Playamo one of the best gambling platforms in Australia

Gambling has been one of the biggest getaways for people for centuries. Since centuries ago, people have tried to monetize luck by betting on various occurrences and playing games. The appeal of gambling is evident in its popularity nowadays as well. People all around the world are involved in the activity and now that casinos are at our fingertips through the power of the internet, it’s as popular an activity as ever. The number of gambling websites for Australian players has skyrocketed due to the huge demand and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate these platforms. There are so many factors and features to consider to pick out the best casino to sign up on and you also have to avoid being scammed and defrauded. Once you find that one perfect platform, you can start gambling feeling secure and safe, but that process is often time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Hopefully, this article that we’ve prepared will prove helpful for you in the process of choosing Australian gambling sites.

In the article, we’ll consider some of the most important topics regarding online gambling. We will touch upon the regulatory environment gambling operators and users face in the country, discuss the advantages of online gambling over the physical casinos and offer criteria for judging the suitability of an online casino. Lastly, we will discuss in more detail the services offered by one of the best Australian gambling websites online – Playamo. Our platform truly exemplifies all that’s great about online gambling and we’ll show it all to you in great detail.

Advantages of online gambling

For a very long time, physical casinos accommodated the demand of risky individuals who wanted to try their luck. So what is it about online gambling that managed to win over millions of people around the world? The answer is quite intuitive. It’s much more convenient to gamble online. While some cities have a very high concentration of physical casinos, in most places you’ll have to travel to get to them. You can’t travel every day and even if you could it would be a lot of time and energy wasted. With online gambling in Australia, you have access to a whole casino at your arm’s length. The only effort required from you is to open your computer or unlock your mobile phone. With mobile phones, that convenience is taken to a whole new level. You can gamble on the commute to work, or when you’re waiting in line. All of that is simply unimaginable with physical casinos.

Casinos can be housed in huge buildings with tens of rooms and hundreds of games but a website will always be able to fit much more. There are no physical limitations to how many games gambling sites in Australia can offer. You can have all types of slots, variations of casino games and more, which is not the case with the vast majority of physical establishments. All of that right at your fingertips. That’s definitely one of the biggest advantages of online gambling that appeals to a lot of gamblers.

Many people like to remain private with their gambling activities. While the social aspect of it has played a huge part in what made physical casinos appealing, it also undermined the privacy of gamblers. In a casino, you could easily run into people that you would rather avoid. With online gambling, on the other hand, you can take full advantage of the privacy of your own home. No one has to even know that you were gambling online in Australia.

Regulation of online gambling in Australia

In order to be able to better navigate the world of online gambling, you have to have a clear idea of what the regulation is like in the country. It will also let you get rid of false expectations, because, as you’ll see in a minute, Australia is quite a peculiar case when it comes to gambling. The country has had one of the highest rates of per capita spending on gambling for years. Historically, it has also been very liberal to the AU gambling games, but everything changed when the government passed a new Act after the turn of the century, prohibiting online gambling operators from providing their services to the population of Australia. The fines or doing so were as high as $1 million. Interestingly, Australian online casinos could still continue to offer their services to the residents of other countries, except for a few exceptions. Furthermore, it is still completely legal for the residents to gamble online. They won’t have to face any repercussions for doing so, but first, they have to find suitable gambling sites Australia has access to.

How to find the best gambling platform

Due to the sheer number of online gambling platforms in Australia, it will take some time and effort finding the best one to sign up on. Luckily, there are some criteria you can consider in the process that should be very helpful. Some of them you might find intuitive if you’ve been involved with gambling for a long time, but some are often overlooked which leads to issues down the line and could force you to switch casinos thus wasting a lot of time. Continue reading for the online gambling guide Australia players should follow.

Game selection

The main reason you are creating an account on this website is to enjoy the games on it. To be able to do that, there has to be a good selection to choose from. If you’re an experienced gambler that already has a few of the favorite games, you can simply check the availability of those, but otherwise, you have to do a bit more research. There are mainly two types of games you will be concerned with, slots and casino games. The number of slots on a website can be very high as they are easier to produce and offer a lot of room for diversification. Slots can be more classic with three reels and rows and simple bonuses. There are players you enjoy such slots, but these games have come a really long way in the last couple of years. Modern slots offered by internet gambling sites in Australia can be visually striking, offer multiple playing modes and bonus levels and interesting themes. There are slots that center around movies or popular TV shows. If you are a fan of a certain Hollywood concoction than you can look for a slot that’s based on it.

At Playamo, we offer a huge selection of slots with a lot of variety. No matter what your preferences are, you should be able to find something to suit them. We have classic slots as well as modern and interesting ones. We use a lot of top-notch suppliers for our slots. All of them have their own style and approach so it brings diversity to our game selection. When you go to our website and open the slots page, you’ll be able to filter the slots based on the provider, which should help you in the search process of AU online gambling games. In order to make playing slots even more exciting, we have a Slot of the Week offer that allows you to earn a share of 4,000 free spins by playing the selected slot game of the week.

Slots aren’t the only games you’ll be concerned about. As fun as they are, some gamblers simply can’t do without casino games. Casino games like Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat have been around for centuries and are still extremely popular on online gambling sites. When you’re looking for the best gambling sites online in Australia, you definitely have to consider the selection for these games as well. Although there might be set rules for the games which don’t give a lot of room for changing things up, the small differences have given rise to different variations of Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. You want to pick out a platform that has a large number of the versions of these games. When you’ve been playing for days, you might get bored with a certain set of rules and might want to switch it up by opting for another version of the game. In this case, you want to have as many options as possible.

Above, we discussed all the advantages of online gambling in Australia over the physical casinos, but we didn’t touch upon the drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks of using your computer for gambling is that you miss out on the social aspect of it all. Casinos are a place were people used to get together much like they did at the theaters or social clubs. The atmosphere in these establishments was a unique one that allowed forgetting about the outside world for a few hours. With online casinos, that part of gambling is a bit lost. However, some versions of the games allow replicating the atmosphere more closely. These are live-dealer games that offer a live feed of a real table with a human dealer. When considering which platform to choose, take a look at the selection of live dealer games. These games are pretty expensive for Australia internet gambling websites to host, so not many will have a lot of them.

Playamo has one of the best live casinos on the market. We have a huge selection of games including Blackjack Party, Lightning Roulette, Dream Catcher, Suber Sic Bo, The Hippodrome Roulette Casino, Blackjack Live and many, many more. When you open our website and go to the Live Casino section, you’ll see that you’ll be able to sort the games by providers in this case as well.

Bonuses and promotions

Due to the competition among gambling websites Australia offers, these platforms often come up with interesting promotions and bonuses to attract users and get ahead. Why wouldn’t you take a full advantage of such offers? Bonuses can come in different forms and there are two things you have to look for. How creative and interesting the bonus is, and how much actual benefit it will bring you. Don’t just look at the size of the bonus, as these promotions are a part of diversifying your gambling experience and making it more fun. They should be interesting as well.

One of the most common types of bonuses for gambling games in Australia is a welcome bonus. In most cases, it will be an offer that matches your first deposit by a certain percentage up to a certain limit. For example, a 50% match bonus up to $100 will give you free cash of $50 when you deposit $100 on it and will give you $100 when you deposit $200. However, it won’t exceed $100 no matter how much more you deposit. Welcome offers can also include free spins, which sweeten the deal. In addition to the welcome offer, there should be other promotions as well. You only get the welcome bonus once and you don’t want to feel neglected by the casino rest of the time. Reload bonuses act like welcome bonuses but for repeat deposits. There might also be weekly or monthly bonuses which give users something to look forward to.

When you’re considering the bonus offers, you have to read whatever’s written in the fine print. Sometimes a bonus will be advertised one way, but it will have requirements that make it virtually worthless. Remember, although you can’t cash the bonus cash itself, you will be able to keep whatever you win with it if you satisfy the wagering requirements. If these requirements are too tough, the whole point of the bonus offered by the gambling Australia platform will be lost. There are also expiration dates and other conditions that you have to go over carefully to choose the right one.

At Playamo, we pride ourselves in the diversity of promotions we offer to our customers. We have a generous welcome offer that matches your first deposit 100% up to $100. This means that if you deposit $100 on your account, we will give you another $100 to gamble with. This free money will allow you to explore the functionality of our website and try out new games that you otherwise might not have felt as safe trying out. Not only that, but our welcome offer also includes 100 free spins to certain slots, which will be distributed 20 by 20 each day for the first five days. While some Australian internet gambling websites might stop at that, we don’t. We have an even greater offer for your second deposit. We will match your second deposit by 50% up to $200. Depositing $400, in this case, will give you an extra $200 to gamble with. We haven’t forgotten about the free spins either and you’ll receive 50 of them on the Lucky Blue slot.

We want to keep our users entertained and excited them with offers every week. For that reason, currently, we offer two weekly bonuses. On Friday, when you reload your account, you’ll get a 50% bonus up to $250 and 100 free spins on the Golden Owl Of Athena slot. Every Monday, when you refill your account, you’ll get 100 free spins on Hotline or Fruit Zen. These offers give you something to look forward to and make gambling with us more fun. If you like gambling with high stakes, we have another offer for you. For the first deposit of over $1000 on the platform, we will give you a 50% match bonus up to a whopping $2000. Such offers make online gambling sites like Playamo stand out from the competition.

Payment methods

All of the bonuses and games are obviously very appealing, but none of it will matter if you can’t fill your account. To be able to do that, you will have to use one of the payment methods offered by the casino. These methods might include credit/debit card payments, wire transfers, eWallets, cryptocurrencies and more. Obviously, all of these have their advantages and disadvantages and you have to choose based on your preferences. If you don’t want the transactions to show up on your bank statement, you better avoid credit/debit cards and wire transfers. eWallets and cryptocurrencies, which offer more privacy, could have higher fees than the card payments. In general, more payment methods there are on an Australia internet gambling website, the more options you’ll have to switch to and from.

In addition to deposits, withdrawals are also important. This will determine how easy it will be for you to take hold of your winnings and how fast it will happen. We advise going over the payments page of your chosen platform and reading through the methods carefully. You have to consider a few things with withdrawals. The processing time means how long it will take for a casino to release the payment once you submit a withdrawal request. Keep in mind that it will need more time for the intermediaries to get the money to you. If you’re not someone who enjoys waiting for too long (who does?), then you should minimize the processing time. Also important are the fees and limits. Lower fees are good for obvious reasons and high limits will allow you to withdraw all of your winnings at once. If you hit jackpot and win a huge sum, you don’t want to be withdrawing it forever because the limits aren’t high enough. So, go over the payment methods of the best gambling websites in Australia very carefully.

At Playamo, we offer one of the widest range of methods to choose from. You can pay using your credit/debit card, popular eWallets, pre-paid cards, a wire transfer and some of the most well-known cryptocurrencies. With withdrawals, you’ll have a similarly large set of options to choose from. We don’t charge any fees for depositing or withdrawing money and most of the transactions will happen instantly. Some withdrawal methods might take longer, but we aim to process everything within 12 hours, which is something you won’t find on many gambling online Australia sites.

Background on Playamo

Playamo is a gambling platform that offers one of the most competitive services on the market. It is a platform that was created by real fans of gambling who understand how to put themselves in the shoes of the gamblers. This is reflected in the top-notch user experience that we offer. We try to give our users as many options as possible in all matters. We offer over 1000 games on our website from a huge number of software providers. We also have many different options for payments including cryptocurrencies, that many other online gambling Australia websites might avoid. As for the security, our company is owned by Direx N.V., which is registered in Curacao. We have high-level security measures that keep the funds and transactions of our customers safe. For those who might have questions regarding certain services or how a process works, we offer 24/7 support via email or live chat.