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Best Australian online casinos for gambling and how to choose one

Finding the best AU casinos is not an easy process. Gambling is an activity with a very long history. As early as the 17th century there already were gambling houses in Italy and even before then, people were attracted by the idea of risking money for the chance of winning more. With the advancements in technology, a lot of gambling activity started to migrate online. The appeal of being able to access hundreds of games all without even getting up from your seat was too big to neglect. As a result, gamblers around the world started to switch to online casinos. Where there’s demand, there’s also the supply. The market started to become flooded with providers vying for the attention of online gamblers. From the competition, many high-quality platforms were born. It also made the process of selecting the best casinos more difficult. If you are looking for best AU online casinos, this article will help you navigate through the process and select the one that fits your preferences the most.

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Benefits of online gambling

There are some advantages online gambling has over visiting a physical location and a casino establishment. First of all, you can access the online casino whenever you want. You might be waiting for your doctor’s appointment and suddenly get the urge to spin your favorite slots. You only have to get out your mobile phone and you can start gambling. Without an online casino, you would have to wait until you have the free time to go to the casino, at which point, you might not even want to gamble anymore. With online casinos, you can fit the whole set of games in your pocket.

When you find the best AU casino, you’ll also see that another great advantage of online gambling is having access to a wider range of games. At Playamo we offer over a thousand games you can enjoy from your computer or mobile phone. Of course, there are some really big physical casinos in the world, but no matter how big, a casino can only fit so many tables or slot machines. With online casinos, there are no such limitations. While the number of games will vary from platform to platform, depending on how many game studios the casino has partnerships with, on average, online platforms will offer a bigger selection than physical locations.

Drawbacks of online gambling

Gambling is not only popular because of the prospects of quick riches. Another factor that has attracted users to these establishments for centuries was the social aspect of it. Casinos used to be places where people met up just like they would at the theatres or restaurants. The environment in casinos facilitated social interactions as well and created an atmosphere secluded from the rest of the world. As good as the design of an AUS online casino might be, it will be impossible for it to completely replicate the atmosphere created by the physical establishments. Online platforms might even offer chats and opportunities for the users to interact with each other, but the appeal of talking to someone through the chat is not nearly as much as at a physical casino.

Internet is a dangerous place. The vast capabilities, along with the opportunity to stay anonymous, give rise to many fraudulent schemes. The world of gambling involves trillions of dollars worth of transactions, which makes it one of the top targets for scammers. It is much easier for regulators to monitor the operation of physical casinos, whereas online casinos can set up operations in one territory and offer services to clients in a completely different territory. This is another big disadvantage of online casinos. It is more difficult to recognize a scam online and chances of falling for a trap are much higher. Of course, there are some precautions you can take to avoid becoming a victim of a fraudulent scheme.

How to choose the best online casino

The online gambling market is a vast one. The number of AU online casinos is huge and you will have to do some research and look at different criteria to pick out the best one. Below we offer a guide to the selection process and a few characteristics you have to pay attention to when making this decision.


As we said above, there are lots of fraudulent websites posing as legitimate online casinos and defrauding users of their money or personal data. In order to avoid such scams, it is important to make sure that the online casino you’re about to open an account on can be trusted. Fortunately, gambling in most countries is regulated and there are institutions that are responsible for screening these companies for you. By choosing a regulated AUS casino, you can be sure that it has gone through some standard checks and can be trusted to some extent. Most casinos will list their regulatory status and information in the footer of their website. Find this information and then double check it with the regulator itself. It is possible that the casino could be lying so you have to get the information straight from the authorities.

Another way to check the reliability of a platform is by reading user reviews. If it is not a legitimate casino, other users would have probably noticed the illegal practices or would have suffered from it in the past. Such users often go on online forums to vent their anger in posts and reviews. Read such reviews and if you find that there are many dissatisfied customers of the platform, you might want to find another online casino.

Selection of Games

Another important thing to consider when choosing an Aussie casino is the selection of games. After all, you’re only signing up on the platform to play these games. There are different categories of casino games you can look at. If you are interested in slots, check out the slot selection on the website. Look at which game studios provide the games. The more such partnerships a platform has, the bigger will be the variety of games offered. Slots can be more classic with standard layout and design and more innovative with interesting features and cool graphics. Depending on which one you’re interested in, check out the options available.

In addition to the slots, you will also be interested in table games. These include Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and more. Usually, casinos will have many different variations of these games and the more the better. When you spend a lot of time on the platform playing one game, you may easily get bored with it. That’s when a large selection of games comes in handy. You’ll just be able to switch to another version of the game and continue playing. With table games, it’s always good to have a few options of the live-dealer versions as well. These offer a live feed to a real table at a casino with a real dealer. It manages to replicate the gambling experience more closely. When you choose Aussie casino online gambling platform, make sure that it has a live-casino as well.

Design and User Experience

You also have to pay a lot of attention to the user experience. Many online gambling platforms have an antiquated design that is neither fun nor easy to navigate. Websites have come a long way in the last couple of years and not all platforms managed to keep up with the pace. It’s easy to check out the user experience of a website. Just go to the website and you’ll see how easy it is to navigate. Because online casinos have a lot of functionality, they have to come up with creative ways to fit it all in a way that doesn’t get too confusing. If you manage to browse the site freely within the first minutes, it means that the casino has managed to create a good design. You can consider our Playamo website as a reference for how a simple and well-designed casino layout looks like.

Payment Methods

When you find an Australia online casino, in order to start playing, you will have to first deposit money. This is when the deposit methods become important. Not all platforms will support all kinds of payments and you will have to check it beforehand to be sure that your preferred method is supported by the casino. Otherwise, you’ll spend time setting up an account only to find out that you can’t even use the platform. First thing you want to look at is whether your preferred method is available for payments. However, don’t be too quick to move on. Even if you see that your eWallet or credit card is supported, you never know when you might need to switch to another method. In this case, you don’t want to have to switch to another platform too. This is why it’s important to choose an online casino that supports a wider range of services for payments. Payment methods supported by online casinos often include:

  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Electronic wallets
  • Bank wire
  • Other payment network providers

In addition to the payment methods, you’ll also have to look at withdrawal options offered by the Australian online casino of your choice. In many cases, they don’t coincide completely with the deposit methods. Most often you’ll have fewer options for withdrawals. There’s also a possibility that a casino will offer you withdrawals through bank cheques. When you’re considering withdrawals, you also have to take a look at the limits, processing time and fees. Sometimes casinos will have limits that are too low and it would take you years to withdraw a big win. You should make sure that that’s not the case with your platform as well. Fees could also be another thing to get in your way. High fees will eat into your winnings so they are better avoided. Processing time will differ based on which method you choose, but in general, there will be a fixed time after you make a withdrawal request it takes for the casino to process it. The longer this period the longer you have to wait for your payment. The casino might also ask you to go through additional verification procedures at that time.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses have become an integral part of online gambling. The competition among Australian casino sites is so big that these platforms have to come up with creative ways to attract new users. That’s why they go out of their way to create appealing bonus offers and interesting promotions. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on them. Bonus offers can come in different forms. Most common offer is a welcome bonus. You receive it right after you create an account on the platform. It can be a no deposit bonus, in which case you don’t have to do anything to claim it, or a deposit bonus, which means you have to make your first deposit before the bonus is credited to you. The welcome package can include free cash as well as free spins. It comes with requirements that you need to fulfill to be able to withdraw the winnings from the bonus. Read through them carefully as the bonus might be advertised in a way that misrepresents its true appeal.

Most Australian online casinos will offer other promotions as well. This will make your gambling experience more fun and diverse. It will also give you something to look forward to. There are recurring offers, which repeat on certain days of the week and one-time promotions too. Casinos will advertise bonus offers on their webpage so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding information on it. Playamo has a separate page called ‘Promotions’, that lists all of the bonuses currently available on the website.

In conclusion, online gambling is definitely appealing if you are someone that enjoys the process but doesn’t have time to go to physical casinos very often. Although it might not be able to replicate the experience completely, it offers some advantages that just can’t be ignored. However, when choosing a platform to gamble on, you should pay attention to things like trustworthiness, bonus offers, payment methods, game selection, and other features. This way, you’ll be able to choose the best AU online casino and enjoy the gambling experience without having to worry about the security.

Mobile Support

With more and more processes moving from desktops to mobile devices, the importance of mobile support is increasing as well. Mobile phones have major advantages when compared to accessing the best online casinos AU on your computer. You can carry these devices anywhere and get to gambling whenever you have the urge to. To be able to do this, however, the casino has to have the support of mobile devices. There are two ways this can happen. The online casino might have a responsive design which adjusts the layout of the website to the size of the screen. This way, you’ll be able to access the casino from the browser on your mobile phone. A better option, however, due to higher speed and more functionality, is a dedicated mobile application. Usually, you would want to go for the casinos that have apps for Android and iOS. Applications offer faster gameplay and are easier to use.

Another important aspect to consider with mobile casino online AU platforms is the selection of games. In most cases, the number of games offered on mobile is smaller than the number of games you can enjoy on your computer. This happens because some developers don’t make all of the games accessible from a mobile device. When you’re looking at online casinos, if you plan to use your mobile phone actively, make sure that the selection of games is satisfactory for mobile users as well.

User Reviews

However much time you spend on research of the best online casino AU platform, you won’t really be able to understand the experience of gambling on the website fully. However, there are people that do. The platform likely has thousands or millions of users already. These users often share their opinions and experiences with the online casino on discussion forums and review websites. You should take advantage of this common knowledge and check out the user reviews. It will give you a good idea of what it’s like to be a gambler on the website you’re thinking of before you actually spend time creating an account on it. User reviews are one of the best ways you can compare different platforms to each other and pick out the best casino Australia has to offer.

How to start gambling on an online casino?

Once you choose an online gambling platform using the criteria provided above, you will want to open an account on it and start gambling. The registration process will be different on each online casino, but in general, they will all follow the same pattern. It should take you only a couple of minutes to open an account on the platform of your choice. You will likely start by entering general information about yourself such as your name, date of birth, country of residence and more. You will also have to indicate your contact information including your phone number and email and set up a username and password that you will use to access the AUS online casino.

You might also be asked to verify your phone number and your email address. You will simply have to enter a code that will be sent to your mobile phone or your email. It’s an easy process if you’ve indicated the correct information. In some cases, the casino will give you an option to set up responsible gambling settings. This is a very useful tool that allows you to limit yourself in gambling. For example, you can cap how much you’re allowed to deposit on the Aussie casino online within a week or a month. Gamblers who feel like they might not be able to control their spending without such limitations should definitely put this tool to use.

In rare cases, you might also have to go through the verification process. Usually, the casinos will let you register and access the games right away, only asking for verification at the withdrawal. The verification process is a bit more complicated. You will be asked to provide a photo of your passport or National ID. In addition, you might also be asked to upload a proof of residence. This can be a copy of your utility bill or a banking statement. Basically, something reliable that contains both your name and your address. Some Australian-friendly online casinos might ask for more documentation, but usually, most will stop at that.

After you’re done setting up your account, the only thing left to do will be to deposit money. If you have received a no-deposit welcome bonus, you might have to claim it by going to the corresponding section of the website. Otherwise, you’ll have to make the deposit first. To do this, you will go to the payments section and choose deposits. Then, you’ll select your preferred payment method and follow the instructions on the screen. Depositing is usually very easy and depending on which method you choose, should be fast as well. Best AU casinos will credit the funds to your account right away when you use credit/debit cards or electronic wallets.

Gambling regulations in Australia

In order to fully enjoy the gambling experience, you will have to be familiar with the regulations as well. First of all, it will be extremely helpful in the selection process of the best Australian online casinos. It will also make you better equipped to judge the offers you get later down the line. For a long time, Australia used to have a liberal approach to gambling activities. Sports betting along with online casinos were completely legal. However, with the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, the authorities started to crack down on these activities. The law passed by the Australian Commonwealth Parliament in 2001, made it illegal for operators to offer real-money gambling services to customers in Australia. This didn’t include sports betting and online lotteries. The law penalized operators up to $1.1 million per day for offering the services, but for a player, it was still completely legal to gamble online. As a result, if gamblers managed to find top Australian online casinos that were ready to accept them, they could still gamble online.

In 2016, the Australian Senate also introduced the Interactive Gambling Bill which brought further restrictions, forcing many companies to withdraw from the market. The Interactive Gambling Bill banned all forms of iGaming, gambling advertisements, and offshore gambling operators. While it’s definitely bad news for the operators, the gamblers in the country don’t have a lot to worry about. It’s still perfectly legal for you to gamble on online casinos if you are in Australia. You won’t be fined or prosecuted for it. However, you won’t be able to find any online casino Australia licensed company. This means that if you feel like you are mistreated by the platform, you won’t be able to seek the help of the regulators.

In order to still maintain the security, you have to find the best online casinos for Australians that are regulated in other territories. This will guarantee that at least the platforms are adhering to some standards and that you are not risking by entrusting them with your personal information and finances.