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Australian Online Roulette overview, history, rules, and strategies

Online Roulette for Australians is one of the most popular choices among many gamblers and there’s a reason for it. Gambling has been a popular activity for a long time. We could write a whole book on what makes gambling so appealing to so many people and still wouldn’t be able to give a definitive answer. However, one thing is clear. The prospect of entrusting your fate to chance and the possibility of changing your life overnight plays a huge role in it. There are many different types of games offered by casinos and virtually all of them depend on the gambler’s luck to some extent. However, nothing exemplifies the idea behind gambling better than Roulette. The idea of a spinning wheel and a ball that can land on any number with equal likelihood, making someone richer and others poorer is what gambling is all about. Maybe that’s why the game has gained so much popularity around the world becoming virtually synonymous with casinos.

Real money online Roulette for Australians has its specifics and features. Although the game might seem simple and straightforward, there are some details you need to know in order to take full advantage of the options offered by the game. Anyone can play Roulette with a simple one-sentence explanation, however, there’s much more to this game. People often focus on a few choices and completely neglect the others. That’s quite understandable too as Roulette is an absolute favorite for beginners. While other games require a bit more diligence and experience, it’s not the same with Roulette. If you want to know more about the details of the game and its rules, continue reading. We will also offer a guide to the types of the game and how to choose the best Roulette casinos to sign up on.

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History of Roulette

People played Roulette long before the Aussie online Roulette for real money became popular. In fact, the game traces its origins back to the 18th century. The game has a predecessor in the form of Biribi, an Italian game invented in the early 18th century. However, many historians believe that the first version of Roulette was created by a French inventor Blaise Pascal. He was working on a perpetual motion machine when he devised the Roulette mechanism used in the modern versions of the game. It didn’t take long for the game to pick up since then and in the late 18th century, it became a very common amusement in Paris. There’s a French novel called La Roulette, ou le Jour by Jacques Lablee which describes the games of Roulette in Paris of 1796. 


Nowadays, gamblers can play many types of casino Roulette in Australia, and one of these versions is very similar to what’s described in the early sources. They depict the game as containing two slots reserved for the house, a zero and a double zero. In the earlier versions of the game, the single zero was of red color and the double zero was black. It was only after the turn of the century that these slots assumed the color green. If you’ve played the game already, you might be familiar with another version where there’s only one 0. That version was introduced in the middle of the 19th century by Francois and Louis Blanc in a German spa casino town. Having one 0 reduces the house edge, which we will explain below, which was used to attract gamblers.


There was another version of the game that increased the house edge. This one is less popular among gamblers who play online Roulette Australia has to offer. Instead of having a zero and a double zero, there was also another slot on the wheel that acted in a similar way depicting an American Eagle. This version was present in the American Roulette wheels and over time has become obsolete. Over time, the game transcended the borders of the continent and spread to the rest of the world. 

Roulette table and wheel

There are two main attributes to a game of online casino Roulette for Australians, a table and a wheel. The table is where the gamblers place their bets and the wheel determines which bets win and which ones lose. In order for you to become more familiar with the anatomy of the game and understand its rules better, you have to know in detail what the table and the wheel are made up of and what kind of betting opportunities they provide. We will go over the two in detail below so continue reading.


A Roulette table is usually covered in a green cloth and the online games imitate this effect as well. Some refer to this area as the layout. There can be a single zero or double zero on the table depending on whether you are playing an American version of the game or the European one, but more on that later. When gamblers play the Aussie online Roulette for money, the place their bets on the table and this is also how you’ll do it online. Most tables around the world have the wheel on one side. However, in certain casinos in Monte Carlo, you’ll find tables with the wheel in the center as well.


A wheel of a Roulette contains different sections, called pockets, with numbers in an increasing order starting from zero to 36. The colors of the numbers are alternating between red and black except for the zero, which is colored in green. Odd numbers are colored red and even numbers are colored black in ranges from 1 to 10 and from 19 to 28. For the rest, it’s the opposite. When the wheel spins, a ball bounces on it until it ends up on one of its sections i.e. one of the numbers. Where the ball ends up determines which bets win the game.

Rules of Roulette

Roulette has one of the simplest rules among casino games, which explains why it is so popular among beginners. However, there are some details that you have to pay attention to if you want to be successful at the best online Roulette casinos in Australia. The main idea behind the game is that you try to guess where the ball lands and if you get it right, you win the wager, if you don’t, the casino takes your bet. You have two types of options for placing the best. You can either place the inside bets or outside bets. Furthermore, for each bet you can make, there’s usually going to be a minimum and a maximum you can wager. With online games, the minimum bets are usually lower than at the physical casinos. 


Players at the table start placing their bets by putting their chips on different places on the table, depending on which bet they want to place. As the wheel spins, they continue to do so until the dealer announces ‘no more bets’. At that point, no more bets will be accepted for that particular spin. You win the Aussie Roulette by guessing right where the ball lands. Once a ball lands on a certain number, the dealer will place a dolly on that number on the table. As long as the dolly remains on the table, players can’t make any more bets. The dealer takes this time to pay out the winnings and rake in whatever belongs to the house. Fortunately, for online gamblers, this process is considerably sped up and happens automatically. Interestingly, the chips placed on the winning number remain on the table for the next spin. Some readers might be interested to know that there’s another type of Roulette called the California Roulette, where instead of the wheel, casinos use cards to determine the winning number.

Inside and outside bets

Now we will explain in more detail what types of inside and outside bets there are so that you find it easier to play Roulette online for real money in Australia. Inside bets are more straightforward and simple to understand. The most basic type of an inside bet is betting on a number directly. In order to do this, you have to place the chip on that particular number on the table. This is called a Straight or Single. As the numbers are written out in rows and columns, you can also split your bet between several numbers. If you put your chip on the edge shared by two numbers horizontally or vertically, you can bet on both numbers. Of course, your winnings will be reduced accordingly. What might be less intuitive is a Street bet. This is used to place a bet on three consecutive numbers by placing a chip on the outer edge of the number at the start or end of the line. As there are three numbers in each row, the bet will be placed on all three numbers in that particular row and the winnings will be reduced accordingly. By now you might have guessed that you can place a bet on four numbers by placing the chip on the common corner.


Most new players stop at this when they play online Roulette in Australia. However, there are more options you can use. You can bet on six consecutive numbers as well if you place your chip on the outer corner shared by the two numbers on the left or right end of the rows. Trio refers to an inside bet when the chip is placed on the corner shared by the three chosen numbers involving at least one zero. The First Four is an inside bet that wagers on the first four numbers i.e. 0, 1, 2, and 3. Finally, there’s the Basket, which is available on the Roulettes that contain double zero as well. It’s a bet that includes 0, 00, 1, 2 and three. This concludes the inside bets. Keep in mind that these types of bets usually have a very little chance of winning. For this reason, when gamblers in Australia play Roulette online they have to place several of inside bets on each spin. That way, the chances of getting one right are higher, but there’s only one number that the ball is going to land on so more bets you place, the more bets you lose.


Outside bets offer a bit more variety. They could also be more fun and interesting to play. However, with some exceptions, they might be more difficult to comprehend, which is why beginners often stay clear of the outside bets. If you want to take full advantage of a Roulette game, you should become familiar with this type of bets and use them when you play Roulette Australia has to offer. Depending on which type of Roulette you play, some of these options might be different, but we will cover the most common ones and the ones that might not be as intuitive so that you don’t get confused when you come across them.


If you’re playing a French style layout Roulette, you will see boxes titled Manque and Passe. Manque includes the numbers in the range from 1 to 18 and Passe includes the numbers from 19 to 36. If you place your chips on either of these boxes, you are essentially betting that the ball will land on the number in that range. The payout for such a bet is 1 to 1 and the house derives its edge from the zero pocket. Remember that neither Manque nor Passe includes the zero so in those instances that the ball lands on it, the house rakes in all bets on either of the boxes. On the American Roulette with two zeros, the chances of that happening are twice as large.


Another very common bet with beginners who play Roulette online for real money in Australia is a bet on Red or Black. This is a similar bet to the one before. You are betting on either one half or the other none of which contain a zero. It is equally likely that the ball lands on red or a black number. The payout, in this case, is also 1 to 1. Another bet of a similar type is Pair or Impair. Pair means betting on the even numbers and Impair means betting on the odd numbers. In this case, zero doesn’t count as either. You place your bets by placing the chips on the boxes with inscriptions Pair and Impair.


On the table, you might also see the following symbols, D12, M12, and P12. By placing chips on either one of these boxes, you will be able to pet on particular dozen numbers. For example, P12 means that you are betting on numbers 1-12, M12 is the middle dozen or numbers from 13 through 24 and D12 is the last sequence from 13 to 24. You might have started to notice that zero is not included these bets. It is reserved for the house to maintain its edge. We will discuss the house edge in Aussie Roulette games online in more detail below.


When you play the game, you will notice that each column has a box on one end without any inscriptions. If you place your chips on this box, you will be making a column bet i.e. you will be betting that the ball will land on one of the numbers in the column. Zero is not included in any column in this case as well.

Announced bets

The bets that we covered above are made by placing chips on a particular section of the Roulette table. However, some casinos also allow called or announced bets. These are made by simply calling out the bet. In many modern Roulette games, there will be a special section on the table that allows placing these bets in a traditional way. One of such bets is called Neighbors of Zero. By calling it, a player is betting that one of the numbers in the following series 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25 will come up. These numbers are located closest to 0 on the wheel, hence the name.


When you play AU Roulette game online, you might also be able to place another bet called Zero Game or Spiel. This one also represents neighbors of zero but fewer numbers. All of the numbers in Spiel are also included in the previous bet we discussed. The numbers in Spiel are 12,35,3,26,0,23,15. In addition to Spiel, also a popular announced bet is the Third of the Wheel. This bet includes numbers 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33. Orphans, also announced bet, contain numbers 17, 34, 6, 1, 20,14, 31 ,9. As you can see, the announced bets allow you to bet on a particular section of the wheel. 

Why play Roulette compared to other games

Now that we’ve covered the basics of AU Roulette games, we can explain its advantages. As you can see, the game is quite fast-paced. The wheel spins for a minute while the gamblers make bets and once the ball lands on a number, it is spun again with new bets. It is possible to quit the game or join it any minute. With games like Poker, you have to dedicate yourself for longer periods of time but Roulette doesn’t require much effort. Another big advantage of this game is its simplicity. We discussed the rules above and you might not be able to memorize all of the bets from the start, but anyone will be able to play Roulette with its basic functionality right away. You only need a sentence or two of explanation to play online Roulette Australia offers, even if you’ve never heard of the game before.


Sometimes gamblers want to employ their wits when playing games and learn strategies that make them more likely to win. However, with Roulette, you entrust your fate to chance completely. Beginners who would otherwise be disadvantaged will find this to be a great perk of a Roulette game. From the very first minute, you are in a position that’s very similar to that of an experienced player who has been involved in gambling Roulette in Australia for years.

Drawbacks of playing Roulette

When we discussed online Roulette rules Australia gamblers have to face, you probably saw that the whole idea of the game is guessing where the ball lands. As there’s no real way to predict or foresee this event, the game practically eliminates the human intelligence factor. Your wits won’t make you any more likely to win more over the long-term than anyone else. While that might be an advantage for beginners who don’t want to lose because of their inexperience, it is also a big drawback of the game. No matter how much Roulette you play, there’s no way to improve. Your fate is completely dependent on chance. There’s nothing you can do to distinguish yourself other than be luckier than most.

Types of Roulette offered by casinos

Depending on the layout of the Roulette wheel and table as well as the betting options, there exist different variations of the game enjoyed in different parts of the world. With physical casinos, the different variations were played in different countries or continents, but through the power of the internet, the experience of playing online Roulette games for Australians and everyone else in the world became more uniform. Now anyone can choose which type of game they want to play and most platforms offer different variations of it. For example, at Playamo, we have French Roulette, European Roulette, Automatic Roulette, Speed Roulette and more. When you sign up and decide to play the game, you will want to be at least somewhat familiar with the differences among these variations in order to be able to choose which one to play. However, before we explain that, you have to understand a very important concept in gambling called the house edge.


House edge is not a term that’s exclusive to an Aussie online Roulette game. It is used with many casino games as well. It refers to the mathematical advantage the casino has over the players. In simpler terms, it determines how much money a casino will make from the best on average as a percentage of the bets. Different variations of Roulette will have a different house edge, which is an important factor to consider when choosing which game to play.

European Roulette

European Roulette is a very popular variation of the game. It is more often played outside of the US. The main distinguishing feature of the game is that it has one zero on the wheel. This brings the house edge of the game to 2.7%, which is lower than the one offered by American Roulette we’ll discuss below. Due to this, most people who are given the choice of European Roulette and American Roulette will choose the former. With the standard version of the European Roulette rules for Australians, there’s no much more to consider. However, some variations of the game have an additional feature which is quite interesting.


Some casinos will have the ‘en prison’ rule. This rule is put in place to allow gamblers to recover their bets once they lose after wagering chips on one of the even money bets such as red/black or odd/even. Some platforms will give half of the lost bet back to the gamblers right away, which obviously reduces the house edge and is an appealing option for the players. Some variants of Roulette will allow players to keep the bet ‘imprisoned’, which means the bet will stay in place for the next spin giving it another chance at winning. Obviously, this rule is quite costly for the casino so not many will offer them. High-stakes games, on the other hand, is where you’ll most likely meet the ‘en prison’ rule.

American Roulette

Another popular version of the Roulette game for Australians is mainly enjoyed by gamblers in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. It’s called the American Roulette. In addition to having a single zero, the American Roulette has another pocket that shows a double zero, which acts pretty much the same way as a single zero. However, it increases the house edge to 5.26% on almost all bets. This happens due to the fact that many bets like red/black, odd/even, pay out 1 to 1 but the chances of lending the answer right aren’t exactly 50-50. Zero is not included in any of these sections, so when it is zero that the ball lands on, the casino gets to collect bets from both boxes. Due to this reason, American Roulette might not be as appealing to players as the European Roulette.

French Roulette

There’s a special version of European Roulette that is quite popular with online gambling platforms. Gamblers who play Roulette in Australia on our Playamo platform, have an option to try their luck at this variation as well. It’s called the French Roulette. The rules of the game are practically identical to those of the European Roulette, however, there are some differences in the layout and visuals. For one, the table is covered in a red cloth (or cloth-looking visual for online platforms), as opposed to the green one used in the European Roulette. The table will also have a section for making the special announced bets we covered above. For this reason, those who are looking for a bit more complex gameplay and interesting bets, often prefer French Roulette over the European one and other Roulette variants. The ‘en prison’ rule we discussed above is also common in this version of the game.

Other Roulette versions

The three variations of AU Roulette gambling are probably the most popular ones. Due to the obvious advantages of the French and European Roulettes over the American one, many platforms will only offer the first two. However, at physical casinos in the US and Canada, you’ll find the American version of the game to be the most common. There are other iterations of Roulette as well with some differences. A mini-Roulette, for example, has a limited number of slots and a California Roulette uses cards to pick numbers. Since the other versions of the game aren’t very popular, the gambling platform that you choose will do a good job of explaining the differences to you if they offer them, so you shouldn’t be worried about it.

Strategies for playing Roulette

If you’ve been following along, now you should have a pretty good idea about what it means to play Roulette online Australia casinos offer. The game is completely dependent on chance and the payouts are made out in a way that fixes the house edge. This means that there is no way to figure out a strategy that would be profitable in the long-term. However, that hasn’t some people from coming up with ideas, that could potentially be profitable but are also very risky and don’t do anything to make the game winnable in the long-term. 


There are some betting systems that have caught on with gamblers around the world and have become quite popular. A martingale betting strategy can also be used on the even-money bets like odd/even or red/black. This means that a gambler doubles the bet after every loss so that the winning bet can recoup all the previous losses and make a profit that equals the original bet. With AU casino Roulette online games, however, there’s a possibility of falling into the trap thinking that the past results can somehow affect the future performance. Even if the ball landed on red a thousand times consecutively, the chances of it landing on black are still the same as on the first turn. As a result, since no one has unlimited money, this strategy could lead to huge losses. Labouchere system is also a similar approach but it doesn’t increase the size of the bet so dramatically. Instead, it follows a more tame pattern. However, much like the first system, on average, the player will lose when employing the Roulette strategies


There are those who take a completely different approach and try to actually predict where the ball lands instead of adjusting the betting system. Since the wheel is supposed to be completely random, this is obviously very difficult. It is even more difficult when you play online Roulette Australia casinos offer. Some mathematicians and engineers have tried to estimate the percentage chance of a ball landing on certain numbers. If anyone was able to find that one number is more likely than the others to show up, it could also become possible to beat the casino. However, no such results have been shown yet and with online casinos, whatever estimations could be done on a physical wheel went out the window as well.


Some people throughout the history of gambling have managed to beat the casino and win millions by playing Roulette for money. Most famously, Billy Walters won $3.8 million using the system designed to predict the movement of the ball and where it landed. However, the casinos were quick to adjust the design of the wheel which made it impossible to use the system. Every time someone came up with a way to predict the movement of the ball, the casinos changed up the Roulette to take back the house edge. Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to beat the casinos at Roulette.

Common mistakes made when playing Roulette

A great way for us to give AU Roulette tips for beginners is to go over some of the mistakes that new gamblers make when playing Roulette. Knowing what to avoid might be the best strategy to go into the game that doesn’t depend on your wits or performance but purely on luck.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make at online platforms is choosing a version of the game with a higher house edge. As we said above, European Roulette is on average less loss-making than the American Roulette for a gambler. Some online platforms will offer both versions of the game. Choosing American Roulette would be a clear mistake, yet these platforms wouldn’t host the game if there were no players clicking on it. Not knowing what the difference between the two versions of AU Roulette online games is, it is very difficult to make that mistake. However, when you’ve seen the differences, you should be able to choose the right version of the game.


Another big mistake that new players often make is falling into the Gambler’s fallacy. This refers to the idea that some players might get that the future outcome of the game depends on the past results. The outcomes are completely independent of each other and even if you’ve considered 100 past results, it shouldn’t tell you anything about the future outcome or where the ball lands. Those players who are using one of the betting systems that require them to increase the bets in case of losses are also prone to make this mistake at Aussie online Roulette casinos.


One of the main reasons why people decide to play Roulette is to have fun with it. Many gamblers go into the game with the mindset that they are ready to lose the money just to get a thrill out of it all. However, they are often unprepared to take advantage of the full functionality of the game by not knowing all the betting options and possibilities. That’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Betting on colors and numbers can be fun but only up to a certain point. There are many more options that could be more exciting and could introduce more fun and diversity into your gameplay. That’s why it is important to become familiar with the rules of the game before you decide to play online Roulette Australia offers.

How to choose the best Roulette game?

At Playamo, we offer many different variations of Roulette. When you sign up on the platform, you will have to choose which one you want to play. That choice might not be as easy as it seems. Below, we will list a few criteria you can look at when you are deciding which game to put your time and energy into. 

House edge

We’ve discussed house edge a few times now, so it should be clear what it means. When you are choosing a Roulette online Australia game, you want to pick out the one that has the smallest house edge. Most often, the casinos will provide you with this information so you don’t have to do any complicated analysis yourself. Otherwise, you can simply look up the house edge of the version of Roulette that you’ve picked online. With most variations of the game, the house edge is fixed for most types of bets so it should be pretty easy to find. Although you won’t find a game that is not loss-making over the long term, at least you will be able to minimize your losses.


When you play real money Roulette in Australia, you’re there for enjoyment. You want to have a pleasing environment to play in. With physical casinos, you would pay attention to the atmosphere and aesthetics of the building, but with online casinos, you have something else to judge. It’s the quality of the visuals of the game you’re playing. Depending on the game studio that developed the Roulette, it might have great visuals with beautiful imagery or mediocre quality design. You can use this as one of the criteria for judging which game to play. For testing out different games, you can try free online Roulette versions that the developers’ websites should offer and you won’t even have to risk your own money in the process.

Live-dealer version

A design can be very good, but it won’t be able to replicate the feeling of a real casino as closely as a live feed from an actual Roulette table. These are offered by live-dealer versions of the game. At Playamo, we have a few variations of Roulette available with live dealers, including the Double Ball Roulette, Aviator Roulette, Casino Malta Roulette and more. If the atmosphere of a real physical casino is important to you, then you probably want to go for the live-dealer versions of the game.


Roulette bonuses for Australians could be another thing to consider when deciding which game to play. Some platforms will offer bonuses on specific games. The bonuses are good for obvious reasons and you might want to use them as a way to decide which Roulette you want to become involved with. Say the casino is offering a French Roulette bonus and you are indifferent between playing French Roulette and European Roulette. In this case, you’d definitely want to go for the one that will get you the bonus as well.