Pointsbet celebrates the comeback of the national sports after COVID-19 pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has reached every single country in the world. It has affected many industries and millions of people. For quite a long period of time, countries all over the world were and still are in the lockdown mode and people have been stuck in their houses. 

The COVID-19 pandemic still remains one of the major topics of discussion and concern. Though some countries have started to slowly come back to more or less, let’s say a relatively normal life. Some of the restrictions have been lifted and some are expected to be lifted soon. 

Many industries have been affected, including the sports industry, which is one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world and many people have been very upset because of this. Because of the major shut down of the sports industry, the bookmakers have been affected as well. People could not place their bets and thus, some of the major bookmaking agencies have lost a lot. 

As time passes, and we all seem to be getting back to our normal lifestyle, the sports industry is also reopening and so are the betting companies. It has been announced recently that some major sports in Australia, like the National Rugby League as well as the Australian Football League, are slowly coming back to life. The PointsBet which is one of the biggest local bookmakers is especially happy with the news. 

The NRL has already emerged by the end of May and the AFL will emerge from the 11th of June. PointsBet expressed the hope that the customers will be more actively involved since the regulations have been lifted. 

According to the reports, the Melbourne based bookmaking company, PointsBet Holdings Property Limited revealed that its net win from the operations in the US and Australia for the whole lockdown period, have hit almost $12,18 million. This number is almost 1% less than the booker amount for the entire 55 day period to the end of March. 

The coronavirus has affected the betting sector significantly. Though, it has also shown that despite the fact that sports activities were not allowed, people still placed their bets. The reports by the bookmaker are a vivid example of that. The PointsBet.com.au operation had increased revenue over $11.98 million since the 1st of April. This is indeed a very unexpected and surprisingly good result, as some other companies have experienced a significant surpass of the revenue in the exact same period. 

The result can be justified by a simple fact. During the global pandemic and the massive spread of the coronavirus, the customers simply preferred safer online betting, as an alternative to the traditional land-based bookmakers. 

The turnover of the company has also outperformed its rivals. This was mainly due to the popularity of Australian horse racing, which is one of the most popular activities and simultaneously has been less affected by the massive coronavirus pandemic as well as the lockdown. 

PointsBet made a statement regarding the resumption of the major sports. They also stated that the agency will soon be offering new products to the customers, and the first ones to try it will be the NRL and AFL teams. Though, the clients will be able to wager on the racing as well as some other major sports.