Live Poker Gone Online

Many industries have been put on hold due to the pandemic and the extremely rapid spread of the virus. The virus has been recognized as highly contagious and thus all social gathering spots have been closed in order to avoid any close contacts and further transmission of the coronavirus. Moreover, people are practicing social distancing all over the world. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the major events and festivals have been postponed or canceled all over the world, while people are encouraged to stay home.

Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020 has been postponed for a year and some major sports and gambling events have been moved online or canceled for an uncertain period of time. All of this is forcing us all to sit at home and spend some time with our families but it also made us spend more time online. This is the only choice we have when it comes to having fun and entertaining ourselves. 

There is no single industry left untouched by the pandemic. Some major industries like gambling have been affected as well. Most of the casinos all over the world have been shut down and the tournaments and championships have been postponed. This hasn’t been taken well by the poker players and poker lovers. Poker has always been an essential part of the gambling industry and there were hundreds of live poker tournaments taking place annually all over the world. 

According to some experts, including Ivonne Montealegre, who is the founder and the event director of the Malta Poker Festival, we will not have our ordinary lives back any soon. This means that our lives and habits will be changed and we all have to adapt to that. Despite the fact that at some point the strict regulations can be lifted, that does not mean that we will be able to attend events with thousands of guests attending. According to Montealegre, live poker will now forever ingrain some online poker elements. 

Though, unlike some of the industries, who could not get used to the new lifestyle and had to completely shut down the businesses, live poker managed to mix well with the online industry. This is something that assisted the industry in surviving this period and keeping its costumers. 

Some of the biggest events, such as the Irish Open, have been completely canceled and transferred online. Thus, the players can attend their favorite tournaments online and still socialize via the internet and different channels. It is just a matter of time until live poker incorporates some online poker elements and comes back with some interesting changes. 


All in all, we should be lucky that we live in the technological era and we have all possibilities and doors wide open to the online world and industries. This is something that is very useful during the tiring period when we all have to stay home in order to prevent further spread of the virus. 

At least online poker is always something one can occupy themselves with and can be played from every single corner of your house, meaning that even though you can not sit around the table, you can still enjoy the process of the game as well as communicate with the other poker lovers.