Chase the prize with the Money Chase Tournament

PlayAmo is always fresh and innovative with promotions and tournaments. Everything is done in order for players to be excited and hyped. There is one more new tournament launched by the PlayAmo, which is all about chasing the great prize pool offered by the online casino. 

The tournament which offers the total prize pool of more than 200,000 EUR lasts for longer than a month, meaning that you have plenty of time to reach the goal and to have the highest ranking, and thus win the maximum prize offered by the “Money Chase” tournament. 

The promotion kicked off on the 1st of July and shall end on the 28th of August. The total prize for the tournament is 5,000 EUR for each tournament. The total prize of the whole tournament is 200,000 EUR in Grand Total. The prize pool is distributed among the players in the following way. The first place holder received 500 EUR, the second 350 EUR, 3rd 250 EUR, 4th and 5th get 200 EUR, 6 to 10th players 100 EUR, 11 to 20th 75 EUR, 21 to 50th get 50 EUR and all the rest players received 15 EUR cash prize. 

As for the extra leaderboard prize pool, it is 100,000 EUR for each series, which is 80,000 EUR in Grand Total. The distribution of prize pool is the following: 1st place 1000 EUR, 2nd 800 EUR, 3rd 700 EUR, 4 and 5th 500 EUR, 6 to 10th 200 EUR, 11 to 30th 75 EUR, 31 to 50th 50 EUR, 51 to 100th 25 EUR, 101 to 150th 15 EUR and the rest 99 players get 10 EUR cash prize as a reward. 


There are eight individual tournaments available through the promotion, with 5 tournaments each. The condition of each tournament differs. The qualifications for the different tournaments are as follows. there is the minimum bet requirement which is 1 EUR or any other equivalent currency. In order to be eligible for the players have to make at least 100 spins using the qualifying bet for the promotion. All the scores collected during the qualification will be saved to the player’s account. 

There are different ways of scoring as well. The HSRM stands for the highest single round multiplier. Every one multiplier equals one point. During this time, the player can win for example 150 EUR with only 5 EUR bet. 

HSRP stands for the highest single round payout, in this case, one EUR still equals one point. For example, if the player wins 100 EUR, his or her score should remain 100 points until she/he wins more.

The leaderboard is based on the player’s best result during the series. The results can be improved anytime during the whole campaign. In order to qualify for, the players must score at least 200 points. Every 100 EUR bet equals 10 points in this case. 

The schedule for the series is available on the tournament webpage. The live chart is updated every 10 minutes, meaning that you can always track your progress. All the rest terms and conditions apply to the promotion.