Online video poker

Online video poker rules, regulation, and advantages

Real money video poker Aussie games can be thought of as a simplified version of the table poker made for single-play online gamblers. Over the long history of gambling, few games have managed to become so famous to cross over into the mainstream culture and become household names. Even if you’ve never had anything to do with gambling, you’ve probably heard of poker. It’s one of the most famous games to come out of the world of gambling. There are countless movies, tv shows, and books based on poker and those who manage to reach the pinnacle of poker become famous as well. Yet, the game isn’t very simple. You have to play against real people and if your skills aren’t up to par, you might end up losing all the time. With online gambling, people also prefer their solitude and privacy, which is another thing poker doesn’t fit.

Video poker casino game is a great option for people who aren’t inclined to play table poker due to the reasons listed above but still enjoy the logic behind the game. Video poker machines solved this problem back in the day in land-based casinos and now they are even more perfect for the world of online gambling, where human interactions are very limited and single-play games are more popular.

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Rules of video poker

Rules of video poker games are not something to be scared of. Unlike its more popular namesake, there is much less thinking to do with video poker, although the outcome of the game still depends on your wits and calculations. After you place your bet in the game, you will be dealt 5 cards randomly from the virtual deck. You will be given to hold on to several cards and to exchange others for the cards draw from the same deck. If you decide, you can discard all 5 of your cards, although that would mean completely entrusting your fate to chance. The cards that you decide not to hold to will be exchanged and you will be paid out according to your playing hand. The pay table will be given on the screen so that you know how to strategize in advance.

The payouts in AU online video poker will be based on the probability of occurrence of a certain hand. However, you can’t directly infer the payout from the probability as it is up to the developers to assign payouts to certain hands. In order for you to quickly pick up the game, it would be best to be familiar with some of the hands in a standard table poker game. In the case of video poker, the lowest paying hand is usually a pair of jacks, which is the only peculiar hand to this game. Other than that, the rest of the hands are taken from the standard table poker. The stronger the hand, the higher the payout.

If you are not familiar with the hands in Aussie online video poker games, they include two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, straight flush, and royal flush. You get straight if your five cards are of consecutive value and a flush if they are of the same suit. A straight flush is having 5 cards of the consecutive value of the same suit, which is an extremely rare occurrence. Even rarer is a royal flush that includes 5 of the highest value cards of the same suit. The full house is simply a pair and a three of a kind.

If you know your hands and can quickly think about what makes up a certain hand, you’re all set to play video poker online in Australia. When you strategize, you’ll need to think about what is the best combination to keep. You want to maximize your chances of landing a winning hand, but you also want to aim for a higher-paying hand. Sometimes you might have to sacrifice a winning hand if you think your chances of winning, even more, are high. That’s what makes video poker games fun and that’s why people flock to them.

Variations of video poker

If you’ve looked for video poker games on online gambling platforms, you probably remember named like Deuces Wild, Tens or Better, Double Bonus and more. These are all variations of video poker online games. Although the rules of the game quite simple and straightforward, the slightest changes to them give rise to new variations, which is why there are quite a handful of versions of video poker you can play on most gambling platforms nowadays. At Playamo, we offer many different options for you to choose from based on your preference.

The difference between variations of video poker games can be in the payout table. Some games might pay more for certain hands than the others. In general, each game has a certain return associated with it. It represents a percentage return you’ll get from your bets in the long term. So, if the return of your video poker for money game is 99%, you should expect to win $99 for every $100 you bet. Don’t start hunting for games that have a return above 100%. Casinos will not take up losing ventures as they are not in the business of giving away money. However, you can still aim for a higher return. Some variations of the game have a higher return than the others, which is determined by their payout table.

Another difference between the two versions of video poker casino games could be a wild card. A wild card is a card that can substitute for all others to form a winning hand. It dramatically increases your chances of winning. Some games might not have a wild card at all, while others could select different cards for wilds. These would all be different variations of video poker. Below, we will go over some of the most popular versions of the game and explain the peculiarities of each one.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is a popular variation of video poker. You can play video poker for free to learn about it, but we suggest reading about the features of the game first. The main feature of the game is that all twos in it are wild. In the full-pay version of the game, you get four of a kind about every fifteen hands, which makes approximately third of the payback percentage. In such games, if you pick the right strategy, the return could even exceed 100% and reach 100.8%. However, you won’t find a full-pay version of the game in many places.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the most common version of the game and you will likely find it on many online gambling platforms. The payoff in these games starts at a pair of jacks, hence the name. In general, you will encounter the wording *** or better quite often. Which suggest where the payout starts in the game. In the game, you get approximately 0.21 probability of landing Jacks or Better. The probability of landing the Royal Flush, which is the highest paying hand, is no more than 0.000025. The overall return of the game is 99.5439%. You can play video poker free online to become better acquainted with the rules of the game yourself.

The full-pay version of Jacks or Better is known as 9/6 Jacks or Better. The payoff for a full house in the game is 9 times the best and the payoff for a flush is 6 times the bet. Notice that these numbers go before the name of the game. This is another way you might use the names to deduce the features of the game without going into the rule-book to figure them out. If you want to know how to play video poker, you should also be able to distinguish between different variations of the game using the names.

Joker’s Wild

As the name suggests, the main feature of the game is having a wild card represented by the joker. Joker is not a usual card in these games. It is a feature of this particular variation. Due to the joker wild, this game has another winning hand, which is called 5 of a kind. The game is also a basis of one of the most complex video poker games out there. The full pay version called Joker Two Pair or better has a very complex payoff structure, which not many gamblers have managed to wrap their heads around completely. You won’t find this version around as much these days, but you might still be able to play free video poker games online based on it.

Double Bonus

Double Bonus is a special variation of the game that is based on Jacks or Better but has an additional bonus feature. It pays out a bonus if you get a hand of four aces. This is also one of those games where in theory, you could reach a return of over 100%, but you would have to find a 10/7 version of the game for that. More commonly, you will encounter versions with 10/6 or 9/6 payouts. There’s also a Double Double Bonus game which has a bonus payout for several four of a kinds. Double Bonus is not the easiest variation of the game to navigate. It will take some time for you to wrap your head around the rules and understand the payouts well enough to strategize. You can play free video poker online to get some practice.

Regulation of video poker in Australia

Providing online gambling services to the residents of Australia is illegal and that includes casino video poker games. Although traditionally Australia has been very open to gambling, it became the country that spent the most money per capita on gambling, which prompted a regulatory response that outlawed online gambling in the country. Technically, residents can still gamble without incurring any fines, if they manage to find a platform that is willing to provide these services. Online casinos, on the other hand, could get fined over a million dollars a day for breaking the law. It is also legal for Australian online casinos to provide their services to the residents of the other countries.

The fact that it is illegal for online video poker casinos to provide their services in Australia means that there is no licensing scheme or a national registry of providers. This makes it a bit difficult for users to ascertain that the casino they are about to sign up on is legitimate and can be trusted. Users, instead, have to resort to alternative methods like looking up the background of the company and reading user reviews, which are obviously not as reliable as a stamp of approval by the government.

Advantages of playing video poker

When you decide to gamble on online casinos, you’ll need to make a choice between video poker games online and various other options you’ll be presented with, such as slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and other table games. In this process, you’ll need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of video poker, which might not be as obvious for those who don’t have a lot of gambling experience. We have listed some of the major points you’ll need to consider below.

Fast pace

The fast pace of video poker is definitely one of its biggest assets. By fast pace, we refer to how long it takes for a single turn to complete and the result to become known to you. When playing its namesake, table poker, a game can drag out for much longer, which might not be desirable for those who are looking for simple fun. When you play online video poker, each turn is much shorter and you’ll be able to quit the game virtually anytime you want. Video poker requires much less commitment on your part and is a great choice for simple fun. Other games that can compare with video poker by pace include slots and Roulette.


Simplicity is another important feature that many gamblers are looking for. While there are those players who enjoy thinking about the game, strategizing and coming up with solutions that put them above other players, many are looking for simple fun. Online casino video poker games are a great choice for the latter. Technically, you can play these games as pure games of luck without knowing the rules at all, and although you might miss out on some opportunities, technically, you’ll still be able to play. You might not even know what constitutes certain hands. While these games might not be quite as simple as slots, they are still quite basic and can be learned fairly easily.

Room for wits

Unlike slots, where your decision-making doesn’t really affect the game and there’s no difference between an experienced player and a rookie, a video poker game has more room for wits. If you think that your strategizing abilities give you an edge over others and improve your chances of winning, then you will want a game where you can strategize and employ your wits. Video poker is simple, but still offers such opportunities which makes it a very appealing option for different types of players in the industry.

Drawbacks of playing video poker

Everything has its drawbacks and so does video poker. However, keep in mind that it depends on your priorities how important a certain factor will be in your decision-making process. Not all people have the same criteria for judging the appeal of a game. If any of the factors listed below won’t affect your video poker playing experience as much, then you might have found your next favorite game.


Although this might sound like something that the developers should be able to fix individually, for some reason, the design of video poker games is always sub-standard and reminiscent of old computer card games. If you’re used to playing modern slots with over-the-top animations and top-notch graphics, then you might not be a fan of how video poker Australia games look. The design is usually dry, with an unappealing color scheme and absolutely uninspiring background. One possible reason for why game studios haven’t gotten around to fixing this issue is because players who prefer video poker simply don’t prioritize the visuals. If you’re one of such players, then this disadvantage might not be a huge factor for you as well.


Gambling is supposed to be fun. Because it is a really bad way to make a profit, the major reason why people start playing games is to have a little fun and actually enjoy the process. If the game you play turns out to be boring, the whole appeal is lost. While we can’t accuse casino video poker games of being boring by any measure, they can become quite repetitive over time. This is probably true for any fast-paced game where you go through the same process over and over again every minute. Unlike slots, where you’re just sitting in front of the screen and hitting the same button, you still get to use your wits here, which makes the process a little less repetitive, but if you don’t include other games in your gambling, you still could get bored of playing only video poker for long periods of time.