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Best live casinos in Australia – guide and overview

The Internet had a revolutionary impact on human behavior. It has transformed the way we go about our daily lives. Many services have migrated online due to high convenience. People started to rely more on their computers and mobile phones and less on physical establishments like banks, post offices and even casinos. Online gambling has taken over in the last couple of decades and has grown to a scale that vastly overshadows the business done by physical casinos. However, online gambling experience can’t quite replicate all that’s appealing about casinos. That’s why Australian live casino experience has been invented. It imitates the atmosphere and environment of physical casinos that have managed to attract gamblers around the world for centuries.

How do live casinos work?

Australian live casinos are online gambling platforms that offer live-dealer games. The game is run by a human dealer and the user gets a live feed of the table that is actually set up somewhere in a physical establishment. The player has an option to communicate with the dealer through a live chatbox. Otherwise, he/she can just sit back and enjoy the live stream of the game. In order to make this work, live casinos employ optical character recognition technology, which can translate the results in the physical world into digital data. For example, using OCR technology, it is possible for the camera to recognize on which section the ball in the roulette has landed and make corresponding adjustments to the players’ accounts.

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Advantages of a live casino

People prefer AU casino live online games for different reasons. Most often it has to do with the experience. For centuries casinos have attracted gamblers not only due to the opportunities of quick riches and thrill that they offer but also as a place where people got together and shared common experiences. Casinos have an atmosphere that is secluded from the outside world and has a unique social purpose. It is difficult for online casinos to imitate all of this. Live-dealer games, however, manage to come closer to the real gambling experience. The only thing separating a gambler and a casino table in a real establishment is a computer screen. There’s still a real person handling the process and you can see it via a live stream.

Casinos are obviously centered around random occurrences and chances. In most games, fixing one parameter would throw the whole game and make it unfair. People who are playing the Roulette expect the outcome to be completely random. Otherwise, they will feel mistreated. With online casinos that don’t offer AUS live casino games, people have to put their trust in the system. They have to assume that the algorithms used by the casino don’t fix a certain outcome to benefit the company. While there are many audit companies and game providers that prove that their systems are indeed fair, some gamblers still doubt the truthfulness of such statements. Such gamblers might prefer gambling at live casinos where outcomes are determined by real-life events that would be much more difficult to fix. Many people trust live-dealer casinos much more than they trust standard online games. They feel more secure in knowing that the events are really happening somewhere out there and there’s no computer code dictating the outcome.

Live casinos also enable users to communicate with the dealers through a chatbox. This feature is not always present, but it is available for many games. With standard games, you as a player just have to go along with whatever happens without the ability to ask any questions and clarify any issues. You would need to contact the support which would take some time and it would also be difficult to explain exactly what happened. With the ability to communicate with the dealer, you can clarify issues on the spot. It also makes the experience more realistic as talking to the dealer is a common occurrence in physical casinos. This is an advantage of Australian live dealer games that not everyone might care about at first but could come in handy down the line.

Disadvantages of a live casino

Everything has its drawbacks and live casinos are not an exception. Due to the technology involved in producing these games, they are very expensive for casino websites to host. The cost of the equipment in addition to the salaries of the dedicated team exceed the price of having a standard game by a lot. As a result, casinos can’t host an unlimited number of such games. They pick the most popular ones like Roulette and Blackjack and offer a handful of variations with a live-dealer. For a gambler, this means fewer options when choosing which game to play. Even if you find the best live casino in Australia, you’ll see that the number of standard games on it far exceeds the number of live-dealer ones.

How to sign up for a live casino?

Signing up for a live casino is an easy process. First, you have to find the right platform that fits your requirements and create an account on it. The registration process, for the most part, is similar to setting up an account on any social media. Plus, there’s also the verification process. You have to type in general information about yourself including:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact information
  • Country of residence
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password

Once you are done with this, you might be asked to go through the verification process (alternatively, it might be asked later after you make a withdrawal request). Verification involves providing to the live online casino a photo of your passport or national ID. Some platforms also ask gamblers to provide proof of residence. This can be any official document that contains both your name and your address. Suggested documents for the proof of residence include bank statements and utility bills.

When you have created an account and possibly verified it, you might also be given an option to set gambling limits. This is a relatively new tool born through the initiative of responsible gambling. It allows users to set limits on how much they can deposit per given period. If you think that you are prone to getting overheated and risking more than you might be willing to do, then you can use this tool to limit your spending beforehand. While not all live dealer casinos for Australians will include this feature, it is becoming more and more common.

Depositing money

Before you can start playing the live casino games, you will have to deposit money. Unless you received a no deposit welcome bonus, without money, you won’t be able to really gamble. Fortunately, the process of depositing funds on a casino has been made very simple. There are many providers that have set up payment networks for this exact purpose. You can use them or alternative methods to make a deposit and get to playing your favorite casino live games in Australia.

How to choose a live casino?

Not all live casinos are the same and with the number of such platforms on the market, you will have to do some research before you are able to pick the best one. You will have to pay attention to several criteria when making this decision. We will go over them below and give a description of each one in detail.

Selection of live-dealer games

As we mentioned above, hosting live-dealer games on a website is associated with huge costs. As a result, the selection of these games will usually be limited. When you are looking at Australian live casinos and trying to pick out the best one, you should start by looking at the selection of live-dealer games it provides. Usually, these will include Roulette, Blackjack, Sic Bo, and Baccarat. However, there are many variations of these games and a casino can host a live-dealer game for both American Roulette and European Roulette. When you spend a lot of time on the platform, this will be very important for you to be able to introduce more diversity into your gameplay. Casino games might get boring after some time and even if you want to keep playing the same game, you’ll be able to just switch to another variation and continue gambling. Playamo offers a variety of live-dealer games including Lighting Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Dream Catcher, Blackjack Classic, Baccarat and many more.

When you are considering a variety of live-dealer games, it might be a good idea to look at other options as well. Although you might be mainly interested in the Australian live dealer casino experience, there’s no reason why you should limit yourself to it. You might want to try out slots and standard games as well. You don’t want to have two separate accounts on two different platforms to do this. Most live casinos will also offer standard games. Before you sign up on one, you should go over the list of the games and slots available so that when you want to try out one, you are not facing a limited set of options.

Regulatory status and reliability

Another important issue to consider with Aussie live casinos is the regulatory status and trustworthiness. There are all kinds of providers on the market and as there’s also a lot of money involved, the industry is full of fraudulent companies and scammers that try to pose as legitimate operators and defraud customers of money or personal data. In other markets, you would just check the regulatory status of a provider, confirm it with the regulator itself and you would be all set. The situation in Australia, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated.

A few years ago, the legislators came up with a bill that made it illegal for operators to offer gambling services to the residents of Australia. They would get fined up to $1.1 million per day for doing so. This means that there is no way for an Aussie live casino to obtain a license. It also means that gamblers in the country can’t use the regulatory status to judge the trustworthiness of a platform, because everyone is equally unregulated. As it is still legal for people to gamble online, if they manage to find a casino that is willing to provide the service, people have to resort to other methods.

One way to judge the trustworthiness of a live casino is by seeing whether it’s regulated in other territories or not. Even though the casino won’t have a license to operate in Australia, it must be registered somewhere. If a platform is completely unregulated, it is best avoided. However, if you find that it has a license to operate in other countries, you can be sure that it is adhering to at least some standards. This means more protection for you. You still won’t be able to go to the regulators when you feel like the casino is not operating fairly, but at least you won’t become a victim of a scam AU live casino online.

You can resort to other methods for establishing the reliability of a platform as well. For example, you can do a simple search online to see whether the casino has been involved in some scandals before. If anything big has happened, it will pop up right away. If a company has been on the market for years but hasn’t faced any serious issues, it is likely that you can trust it. You can also read user reviews and look at other people’s experiences with the AUS online live casino in the past. Gamblers are often eager to share their bad experiences on online forums and discussion channels. Use these reviews to form a better opinion on the reliability of a casino.


Security is an issue that should be considered separately from trustworthiness. Although the ideas might be close, even a platform with the best intentions can be dangerous for the customer if it does not have strong security measures. Virtually anything on the internet that involves finances can become a victim of a hack attack. Casinos have to have strong enough security to fend off such attacks. You as a user won’t be able to judge the security of an Australian online casino live platform. However, there are independent organizations that audit the systems of a gambling website and give concluding remarks. Read such reports if there are any available.

Payment methods

Without a deposit, you won’t be able to gamble, so it is important for you to consider this aspect of a platform as well. Not all casinos will support all payment methods and you might not be very flexible with these options. There are people that strongly prefer one method of payment over all others. For example, a person might want to use a credit card and avoid expensive electronic wallets. Alternatively, some gamblers want to hide their gambling-related transaction history from the bank statements and might want to use other channels only. Before you create an account on an Australian live casino, you should take a look at the options it has for deposits. These options can include:

  • Debit/credit cards
  • Wire transfers
  • eWallets
  • Prepaid cards
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Others

Make sure that your preferred method is available, but also look at what other options there are. Although you might not need them at the time, who knows when you could decide to change your payment method. You don’t want to have to switch your gambling platform too.

In addition to deposits, it is also important to consider withdrawals. In many cases, the options you have for withdrawals won’t coincide completely with the deposit methods. In fact, it is highly likely that there will be fewer withdrawal methods available on the website. With withdrawals, you have to look at other factors as well. For example, there could be high fees which will reduce the size of your winnings when you play Australian live casino games. Also, the withdrawal limits can be set so low that it could take you years to get the money to your account in case you hit the jackpot. Processing time is also important to consider. In addition to the time it takes for your payment to be processed through your selected channel, the casino will have a certain waiting period as well before it releases the payment. You should make sure that it’s not too long or you will have to wait days for each withdrawal.

Design and user experience

When looking for the top Aussie live dealer casino, you can’t ignore the design and user experience. These determine how easy and convenient it will be for you to use the website. Many gambling platforms tend to have an outdated design. The user experience of modern websites is changing at a fast rate and people are becoming accustomed to a certain layout and navigation. If the platform doesn’t follow the modern trends, you won’t be able to take advantage of cool and interesting features. You can judge the design when you first open the website and browse it for a few minutes. If the layout seems logical and easy to follow, you won’t have trouble getting used to it. It never hurts if you pick a casino that is pleasant to look at as well.

It’s also great if the casino separates the live-dealer games from other games in a way that makes it easy to access. Filters might be able to achieve this but at Playamo, we go a step further and divide the games into sections ‘live casino’ and ‘slots’. This way you can access the live-dealer games much faster.


The competition among the best live casinos in Australia is very high. There are a lot of companies on the market that provide similar services. As a result, they have to come up with additional offers to appeal to customers. Bonuses and promotions are one way they do this. Online gambling platforms often develop interesting and appealing bonuses for their customers. A very common type of bonus is a welcome bonus, which a user receives upon registration. It can include free spins or free cash which the gambler can use on the platform. The winnings from the cash are users’ to keep. It is a great way to explore the platform and make a profit risking less of your own money.

In rare cases, you will also come across AU live casino no deposit bonus offers. These don’t require you to make a deposit before you can claim the bonus. You just have to open an account and the corresponding cash will be credited to it. Keep in mind that some platforms might still ask you to make your first deposit before allowing you to withdraw the winnings you accumulate by playing with the no deposit bonus cash.

In addition to the welcome offers, there are other types of promotional offers as well. Live casinos usually have special pages dedicated to listing such offers. After you spend some time gambling on the website, such offers will make your daily gambling experience more fun and will introduce diversity into your gameplay. So we advise checking out the live casino bonus page and looking at what repeating or one-time offers the casino has besides the welcome bonus.

Mobile access

A lot of gambling activity nowadays occurs through mobile phones. Mobile devices, in general, are used more and more often to access various online services and gambling is not an exception. These devices offer a huge convenience that people can’t simply ignore. You can take out your mobile phone anytime anywhere and start playing your favorite AU casino live online games. However, in order for you to be able to do this, the casino that you choose must have support for mobile phones. There are two ways in which platforms to this. They might have a website that adjusts the layout to the size of the screen of a mobile phone. While this is a good option, and if well-executed, it will be enough for you to get a full mobile experience, there’s a better way.

Some casinos have dedicated applications that users can download to their phones to gamble from these devices. A live casino AU platform might have a separate application for its live casino and another one for the standard games. Applications are especially convenient with live-dealer games as the gameplay in case of applications is usually faster and it also gives the developers the ability to introduce additional tools and features that are mobile-specific.