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Best new casinos in Australia 2019 for online gambling

In the vast world of online gambling, new casinos spring up every now and then. The technological advancements and the prospects of attracting customers through innovative features prompt many to open up new Australian casino websites. While innovation doesn’t always come from these new platforms, they are most often the ones that bring the most outstanding features to the market, which is why it is definitely worth for gamblers to keep up with the developments on the market and check out new platforms to be one of the first to take advantage of its functionality.

Finding new Aussies casinos is not as easy as it might seem. You definitely have to know where you look and also have to be equipped with the knowledge that will protect you against scammers and fraudulent platforms. This risk of encountering a scam is much higher in the case of new casinos as they haven’t been tested by the market yet. Casinos that have been around for years would’ve either be exposed by now or caught by the regulators. With new online casinos, there are no such protections, which is why gamblers have to be even more careful with them. Below, we will discuss in more detail what you can do not to fall for such traps and lose your money or compromise your personal data.

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What’s best about new casinos?


Innovation is definitely one of the foremost things you can expect from a new Aussie casino. These platforms are entering an environment that’s extremely competitive and the entry costs aren’t to be neglected either. This means that they are taking a huge risk by venturing into the gambling market. Unless they have something up their sleeve, like innovative features or a modern approach to old things, they will fail to attract new gamblers and will lose the invested money. Which is why, when someone decides to open up a new online casino, they almost certainly are offering something that there’s a niche for on the market. Innovation can come in many forms with online casinos. Since these platforms aren’t the game developers, it won’t usually concern the quality of the games. However, it will have something to do with the service. For example, casinos that accepted payments in Bitcoins were a new idea only a few years ago. Similar innovations might come from new Aussie casinos 2019 will bring to the market.

Better bonuses

As we mentioned a couple of times, the gambling market is extremely competitive. Because of this, sometimes providers have to go out of their way to attract customers. This is especially true for new platforms that want to establish themselves on the market. One way to attract customers in addition to having better functionality is by using promotions. New platforms might offer bonuses that are superior to those offered by already established platforms. We will discuss bonuses when we talk in more detail about the criteria for choosing a new Aussie online casino. You can also look at our Playamo Promotions page where we list our very appealing and competitive bonuses we offer to gamblers.

Disadvantages of gambling on a new platform

Lack of experience and resources

The advantages associated with new gambling platforms come at a cost. There are some drawbacks these websites have as well. One of them is the lack of experience and resources. Casinos that have been around for decades know exactly what the customers prefer and how to provide it. New casinos will acquire this knowledge over time but might make a few blunders along the way. Established casinos also have huge capital that they have accumulated over time which they can use for research and development, or for acquisitions that will enhance their services. A new Australian casino might not be able to do all of that right away.

Lack of partnerships

The lack of experience on the market can manifest itself in other ways as well. For example, a casino that has been around for a long time will have more partnerships with companies and better relationships with software providers than a new one which might still be negotiating with some companies. Having many different game providers translates to a better selection of games on the platform. New casinos might not be able to provide this unless they are managed by big and established companies or are ready to invest huge sums of money into the business right away.

Frequent changes

A new Australian online casino might also be in the process of figuring out its services for some time. If you sign up on it during that period, you might be subject to frequent changes which could get annoying over time. In the process of fixing its bugs and improving the user experience, the casino might change the layout of the website or the services it offers. This means that you might have to get accustomed to a new feature and accommodate the changes frequently. Established platforms, on the other hand, have all of this already figured out and the changes are very rare. At Playamo, we have put a lot of effort and time into creating a platform that features the best user experience and features that fit the needs of the gamblers. However, that was a process that came from experience and learning.

Risk of failure

With new Australian casino sites, there’s also the uncertainty risk which can’t be ignored. Established platforms that have been around for years have figured out a business plan that works for them. It is unlikely that they will go out of business anytime soon unless something unexpected occurs. New platforms, on the other hand, are entering the market only now, and the chance of failure is much higher. For you, as a user, this means that you might have to start looking for another gambling platform very soon. In severe cases, you might even be at risk of losing your money.

Scam risk

Almost anything on the Internet nowadays poses a scam risk, platforms that collect user data or handle financial transactions even more so. New Australian virtual casinos carry this risk as well. When you are looking for a new platform to sign up on, you are not sure about its trustworthiness. However, there are some methods you can use to double-check it. We will go over these methods in more detail below. However, due to the regulatory environment in Australia, many of these tools are not available at your disposal, which makes the search process already very risky. One thing you do in such situations is to look at the past history and performance of a casino to see if it has been accused of fraud before. With newer platforms, there’s not much history to look at. This makes the process of finding reliable new Australian casinos very difficult, which is a huge drawback of choosing to gamble on such platforms.

Gambling regulations in Australia

Regulation of gambling platforms in Australia is quite a tricky issue. For many years the Australian government had a very liberal approach towards gambling. However, the Interactive Gambling Bill of 2001 made some severe changes to the regulation of gambling activities in the country. Along with many other restrictions, it prohibited online gambling service providers from offering their services to the population of Australia. This means that operating a real-money online casino servicing customers in Australia is illegal. Old and new Australian online casinos 2019 that failed to comply with these regulations could get fined up to $1.1 million a day.

Although the laws on online gambling operators are tough, it is still legal for the residents to gamble online if they manage to find a casino that is willing to provide services. Furthermore, Australian casinos can offer their services to the residents of other countries with the exception of several designated ones. In fact, the gambling activity in Australia is as big as ever. In 2010, 9 years after the Interactive Gambling Act was passed, Australians spent $800 million on online gaming and new AU casino games online.

How to find new casinos in Australia?

Finding new Australian casinos 2019 has to offer is not that easy. Although you might think that a simple Google search might be able to do the trick, you would be taking on too much risk in such a case. Instead, we advise going on reputable review websites and sources to check the list of best new casinos. Such companies usually do the research themselves and filter out the platforms that might pose a risk to you. They also possess more knowledge and experience which allows them to detect fraudulent platforms easier and compile a list of trustworthy platforms much faster. Of course, once you find such a list, you will have to continue the process yourself to pick out a platform that fit your requirements the best. Not all websites are suitable for all gamblers and that last step, you will have to do yourself.

A great way to find out about brand new Aussie casinos 2019 is to subscribe to gambling news outlets and stay on top of the recent developments on the market. This way, once an amazing platform pops up, you will be one of the first to know and subscribe to it. Being subscribed to such news outlets is important for many other reasons as well, but finding out about new arrivals on the market is definitely one of the top benefits you will receive. User review forums and gambling discussion channels might be another great source of information. When a new casino opens up, many gamblers are bound to find out about it and if it offers some astounding innovative features, they will want to share this information on discussion forums. You can take advantage of this shared knowledge and be one of the first to register on new Aussie online casinos.

How to choose a new casino?

Once you come up with a list of new casinos whether on your own or using the methods listed above, you will want to pick out the one that will be the best for you down the line. There might be several casinos that attracted your attention right away. However, you should do thorough research before you decide which platform to open an account on. Although it might take some time, it will save up on your time and energy which you would spend on switching to another platform if the one you chose right away doesn’t fit. Below, we list some criteria you can use to judge new AU online casinos. Some might not be as important for you like the others, but we advise going over them anyway.


We can’t emphasize enough how careful you should be when you are dealing with payments online. The Internet offers great benefits, but they come at a cost of increased risk. The vast world of web is full of scammers and hackers who make their livelihood from stealing other people’s money and data. In order not to fall for such a trap, you have to choose a platform that you can trust. With the new AU casinos, the situation is a bit more tricky than usual. In general, you would be able to look at the regulatory status of a casino and judge its reliability. Casinos that are locally regulated go through screening procedures for licensing where the authorities study the operations of the company thoroughly. This is a strong guarantee that you are not involved with a scammer. As we mentioned above, there is no licensing scheme for gaming providers in Australia, as providing gambling services is illegal. This means that you won’t be able to check the regulatory status of a casino in order to judge its trustworthiness.

The next step we would usually advise you take is to read user reviews and look at the history of the casino. However, in this case, that’s not feasible either. We are dealing with new  AU casinos that haven’t been around enough to have a history to look at. There won’t be many informed user reviews either. This is why it’s a bit tricky to judge the trustworthiness of new casinos in the country. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do. On the contrary, you will have to be more thorough in your research elsewhere because the simple solutions are not available.

One thing you can do is to look at the regulatory status of the casino in other territories. The fact that it is not licensed to operate in Australia doesn’t mean that it can’t be licensed somewhere else. Online casinos, in general, will list this information openly on their websites. At Playamo, we are registered in Curacao, which means that our company is accountable to local authorities and we are adhering to standards that keep our users’ funds and information safe. We strongly advise against picking a new Australian virtual casino that is not licensed anywhere. The fact that a company is registered and regulated somewhere means that it has to adhere to some standards which protect you as a customer.

You can also use the website of the provider itself to do further research. Many casinos will have an ‘About us’ section where they discuss their team, history and more. If a company is hiding such information, it might not be the best idea to trust it. Read through the website and make sure that all the information provided is authentic. You can use social media platforms to double-check the validity of the information provided about the team members. That way, you can have at least some level of certainty about the reliability of the new AU casino you’re considering.

Selection of games

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the selection of games is one of the most important criteria to consider when choosing a new gambling platform. At Playamo, we pride ourselves in providing over 1000 games with a lot of variation in slots and casino games. You can start at looking at the software providers the platform has partnered up with. There are some top-notch game studios that continuously come up with the highest quality products. Having one of such companies as a supplier means that the casino will have a decent selection of games. More providers there are, the wider the range in games will be. There will be more new AU casino games added to the website from time to time as well.

You don’t want to just look at the number of games available on a website. There has to be variety in the games too. Slots are an absolute must-have for modern gambling platforms. With the number of slots on the market, there should be a bunch for you to choose from. Companies have gotten very creative with slots and they come up with interesting games that follow popular themes. You will find slots that center around fan-favorite TV shows and movies. There are also the ones that draw more heavily from the classic casino theme and don’t have much variation. You should make sure that the new online casino AU platform you choose will have all kinds of slots. When considering the slots, make sure to pay attention to the design and Return-to-Player. The latter denotes how much of the wagered money the casino pays out to the gamblers on average. An RTP in the range of high 90s is considered to be acceptable.

In addition to slots, you should have access to a few table games. These include Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Roulette and more. Although there aren’t as many games, there are several variations of each one. It will be important down the line when you are tired of playing the same game and want to switch to a new one without having to find a new casino online AU website.

If you are looking for an experience similar to the one you get in a physical casino, you will want your platform to have a few live-dealer games as well. These are casino games that happen through a live stream with a human dealer on the other end of the line. Live casino games manage to replicate the real gambling experience more closely which is why they are preferred by many gamblers. However, they are also quite expensive to host. Not many platforms manage to have a large selection of live-dealer games. At Playamo, we have a live casino where you’ll find many variations of popular games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and others.

User experience

Another thing to consider when reviewing new AU casinos 2019 is the user experience. This refers to how easy it is to use the website even for a new gambler. Online casinos usually have a huge set of functionality. Unfortunately, this means that the websites can get overcrowded. The designers of the website have to take all of that into account when creating the layout and navigation of these casinos. In many cases, the websites use outdated methods which modern customers aren’t used to. This means that they have to spend a lot of time getting accustomed to the website. It also means less convenience when using the casino over time.

You want to find a new online casino Australia platform that has the best user experience and the most logical layout. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest criteria to judge. You only have to open the website on your computer and try to navigate it for a few minutes. You should get the feel of how it is designed right away. At Playamo, you’ll see that we have created a layout and navigation that’s extremely easy to use from the first minutes without compromising the functionality we offer. This is achieved through smart design decisions and by following the modern principles of web design.

When you are considering the user experience, you might want to take into consideration the visual appeal of the website as well. This might not be equally important for every gambler, however, it’s nice to be gambling on a new casino Australia platform that also looks good visually. It will make for a better overall gambling experience.

Payment methods

When you open an account on a platform, before you get to the games, you will have to deposit money on it. In order to do this, each casino will present you with a set of options you can use to make the payment. There are a number of methods often used by gambler around the world. The deposit methods a casino might offer you could include:

  • Debit/Credit card payments
  • Pre-paid card payments
  • Wire transfer
  • eWallet
  • Other payment service providers
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Others

You will have to choose which method you prefer to deposit money on the new AU online casino. Depending on what you’re accustomed to or what your bank allows, you might have different preferences. The first thing to do is to make sure that your preferred method is available. Next, you will want to check the variety in these options. You might decide to switch to another method later and you shouldn’t have to look for a new platform as well.

In addition to deposits, another important thing to consider with payment methods are the withdrawals. The methods you will have at your disposal for withdrawing your winnings will not always be the same as you have for deposits. Some of the options might not be allowed with withdrawals and there might also be a check option as well. With withdrawals, you want to make sure that you’ll get your money as fast as possible. At Playamo, we pride ourselves in our fast payouts. Casinos will list the processing time on their payments page for each method. Go over them and see that you won’t have to wait too long to receive your winnings. Another way new online casinos Australia has to offer might cause inconvenience with withdrawals is by setting limits that are too low.

With the payment methods, you will also want to take a look at the fees. These could eat into your winnings if they are high enough. You don’t want to waste money getting it in and out of the platform. Many casinos have no fees on deposits at all and some have very small fees on the withdrawals, so don’t go for the ones that will charge you a lot for the payments, as you’ll likely have to pay the providers and bank fees already.

Bonuses and promotions

We mentioned above that a big advantage of signing up on new Australian online casinos is that they might offer great bonuses in attempts to attract a customer base. That’s why it is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a platform. There are different types of bonuses you might look for. The welcome bonus will be the first one that you receive. It can be a deposit bonus, which means that you have to make your first deposit before you can claim the reward, or a no-deposit bonus, which is much rarer and is basically free money you can gamble with. The welcome package might also include free spins. These are great as they allow you to explore the functionality and games of the website without risking your money.

In addition to the welcome package, you want the new Aussie online casino 2019 platform to have other promotions as well. Platforms can get really creative with these offers. Some have weekly promotions where every chosen day of each week they give certain bonuses to the users. These are great for diversifying your gambling experience and making it more fun. When you’ve been playing on the platform for months, these will provide you with something to look forward to and be excited about. That’s why you should pay attention to other types of bonuses as well in addition to the welcome bonus.


When considering the bonuses of these brand new Aussie casinos you will also want to look at the fine print. Sometimes the bonuses seem extremely exciting until you get to withdraw the winnings. Make sure that the requirements for claiming the bonus and taking out whatever you win with it aren’t so restricting as to make the whole offer practically useless.

Customer service

When you decide to register on new Australian casino sites or after you’ve been playing for a while, you might get questions regarding the services, procedures, rules or anything else. In order to resolve these issues, you will need to contact a representative of the casino. There are several things that you should consider with customer services. First, it’s important whether the support staff is available around the clock. At Playamo, we have a 24/7 support which our customers can use to receive help at any time of the day.

In addition to being able to contact the online casino anytime, it’s also important how you contact them. Some issues might require immediate attention and you don’t want to be stuck waiting for the answer for hours or days. The fastest and most convenient way you can get in touch with the support staff is using a live chat option. Not all new Aussie online casinos 2019 will have this option. Live chat opens a window right in the browser you are using and allows you to chat with a representative who should respond to your questions right away. The next best option is a phone line. It is also a quick way to get a response unless there are long queues, and it allows you to explain your issue better.

Some platforms that don’t provide these options, will have a dedicated email which you can write your questions to. However, this method will take longer and is also less convenient, as it doesn’t allow for instant feedback. You might have to send a few emails before you can get your answer. In general, we suggest choosing a new AU casino 2019 platform that has 24/7 support and provides either a live chat or a phone line.

Mobile support

Many people are choosing their mobile devices over computers for an increasing number of services. Mobile banking is taking over and many other processes that people used to do using their computers are now done on mobile phones. Gambling is not an exception to this. You might be one of those people who has already switched to a mobile phone for gambling, or you might do so in the future. In either case, you will want the new online casino Australia 2019 platform of your choice to have a mobile casino as well.

There are two ways a casino can support mobile devices. The first one is by having a responsive website design that will adjust the layout of the pages to fit a smaller screen of a mobile phone. This will allow you to navigate the casino with ease through the browser of your mobile phone. It will also give you access to the majority of the functionality. However, it’s not the best option you can get for mobile casinos.

Another way brand new online casinos in Australia might support mobile devices is by issuing a dedicated application. These applications will allow you to get access to the full set of functionality and even more. When developing these applications, casinos build in features that are mobile-specific and could make your gambling experience much better. Casino apps also offer faster gameplay. So, when you are choosing a casino, go for the one that offers a dedicated application.

If you think that a mobile device will be the predominant way you access the casino’s services, you might also want to take a look at the game selection for mobile. Sometimes game studios won’t make their products available on mobile phones. So, in most cases, casinos will have fewer options for mobile phones than they have for the website. New casinos AU has to offer will list the selection of games on their website. You should take a look at it to make sure you will have sufficient options on your mobile phone as well.

How do I open an account on new Australian casinos?

Once you’ve picked a gambling platform that you think fits your preferences the best, you will want to open an account on it and start gambling. In order to do this, go to the website and start the registration process. You will be asked to enter some personal information, including:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Residence
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number

Some new casinos Australia offers will also ask you to verify your phone number and email. This means that a PIN will be sent to you which you will have to enter in the registration process. In addition to this, you might also be asked to verify your identity. Some casinos do this when you try to withdraw money, but others might require it during the registration. You will have to upload a copy of your passport or national ID. In addition to this, you might also have to provide proof of residence. To do this, you will be asked to upload an official document that has both your name and your address on it. A bank statement or a utility bill can be used in this case.

There’s another process the brand new casinos online might offer you during the registration. It concerns responsible gaming. Casinos will give you an option to set a limit on your deposits. You can set the limit by week, month or year. You will have to stay within that limit once you start actually gambling on the platform. This is a great tool that you should definitely put to use if you think you might be prone to get overheated and betting more money than you would want to.

Depositing money

Once you set up an account, you will have to make a deposit in order to start gambling. If you received a welcome bonus, you will have to claim it as well. Depositing money should be an easy process if you have picked out the brand new Aussie casino well. You will have to go to the banking page and initiate the deposit. Then, you’ll choose your favorite method of payment and follow the instructions. In the majority of cases, the payment should be immediately reflected on your account which will give you the ability to start gambling right away.

How to avoid getting scammed?

One of the biggest dangers of gambling with a new Australian casino 2019 platform is falling a victim of a scam. Many gamblers feel a sense of security as they think they would recognize such offers right away, but that’s exactly what the scammers are going for. Although you might acquire a certain skill through the experience which will help you identify fraudulent offers, you should still do thorough research if you want to be 100% certain that you are not going to lose your money or compromise your personal data. Remember that the scammers are adapting as well and they are constantly changing their methods to cause less suspicion.

Scammers use different approaches to steal money and data. They might set up a fake website and get away with your deposits. In most cases, such platforms would be identified right away and they wouldn’t have a lot of time to stay operating. However, since we are dealing with new casinos Australia has to offer, the dangers of becoming a victim of such a trap are higher. As we mentioned, you won’t have the luxury to double-check the status of the provider with a local regulator as online gambling is outlawed in Australia. In this case, you would just have to resort to your own research and check the history and the background of the company yourself. Another thing you can do is to check the partnerships of a gambling platform. If it has partnered up with reputable organizations and software providers, chances are, it is not a fake website. However, be careful as the platform might lie about anything on its websites, including its partnerships.

Another way a new Australian online casino 2019 might defraud its customers is by sending out false promotions. A group of individuals somewhere who might not have a gambling platform at all might contact you with an appealing bonus offer, which requires a certain action on your part to be claimed. They might ask you to transfer funds to a certain account or share your information. In order to give you an extra sense of urgency, they might put in a deadline that expires very soon. No matter how good the offer is and no matter how restricting the deadline, you should take the time to background-check the casino either way. Go to the website of the purported new online casino for Australian players. If it doesn’t exist at all, then you should simply put the email in your spam folder and move on. If there’s an actual website, check it for its contents like you would in any other case. It’s really easy to set up a fake website and scammers might do so just to provide you with a false sense of security.