visuals as well. When you are playing in a physical casino, you don’t have to worry about this issue. However, it becomes very important in online gaming. The design of these games has come a long way over time and there are many slots and casino games today that will leave gamblers amazed. Some slots involve high budget animation and appealing imagery that become sole reasons why people play them. You don’t want to go for outdated games that still operate with the design they had since 2000. You can view screenshots of the games or go to the demo version and play for free in order to be able to judge well the visual aspect of the game without spending your money.

Interesting storyline

With table games, the storyline will be as interesting as the chance allows, or as you make it. However, with slots, a lot depends on the game itself. Classically, slots have been simple games without much plot, but due to high competition on the market, developers have started to come up with interesting stories to center the games around. They often tie in bonuses and layers into the game through the plot. When you’ve spent hours playing the same slot game, storylines become especially interesting. It adds another level of excitement to the whole gambling process and makes playing Australian casino games more fun.


We talked about the Return-to-Player and once you look at that number, there’s not much in terms of profitability to think about. However, bonuses are important due to the excitement they bring to the gambling process. Many games, especially slots, will involve bonuses. They are designed to add more thrill to the game and give gamblers something to look forward to. Bonuses can come in different forms, depending on the game, but often they are associated with more frequent or higher winnings. Each game has its guideline which you will likely be able to access through the information section. You can look over the guideline which is bound to list the types of bonuses you’ll enjoy when you play the Australian casino games online.

Once you’ve looked over and thought through these criteria, you will be able to make a choice on which game you prefer to play. A great thing about the whole process is that there’s a room for mistakes. If you decide that you don’t like a particular game, you can always choose another one. In case of a platform, you would have to go through registration and deposit process over again, but once you have a big selection of best online casino games, like offered by Playamo, you can always leave a game and look for another one.

How to become better at playing casino games?

Many gamblers are probably wondering what they can do to play Australian casino games online with more success. With some games that are purely based on odds, there’s not much you can do. It’s a game of luck and the reason why people go for them is that they think they are luckier than others. However, some games like Poker can be mastered over time. There are people that have proven this over and over again and have built careers around the game. The best Poker players in the world earn millions a year by just playing the game. A whole book can be written on how to become a better poker player, but one thing is certain. You need a lot of practice and dedication playing top Australian casino games to master the craft. You will also need a dash of natural talent if you want to join the ranks of the greatest Poker players of all time.