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What are Australian casino reload bonuses and how do they work?

Casino bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes it’s just mind-boggling to see how much the operators can come up with. Even though the Australian casino reload bonus may seem very unique, they’re still a small part of what’s available to the customers of these online casino websites.

Although deposit and no deposit bonuses are all the rage these days, there needs to be some kind of filler features as well. The reload bonuses act as those fillers as they try to keep the customer entertained throughout the week and provide as much value as possible.

Much like welcome bonuses, reload bonuses are also a type of retention feature. Casinos offer them based on the demand, if the customers seem like they’re passive on a specific day of the week, the operator can fill that day with additional incentives and provide them with the tools needed.

The AU casino reload bonuses are usually assigned to specific days of the week as well, it could be the beginning or the end of the week. With us at Playamo, you will be getting the reload bonus every Friday. Let’s look at how these features work and why customers use them so often.

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What is an AU casino reload bonus?

A reload bonus is pretty much what you’d think it is. It helps you stock up with funds for the days to come in order for you to have much better options of playing on the website.

In most cases the reload bonuses come in the forms of Friday specials. The websites understand that the weekends are the busiest days for gambling enthusiasts, therefore they want them to be at their 110% playing potential for those specific days.

Usually, the reload bonus AU offerings are limited when comparing them to welcome bonus or deposit bonus options. You’ll most likely see them as bonuses ranging between 10 and 50% and offering some free spins on a specific game.

For example, the Playamo reload bonus will land you a 50% additional free cash with 100 free spins on the weekends, as it’s only available on Fridays.

In fact, the cycle is masterfully calculated, as most customers use their free spins during the weekends and are able to apply for the Monday free spins bonus as the new week starts. Therefore they’re supplied with an endless chain of free spins and benefits as they go.

How does the Australian casino online reload bonus work?

There are usually several ways an online operator may approach their features for the bonus. In most cases, it’s simply offering extra free spins for the weekend, but we all know what it’s like when it’s a slow Saturday or the lazy Sunday.

The Australian online casino reload bonus needs to be enough for even the most intense players available so that they don’t get bored during the weekend, as long as there is demand, there should be enough supply.

In order to dissect these types of bonuses let’s take a look at what we at Playamo offer our players.

The reload bonus that you’ll find on our website is the “Friday Reload”. As you’ve already guessed it’s designed to help our players fulfill their playing needs as they kick back and relax on the weekends.

The bonus is able to accommodate 50% of a person’s deposit and can dish out a maximum of 250 AUD per deposit. Meaning that in order to get the maximum amount, players need to deposit 500 AUD, which is more than enough to last for the whole weekend.

There may also be some very specific requirements that a casino may assign to their casino reload AU offering. For example, with Playamo, you are restricted to using your free spins on the Golden Owl of Athena slot, but some casinos may have different games and games with Playamo may change in time as well.

The process of getting those free spins is also a bit different. Once the deposit is made and the additional 50% is credited, a player will receive 50 free spins within 24 hours of the deposit, and an additional 50 free spins 48 hours of the deposit. This means that both Saturday and Sunday you can use those free spins to your advantage and generate winnings without too much of a hassle.

With Playamo, the minimum bet that needs to be made with the reload bonus is 6.5 AUD, similar to all of our other bonus offerings.

The advantages of AU casino reload bonus offers

Much like any feature regardless if it’s a deposit bonus, or a simple customer support chat, the AU casino reload bonus offers need to be relevant and cover at least some kind of purpose for the customer.

The welcome bonus has one, and that’s to help the player familiarize him or herself with the platform without too much risk. The reload bonus though, is designed to keep the player entertained and not leave them wanting more during the most active days within the week.

That is why the Playamo reload bonus was assigned to Friday, as most of our players log-on during those days when the heat outside is simply unbearable and there’s not much to do at home.

The essence of the reload bonus, is to keep the player busy. By busy, it’s not meant that they should keep depositing and depositing until they simply run their bank account dry, no it’s meant that they have enough resources provided by the casino to help them spend time doing what they enjoy. That’s why the Playamo online casino reload bonus AU offer comes with extra free spins on the weekends.

Therefore, the whole purpose of a reload casino is usually about retaining customers, providing them with activities they don’t necessarily have to pay for, and overall build a healthy company to customer relationship through the benefits.

That’s basically how the reload bonuses work for online casinos, not necessarily in Australia but also all over the world. Therefore, once you’re offered something like this, make sure you’re getting a bang for your buck and not a hit to your luck.

The disadvantages of AU casino reload bonus offers

There is nothing in this world that only has positives. Although the casino reload bonus Australia feature is completely oriented on value and benefit, there could be some disadvantages that some players may find about it.

Let’s see the disadvantages of the Friday reload offer from Playamo. We understand that the majority of players like to log in during the weekends, and that’s why we introduced such an offer. However, we also understand that some players prefer to have the weekends to themselves, therefore it could be a loss of a feature in their perspective.

However, it needs to be considered that the casino could simply not be capable of sustaining bonus offers every single day, simply because there is not that much demand. It would be much better for the operator to pool its resources on a specific date and provide as much value as possible.

Furthermore, much like any other bonus offering the AU casino reload bonuses also come with the wagering requirements. This is a feature that every single casino has so that they could guarantee their “investment”.

You see, when the casino offers its players free cash as a bonus, it is coming out of the company’s pocket, therefore it needs to be absolutely sure that the player will use it accordingly.

In order to facilitate such behavior, almost all casinos put wagering requirements of at least twenty times the bonus amount, up to a hundred times.

With playamo, you will have to have a wagering requirement of fifty times the amount of bonus you received on the deposit. So, if you go with our Australian reload casino bonus and deposit the maximum 500 AUD, you will get 250 AUD as free cash. In order to have those winnings classified as withdrawable, you will need to have wagered at least 12,500 AUD within a given timeframe.

Are Australia reload bonuses legal?

These types of offers are sometimes too good to be true for some players, therefore they always doubt the legal aspect of the features.

No reputable company would ever offer something to a customer base that would put that clientele in legal jeopardy.

The usage of Aussie reload bonus at online casino platforms is completely legal. If you are still having doubts, it may be due to a specific article written on the internet.

Yes, there are some bans on the gambling industry in Australia, but it has nothing to do with slots. If you take a closer look you’ll see that all restrictions and bans are applied to sports betting activities and such.

Since Playamo is not a sportsbook but an online casino, it gives us complete legal freedom to put forward reload bonus offers for our clientele.

Where to find the best casino reload bonuses Australia can offer?

It’s pretty hard to dissect all of the information provided above, especially when somebody is a beginner and has never participated in the gambling market.

Unfortunately, finding the best offers requires quite a lot of research from the customers’ side. For example, it could take at least a couple of hours before you’ve made up your mind on which platform to choose.

So how can you find the best Aussie casino reload bonuses? What do you need to know to make a choice?

Dig in the company’s legal documents

The very first thing that is required from a customer to research about the company us their legal documents and if they are actually licensed to offer you their services.

Since we’re on the Australian topic let’s see how that scenario would play out for an Aussie customer like yourself.

In order for the company to even consider offering you its services, it needs to hold the local license from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), as well as comply with the IGA 2001 (Interactive Gambling Act of 2001).

Under that very same act, the company, willing to offer their online services to the Australian community, needs to be located outside of Australian borders. It may sound weird by the law is the law.

Therefore, casinos, much like Playamo that cater to Aussies, are spread across the world and hold relevant licenses to provide services like the AU casino reload bonuses as well as other features.

Therefore, if you see that the company is registered in Australia and is offering its services to you as an Australian citizen, then it’s best to avoid them and report them to the relevant authorities.

Playamo has indeed considered all of the existing laws and is following them to the letter. We are located and registered on the Isle of Curacao, as well as hold a physical office in Limassol, Cyprus.

Make sure that the company always has its license number and registration numbers at the full display so that it’s easier for you to research them. The harder it is to find this information, the more suspicion it should cause.

The features of the bonus itself

After the legal documents have been accounted for, it’s time to check the actual benefits themselves. Even though the company may be licensed, it doesn’t mean they offer the best AU reload casino bonuses online by any means.

Your first target should be the bonus size itself. For example, it’s unlikely for the casino to offer reload bonuses without some kind of twist. If they offer just the bonus amount, then it turns into a regular deposit bonus, which is not unique in any way.

For example, we at Playamo paid a lot of attention to the Friday reload bonus so that it struck out as special. The added free spins and the limited bonus amount added features is something you should be looking for.

If the casino simply offers deposit bonuses on random days, it could mean that they simply don’t have the funds to support their venture.

The size of the bonus should also be accounted for. The bigger it is, the better, as you’ll have much more resources to last you until the next reload.

But no matter how many casino reload bonuses Australia could field, they need to always come with fair wagering requirements and options to use it.

Wagering requirements

As already mentioned in previous paragraphs, the wagering requirement is the number of funds you need to have used, won or otherwise, to have your balance classified as withdrawable.

The lower that number the better it is for you as you don’t get stressed out when the clock is ticking. Luckily for you, Playamo does not feature any type of deadline on the wagered amount. As long as the player reaches the designated x50 amount he or she will be eligible to cash his or her winnings out immediately.

However, if you withdraw before the quota is met, you would have to give up all the bonus amount alongside the winnings. It’s an industry standard to have these requirements as the companies themselves need guarantees.

When applying for the AU reload casino bonus online, you need to consider one very important thing. The amount due you’re supposed to have, and the time you’re provided with. If you’re given seven days to gamble 12,500 AUD then it’s not very fair is it? It’s quite hard to have that number within such a small time frame, and it also introduces unnecessary stress for the player to take more risks.

If the requirement is divided into about 300 AUD per day within a month before the deadline, then that’s much fairer as the average wager amounts within 24 hours are around 150 AUD and that’s counting the people with 6.5 AUD as their maximum wagering cap.

Other nuances

Before you make the decision to apply for the reload bonus, you need to consider what types of games will be available to you with the bonus.

Although it may seem like bad practice it’s actually a great way to limit the customers’ binge playing tendencies.

Most casinos will offer you a specific game to play with the free spins or the bonus they have provided. With Playamo, it’s the Golden Owl of Athena slot, which is in itself one of the most popular games on the platform.

But always make sure that you know what games are accessible and which ones aren’t. You definitely don’t want to see that one day before the deadline of your AU reload bonus, that you have only 5% of the wagering requirements.