Crypto-based Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for PlayAmo’s Australian Players

Having a sound and stable financial platform is one of the best undertakings a casino can take to improve its services. While providing the best games, promotions, and an overall platform is undeniably the most important aspect of running an online casino, it certainly doesn’t mean that payment methods need no attention.

In the financial world, there are countless payment methods with various degrees of popularity. And especially in our times, when the technological progress is rapidly changing every industry, the financial platforms, too, are following the trend. 

And so, thanks to this trend, we now have two different categories – although not too strict and outlined – of payment methods: traditional and alternative. When it comes to traditional platforms, you can think of them as the bank-related financial means such as credit cards, bank wire, online bank wallets, etc. And on PlayAmo, we have already covered them extensively.

Alternative financial mediums

On the other side of the coin, we’ve got alternative platforms that are somewhat new and still unpopular on a massive scale. And if there’s one particular kind that’s worth mentioning here, it’s definitely cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain in which they’re embedded, came up on stage some 11 years ago, in 2008. The idea behind this invention was to create a peer-to-peer platform of interaction so that only the actual users could regulate their relations with their peers, be it financial or any other type.

This meant that no government or a centralized entity would unilaterally make any decisions regarding the cryptocurrencies. So, the result was one of the fastest payment platforms on the planet, as well as safer transactions and anonymity. 

The importance of cryptocurrencies to the online casino users

But why is it so crucial to the casino customer base? Here’s the deal: the centralized institutions, be it governments, banks, or anything else, usually aren’t happy when people are involved in gambling. And there are several reasons for that, for example: the governments feel the pressure from society to fight the problem gambling issue; the banks feel the risk of cooperating with gamblers because they could potentially sacrifice all their finances for gambling…

In some cases, those fears could be justified. However, the majority of gamblers are pretty stable and reliable individuals who just want to have fun with their favorite online casino games. But again, due to the above-mentioned fears, they’re constantly under pressure, be it a reduction of credit score, denying loans, being constantly monitored by the government, etc.

And with cryptocurrencies, those issues can be effectively overcome. Due to the cryptography used in the system, the crypto-based transactions are anonymous and its details can only be seen by the two cooperating parties. For the outside observers, the blockchain will only display the basic information like the transaction time and amount. 

Not only that, the payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other digital currency supported on PlayAmo are also very secure compared to their traditional counterparts. So, when a bet is made, it’s written on a block which then connects with the adjacent blocks and becomes closely linked to them. This means that the details of the bet are forever written there and no one can change its internals. 

Specific advantages on PlayAmo

These are the advantages that any PlayAmo user can get because cryptocurrencies are accessible for everyone. Right now, there are six cryptocurrencies supported on PlayAmo: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and USD Tether. And all of them have advantages listed above, as well as some additional ones.

When it comes to deposits, the cryptocurrencies offer more flexibility than conventional platforms. For example, credit card deposits are limited to 6,000 AUD max. but with cryptocurrencies, there are no such limitations. You can deposit as much as you want. The only requirement is to deposit no less than a certain amount which varies for different tokens: 0.001 BTC, 0.01 ETC, etc. Plus, all of the abovementioned digital currencies are instant and commission-free, just like the other platforms.

As for the withdrawals, the differences are visible in another department. When withdrawing funds using credit card or bank wire, it takes 1 to 3 or 1 to 5 days respectively to complete the transaction. But you might need money as fast as possible.

That’s why cryptocurrencies are more beneficial. It doesn’t matter which token you choose, all of their withdrawals will be instantaneous. Even the limitations are much softer with cryptos than traditional platforms. Just like deposits, withdrawals are limited to 25-6,000 AUD for credit cards. With cryptocurrencies, you can withdraw 0.001-2 BTC, 0.01-5 ETH, etc. 

The bottom line of all this is that on PlayAmo, crypto payments are much more flexible, secure, and convenient. Our users can deposit and withdraw much more funds with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, have them securely stored on the blockchain, and be sure that their money will arrive the moment they click the button.