Grab up to 200 free spins on the new Demi Gods III slot

Yet another version of the Demi-Gods slot has been released by Spinomenal, one of the largest and most popular casino software providers out there.

This time though, the development team and Spinomenal decided to go for slightly different design patterns as well as so many bonus features that it was hard to keep up with them all.

But in the spirit of other Spinomenal slots games, the developer decided to keep the general feel of its previous games and used only 5 reels and three rows, but the paylines are hitting 25 and more.

Thanks to this new approach from Spinomenal, we were also inspired to do something new. So, we have a special promotion for Demi Gods III, where you can get your hands on up to 200 free spins for the game. Keep on reading to see how to grab your free spins before they expire! 

Not convinced yet? Let’s see how the game looks like then.

What is the game like?

Demi-Gods III is centered around Norse gods such as Thor, Odin, Loki, and Freya. Naturally, there are other gods as well, but these four are the ones most people are familiar with thanks to the Marvel movies.

As already mentioned, the game has 5 reels and 3 rows and mostly bases its profitability on the bonus features and wild combinations.

Another good news here is that the slot has a very unique type of symbol variation. The common symbols such as J, Q, K and A are still the same as we know them, but the symbols that represent the Demigods themselves usually cover the whole reel thus allowing players to sometimes win x5 of their bet with a very simple combination.

However, we wouldn’t be doing Demi Gods III any justice if we didn’t mention their extensive bonus features.

Let’s focus on them in the next paragraph.

Demi Gods III bonus features

Much like any other slots game, in order to reach the bonus feature, you need to get 3 or more bonus symbols during a spin.

Once you get them, you will be given a random “bonus level” based on the 9 realms of existence from Norse mythology. All of these realms will have different features to play with, and most importantly, different features to make a lot of money.

Here’s a full list of what each of them does.

Asgard – In this realm, every time you press the spin button, there’s a chance you’ll get a bonus chest containing either free cash or additional free spins.

Midgard – With this realm, there’s a guarantee that two reels will always have identical symbols no matter what.

Helheim – If your spin doesn’t land some kind of payout in this realm, it will continue spinning for free until you win something.

Niflheim – If you get some kind of combo in this realm, it will immediately give you an additional free spin.

Vanaheim – This realm introduces the moving reels feature. Anytime you land a combo, the symbols disappear only to allow new ones to rain down from above, potentially making even more combos with a single spin.

Nidavellir – This realm features the random wilds bonus, meaning that as the reels are spinning, up to five wilds will appear randomly.

Muspelheim  – Stacked wilds.

Jotunheim – In the Jotunheim realm, just like its inhabitants, the wild symbols are huge. They can expand up to 4×3 sizes, thus earning you up to x500 of your bet.

Alfheim – Every wild you get in this realm will remain in position for the duration of the bonus.

Other features

Other features of Demi Gods III include the occasional Odin’s crow flying while the reels are spinning and giving the players random multipliers of x2 or x3, and the buy feature button that allows you to immediately enter one of the realms described above in exchange for some tokens.

Overall, Demi Gods III is a tier-1 slot in our perspective and deserves your full attention. Why not grab the 200 free spins we have on offer while you’re at it.

How to get the bonus

All you need to do to get the bonus is type in our promo code: GOD

The number of free spins you get will depend on the amount you deposit when typing in the code. Here’s how it’s calculated:

  • USD/EUR 20 = 20 free spins
  • USD/EUR 50 = 50 free spins
  • USD/EUR 100 = 100 free spins
  • USD/EUR 200 = 200 free spins

You should hurry up! The promotion ends in just 24 hours!