Free spins 2020

Free spins 2020 offers for online gamblers in Australia

There’s no doubt that online gambling is extremely popular around the world. Due to the popularity and high demand, it’s also not surprising that a lot of platforms have emerged trying to meet the demand and profit from it. As a result, the competition on the market is extremely tough. There’s only so much that these platforms can do to attract new customers. Bonuses provide a way for these companies to differentiate their services and appeal to new users and AU free spin bonuses are one of the most popular kinds.

If you have some experience gambling online when you think of casino bonuses, you might think of match bonuses and free cash. While it’s true that they represent a big chunk of promotional offers that casinos come up with, free spins are also extremely common. In fact, most welcome packages and deposit offers will include free spins in addition to the free cash. In this article, we will go over in detail what free spins are, how they work, what their benefits and disadvantages are and how to find them. All of this information will help you in the process of looking for the best casino free spins in Australia.

At Playamo, our company is focused on creating the best gambling experience for our users. A lot of us are fans of gambling ourselves and we understand what the users want from our platform. Free spins are an essential part of modern gambling and we have included it in many of our bonuses. For example, our first deposit bonus, in addition to matching your first deposit by 100%, will also give you 100 free spins distributed over five days. Our second deposit bonus also gives 50 free spins in addition to the 50% match bonus. Even more than that, we have a special day each week dedicated to the AU free spins bonuses. It’s called a Monday Free Spins bonus and gives users up to 100 free spins for select slots.

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How do free spins work?

We’ve mentioned free spins a handful of times now, but if you’re completely new to gambling, you might not know what they are. If you’ve ever seen a movie about Las Vegas, you’ll probably remember those colorful machines with a huge handle on the side and spinning reels with different symbols on it. It’s also likely that you’ve seen it churning out coins after someone hit a jackpot. Those are slot machines. They are called so because whenever someone wanted to spin the reels, they would have to put a coin in the coin slot. Slots are also very popular online. It is slots that the AU casino free spins bonuses can be used on.

Whenever the reels on the slot spin, the symbols aline in different ways. The juxtaposition of these symbols can lead to different outcomes. For example, if several of the rare symbols align horizontally on the reels, you might win something big. Of course, the paylines in real life can be much more complex, but the idea is the same. Each spin gives the player a chance to win. Each spin also costs some money. As a slots player, you play for the spins. Free spins, are offers from the casino that allow you to play the game for free several times. For example, if you get 10 free spins, it means that you will get a chance to spin the reels 10 times for free and you’ll be able to keep the winnings. That’s the idea behind Aussie free spins promotions put in simple terms. In fact, these offers are often more layered and diverse. We will do our best to explain the intricacies of the free spins in this article.

Types of free spins bonuses

Not all free spins bonuses are the same. They vary in many aspects but one of the major differences in these promotions is whether you get the bonus after making a deposit, or without making one.

No deposit free spins bonus

No deposit bonuses are generally more coveted, but also more elusive. What this entails is that you simply have to sign up on a casino and you’ll get the free spins to start gambling without having to deposit any of your money first. It’s not hard to see why such offers would be more appealing to the gambling community. Australian casino free spins no deposit bonuses allow users to gamble on the platform and try out certain slots without having to risk money in the first place.

Deposit free spins bonus

More commonly-encountered form of these bonuses would be a deposit bonus. In order to claim this bonus, after creating an account, the user first has to deposit money on the platform and only then will he/she get the free spins. Although deposit bonuses do require you to put some of your own money on the line, the rest works pretty much the same way as the AU free spins bonus no deposit offers. You still get the spins and you can still keep the winnings.

Features of free spins bonuses

In the process of looking for different platforms and considering various free spins offers, you’ll have to make certain decisions and compare different promotions to each other. In this process, it’s a good idea to be equipped with the knowledge of what some of the most important features of the free spins offers are.


The size of the bonus i.e. the number of free spins you’ll get determines how many times you’ll be able to spin the reels for free. The higher this number, the more chances you’ll get at winning. However, it’s really hard to compare the offers by numbers when two different games are concerned. Some games have more variable outcomes which means that you could spend 99 spins without winning anything at all and then win a lot on the 100th spin. There are also differences in the average return. However, size can be a general indication of how generous the Australian casino free spins offer is.

Distribution pattern

As is the case with some of the offers on our Playamo site, free spins might not be given to you all at the same time. They might be distributed over several days. There’s no better way here. Some people want to use all of their spins at the same time while others might appreciate having them divided and distributed over several days. It will up to you and your preferences when you have to make a choice about which Aussie casino online free spins offer to choose.


Free spins that you will receive through the bonus will be for a specific slots game. That is an important feature of these offers as well. Sometimes casinos want to promote certain games or the new ones that they’ve recently added to their website. In such cases, they’ll hand out a few of the free spins to make the games popular. This is not the case with other types of bonuses so it might be confusing to many new gamblers, but, in general, free spins are given for specific slots games.

Wagering requirements

As we said, you’ll get to keep whatever you win through the free spins, however, that’s not always a given. Most casinos will have wagering requirements that you have to meet before you’re able to withdraw the winnings from the free spins Australian casino promotion. What this means is that you have to bet the winnings several times over before you can request a withdrawal. Say you’ve won $100 with the free spins you received and the wagering requirement is 10x. This means that you’ll have to make bet worth in total $1000 before you’re free to withdraw. Tough wagering requirements can break a great offer. Sometimes, offers that seem very generous might hide really restrictive and impossible wagering requirements in the fine print.

Benefits of free spins

AU online casino free spins have some obvious advantages. First of all, they give you a chance to win real money. By playing the slots with the free spins you receive, you can accumulate some winnings and withdraw them if you also manage to meet the wagering requirements. Free spins also allow you to explore games that you otherwise might have been unwilling to try out. When you’re used to certain games, you tend to keep to continue playing them although it might get boring. It takes time and effort to try out new games. As free spins are usually given for specific games and in some cases, those are new games that the platform wants to promote, you’re incentivized to try these games. Who knows, maybe they will become your new favorite slots.

Although the financial benefit of the free spins online casino AU offers are an important factor, there’s also the emotional side. It’s always enjoyable and fun to receive free bonuses. Free spins introduce diversity in the gambling experience, especially when you get them after you’ve been playing on the platform for a while. In addition, these bonuses can act as a tiebreaker when you’re choosing among different platforms. That process can often become complicated as there’s only so much that the casinos can offer. With offers like these, you have something to base your final decision on.

Drawbacks of free spins

Although they might not be as obvious at first, free spins have their drawbacks as well. Compared to the match bonuses, these offers are more limiting. While you’d be able to use the free cash from a match bonus on most games on a website, you’re only going to be able to use the AU free spins casino bonus on specific slots. If you have a preference for certain games and the slot chosen for the bonus doesn’t coincide with it, you might have to play a game that you don’t enjoy as much. That’s definitely one of the most important drawbacks of these bonuses.

Another risk associated with these offers has to do with the wagering requirements. Although it might seem like winning should be enough to get you your money, in most cases, it’s not. In addition to winning something on the spins, which itself is not guaranteed, you will also have to meet the wagering requirements to actually benefit from the bonus. The casinos will go out of their way to advertise the free spins, but the information about the conditions and requirements won’t be displayed as conspicuously. It will be up to you to get comprehensive information about the casino free spins Australia offer. You don’t want to sign up on a platform for the free spins bonus only to find out that the wagering requirements are virtually impossible to meet.

As you might’ve guessed already, free spins bonuses have huge drawing power. They appeal to users who decide to open accounts on websites because of these offers. Wanting to take advantage of these effects, some scammers might set up illegitimate websites and offer fake bonuses in attempts to steal the money of those who decide to sign up. When you’re considering AU free spins no deposit bonus offers, especially those that seem very generous, you have to be extra careful not to fall for a trap.

Features of slots games

For obvious reasons, slots are very important when considering free spins. In order for you to be equipped to judge different offers, you have to be familiar with the workings of slots as well. These games might seem simple, but there are a lot of features and aspects to be considered. Because free spins are often tied to certain slots games, when you’re choosing an Aussie free spin bonus, you’re also choosing a slots game.


Return To Player signifies how much of the wagered money a player wins back on average. For example, an RTP of 90% means that for every $100 bet on the games, you’ll get $90 back in the long term. Keep in mind, that this number never goes above 100% as it would be a loss-making game for the casino and wouldn’t be offered in the first place. However, gamblers always overweight their own luck, which is why many still accept to play these games. There’s also the undeniable fun that many are willing to pay money for. With the free spins on slots, you aren’t risking any of your money anyway. The higher the RTP of a game, the better. Anything above 95% is usually considered to be good.


Reels are the columns that spin in a slots game. Each reel contains a number of rows. The number of reels can vary as well. After each spin, these symbols line up in different ways. Various alignments can form winning combinations in which case the user gets money. The general idea is that similar symbols that line up in a certain formation are beneficial however it truly depends on the game and its particular rules when it is going to pay out the winnings. This works the same way for the AU free spin slots as well.


Symbols are what determine whether you win a slot game or not. There are different kinds of symbols. There are the standard ones each of which has its value when it forms a part of a winning combination. Symbols usually draw from the theme that the game is centered around. Wilds and Scatters are two special types of symbols. Wilds can substitute for any other symbol on a payline. For example, if you need three diamonds to aline horizontally to win, you can get two diamonds and a Wild for the same result. Scatter symbols are rare and when several of them appear simultaneously, a bonus feature is unlocked. This bonus occurs within the game and shouldn’t be confused with the AU free spins deposit bonus.


There are bonus modes within the slots games also. These occur after you unlock a certain feature or land Scatters on the reels. Bonus modes usually lead to higher and more frequent winnings, however, they might not happen very often. Sometimes these are also called free spins as the reels spin without deducting any money from your account. However, they’re not technically the same as the no deposit free spins casino Australia will give you.

What kind of slots are there?

Not all slots are the same. Although the gameplay is similar in most cases, there’s a lot of variety in these games. It’s not surprising as over the years game developers have tried to outdo each other and make their slots more exciting and appealing to the users. Some gamblers still prefer the classic slots. These games usually have three reels and the standard symbols depicting diamonds, fruits, sevens and such. Classic slots are also simpler in terms of the game logic and the bonus structure. You might be able to find some AU free slots with bonus spins that replicate the classic slot experience.

There are also modern slots. These usually take up interesting and specific themes. Some of them revolve around popular TV shows and movies. For example, at Playamo, some of our most popular slots are Game of Thrones and Jurassic World. Modern slots are also distinguished by striking visuals and emphasis on high-quality animations. Overall, these slots offer more complexity than the traditional ones and are thus highly enjoyed by many gamblers around the world. If you are interested in trying out slot games but can’t quite put your mind to it, you can try free casino slot games with free spins first and decide.

How do I get free spins?

In order to receive the free spins bonus, first, you have to create an account on a platform. To do this, go to the website of your chosen casino and find a button that says ‘Create an Account’ or ‘Sign Up’. This button should take you to a registration form that contains some fields asking you for your personal information. These fields will include your name, date of birth, country of residence, preferred currency and other similar info. If you’ve ever signed up for anything online, you’ll be familiar with this process. You’ll also have to create a username and password which you have to memorize or write down. This will get you one step closer to claiming your AU deposit free spins bonus.

When you input your mobile phone number and your email, the casino will ask for verification. It will simply send you a code that you’ll have to enter on the website to continue registration. At this stage, some casinos also offer responsible gaming options. These are tools that allow you to limit your spending beforehand. You will choose a period of time like a week or a month and then indicate the limit of your deposits or bets within that period. This is a good way for you to keep yourself in check if you’re someone who might spend more than desired at certain moments. With this step, you’ll complete your registration and be all set to claim the free spins.

If you have an Aussie no deposit free spins bonus offer, you’ll be able to claim the bonus right away. However, if you have a deposit bonus, you’ll have to make the payment first. To do this, go to the Banking page and select deposits. Then, choose your preferred method of payment and deposit the money on your account. When you make the deposit, don’t forget to use a bonus code if you have one. The free spins should be credited to your account right away.

After you’ve received spins, you can start gambling with them. Pick out the slot that suits your preferences using the criteria we listed above and accumulate the winnings. When you’re ready to withdraw, make sure that you’ve met the wagering requirements. If you haven’t met these requirements yet, you’ll have to gamble some more even though you might not want to. Otherwise, the winnings will be lost. Then, go to the Banking page and to the Withdrawals tab. This should allow you to start the process of withdrawing your winnings from the Aussie casino with free spins.

If it’s your first time making a withdrawal, you’ll have to verify your account first. Casinos face Know Your Customer regulations which require them to validate the identity of their users. To go through verification, you’ll be asked to upload a photo of your passport, national ID or a driver’s license. In addition, as proof of residence, you’ll have to provide a copy of your bank statement or utility bill. Any official document that contains your name and your address can serve for this purpose. Fortunately, you only have to go through this process once. As soon as you have verified your account, you’ll be able to use the full functionality of the website and withdraw your winnings from the AU casino free spins no deposit offer.

How to choose the best casino for free spins?

If you want to take advantage of these bonus offers, you’ll have to find a suitable gambling platform. While it is important to choose the best offer, it’s also imperative to choose the best casino. There are a bunch of other criteria you should consider in this process and if you’re new to gambling, we will list these criteria below for your convenience.

Game selection

When you open an account on an Aussie casino with free spins no deposit offer, you’ll want to have a lot of options in terms of the games. In addition to the slots, there are casino games which you might be interested in. These include Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and more. In addition to the standard versions that you might be familiar with, there are many variations of these popular games created from slight changes in the rules. Although the differences might be subtle, some gamblers have a strong preference of one game over another, so you want to be presented with as many options as possible.

In addition to the standard games, it’s also good to have a few live-dealer options as well. These games offer a live stream to a real table set up somewhere in a physical casino. The game is curated by a human dealer. Although you won’t be able to use your free spins casino no deposit bonus on these games as they aren’t slots, the live casino games manage to replicate the true gambling atmosphere more closely and are highly enjoyed by gamblers around the world.

Payment methods

Even though you might get free spins at first, you won’t be able to gamble with them forever. Furthermore, most of these offers require you to make a deposit first. As a result, the payment methods available on a casino are extremely important to you. These methods usually include credit/debit card payments, which are cheap and fast but don’t really offer privacy. The transactions that you will make using bank cards will show up on your bank statement. You can use cards to withdraw your winnings from the free spins Australia bonus as well.

Alternatively, you can use eWallets, which are also fast and convenient and offer privacy as well. However, they require you to set up a separate account and could be quite pricey as well. There are alternative options too, like wire transfers and other payment service providers and all of them have their advantages and drawbacks. Some platforms, like Playamo, also offer payments in cryptocurrencies. These tools are great for privacy and fast transactions. At Playamo, we offer several popular cryptocurrencies for you to choose from. You can use these channels to withdraw free spins bonus with no deposit winnings as well.


If you are an active gambler, you will be transacting with the casino quite often and whenever money is concerned, you want to feel secure in using the services. One thing is being able to trust the casino and its intentions, however, that’s not the only source of risk in such situations. You might be dealing with a legitimate platform, but if it hasn’t implemented satisfactory security measures, your funds might be vulnerable to hack attacks. To make sure that you can trust the casino, look at its history and past performance. There shouldn’t be many incidents along the way. Casinos that have been around for some time likely have the resources and experiences to create a safe gambling platform. This is very important for those who are looking for slot machine free spins in Australia.

Other bonuses

Although you might be mainly interested in the free spins, you shouldn’t settle for them. There are many other kinds of bonuses that platforms offer. These can be match bonuses, reload bonuses or anything else. You want to pick a platform that will have not only the best free spins but also a lot of other promotions. These make gambling more fun and shouldn’t be neglected. At Playamo, we put a lot of effort into designing these offers so that they are spread out and bring you joy long after you’ve registered on our website. You should look for a variety in bonuses and not only the free spins no deposit casinos in Australia.

How do I avoid scammers?

As we mentioned above, the gambling market is full of scammers and fraudsters. Anywhere on the internet where the money is concerned, these risks exist and they are especially severe with gambling. In the case of Australia, the situation is complicated even further by the regulations. When you’re looking for no deposit free spins casinos in Australia, it will be your responsibility to do thorough research. In the case of other jurisdictions, we would suggest referring to the national registry of gambling providers and making sure that your casino is licensed for operation. To obtain a license, casinos have to go through meticulous screening during which the authorities put their vast resources and tools to use to identify any possible threats from the platform. If a casino manages to obtain a license, it’s a guarantee of trustworthiness. Unfortunately, there’s no such luxury for Australian gamblers.

People in Australia have to do the research themselves to identify how reliable a platform offering free spins with no deposit required bonus is. You can start this process by looking for red flags. For example, an offer that sounds too enticing needs more attention. No one is going to hand out money just like that and if it seems like a casino is doing so, the requirements are either very tough or it doesn’t have any intention of keeping its promise. Another red flag is when a platform is trying to hide some information. The information about the registration of the company should be public just like it is in case of our Playamo platform. We provide this information on our website for everyone to see.

Relying on red flags only isn’t enough. Scammers are quite resourceful and could create a very convincing fake platform. You’ll have to do more than that if you want to sign up on reliable casinos offering no deposit free spins in Australia. A simple internet search sometimes does the trick. Look up the platform and its background. If the casino has been around for years without any incident and has a loyal customer base, it’s more likely that it can be trusted. If it is new without any history, you must be more careful. Read user reviews as well. People like to share their experiences, positive or negative, online. Take advantage of this shared pool of knowledge and see what other people’s experiences with the casino have been like.

The fact that the casino won’t have a license to operate in Australia doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be licensed at all. You can find casinos that are registered and regulated in other jurisdictions. This will guarantee that the casino is following at least some standards of behavior. Although you still won’t be able to resort to your local authorities in case of mistreatment from the platform, you’ll feel a lot safer knowing that the casino is held to some standards. That’s definitely a good strategy to follow when looking for AU free spins after deposit offers.