Legal Gambling in Australia

Australia has one of the biggest gambling industries in the whole world. The gambling market is one of the largest and Australians are known as some of the biggest fans of gambling in the world. 8 out of 10 people are involved in at least one type of gambling activity in Australia. The huge amount of people in the industry and the variety of gambling opportunities in Australia make the gambling scene safe heaven for everyone. 

While the Australian gambling industry is highly regulated, there are some legal factors that you have to take into consideration. First of all, you should know that gambling is fully legal in Australia. Moreover, almost every territory and country state offers at least one brick and mortar casino. The casinos such as Crown and The Stars are recognized as some of the best casinos not only in Australia but generally as well. 

It is very interesting to know what Australia did in order to get the gambling scene where it is today. There are several factors that contributed to the formation of the Australian gambling industry. 

Safe Gambling Heaven 

As already mentioned, Australia is open to almost every type of gambling activity, with certain limitations and regulations though. Besides the fact that almost every territory hosts at least one casino resort, there are many other gambling-related activities legal in the country. 

The Aussie Millions poker tournament is an extremely popular annual event in Australia. There are many poker lovers in the country and moreover, some of them are even among the best poker players in the world. Locals and tourists can both benefit from the casinos. The doors are open to everyone. 

Another news is that betting is the second most popular gambling activity in Australia after pokies. All kinds of betting are legal in the country. You can bet on almost everything and enjoy your beloved sports while placing bets. 

There is only one exception in Australia, Western Australia, which does not allow live gambling inside their hotels and other venues. Rather than that, you will come across pokies machines in almost every bar, hotel and restaurant, especially in the states like Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. 

Australian gambling regulators 

As mentioned several times, the Australian gambling market is highly regulated. Yet, every state is responsible for its own regulations and laws, thus there are different gambling regulators responsible for laws and legislations in every state.

The office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation regulates the gambling market in Queensland. New South Wales is under the direct supervision of The Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing body. ACT Gambling and Racing Commission is responsible for regulating the territory of Australian Capital, while Victoria is regulated by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. 

Tasmania is a more or less separated state of Australia, compared to other states. The gambling industry in this state is regulated by the Tasmanian Gaming Commission. As for Western Australia, there is the Department of Racing, Gaming, and Liquor. 

There is one more responsible authority, which is the Australian Communications and Media Authority. This is the regulator, which is responsible for iGaming advertisements in the whole country. They regulate the advertising campaigns and every citizen who wants to file a complaint should address the regulator for that purpose. Australian Media and Communications Authority is one of the main regulators of the gambling industry in the country. 

Online Gambling In Australia

First of all, it should be mentioned, that it is legal to gamble online in Australia, yet operating the online casinos registered in Australia is completely illegal. This means that Aussies can visit online casinos and wager, though online casinos should not be based within the country. 

The regulations regarding the online gambling industry came into the centre of attention from 2016, but the first and initial legal act regarding online gambling was issued back in 2001. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 was intended to protect the general population from the negative effects of online gambling. According to the law, Australian casinos are not eligible for providing any online services to their customers neither for the local player nor for international ones. 

According to the same act, the pokies and poker are both banned. If a casino is breaching any of the above-mentioned regulations, it receives a very high penalty. Though, the act does not concern online betting. Online sports betting is legal in Australia and there are many betting operators of the global scale based in Australia. Within the act, every type of the lottery, besides instant scratch cards and lotteries are prohibited. 

Even after issuing the ACT in 2001, there were many loopholes in the industry and thus many operators found a way to deliver the online gambling product to the Aussies. In 2016, the second act was issued by the Parliament, which involved closing every loophole in the industry and thus offering the Aussies a fair environment to gamble online. PokerStars is one of the biggest operators that were affected by the Gambling Amendment Bill 2016, which hasn’t operated since 2017.

The regulations are mostly about the operators, rather than the players. Thus, none of the winnings by the players are taxed, unless players are professionals and play professional Texas Hold’em for instance. 

One way or another, the Australian gambling industry is one of the most regulated markets in the world, and thus the Aussies can play in an extremely safe, fair, and stress-free environment.