The problem needs to be identified: raising awareness about problem gambling in Australia in March

While gambling is a popular activity in every single country across the globe, in some countries it is more common than in others. Australia is one of the gambling capitals. According to the conducted research, over 80% of the population has at least once gambled in the land-based or online casino. The industry is increasing in Australia, as more and more operators appear in the market. 

Another side of the coin 

As you know, every coin has two sides. While the progress of gambling is indeed very impressive and interesting, it comes with its side effects. The more operators and casinos are available to the people, the higher is the problem gambling rate. The month of March has been announced as the problem gambling month in the US back in the early 2000s. Thus, as for today, Australia needs this day more than the US. 

There are over 200,000 addicts in Australia, and the number of people at risk is twice as big. Despite the very liberating nature of the gambling regulation in Australia, the government and the authorities are very supportive of the problem gamblers. Thus, they have introduced measures in order to promote responsible gambling among citizens and generally raise awareness regarding the gambling addiction problem. 

March is dedicated to the gambling addicts and raising awareness of the problem gambling. It is a very important issue as more and more people are recorded to experience addiction annually. Thus, the guidelines and simple terms have been introduced by the regulators and authorities. 

What causes addiction

First of all, to understand why a person becomes an addict, you have to understand the condition as it is. Winning awakens the feeling of satisfaction, which is extremely important and pleasant for us. While we experience this feeling, our body releases a hormone called dopamine. This hormone stimulates the reward center of the brain. The release of the hormones and the feeling of satisfaction works exactly the same ways as alcohol and drugs. The release of dopamine in large amounts affects our brain the way cocaine does. And that’s why it is addictive. People do not get addicted to the action but to the feeling. 

Who is the addict 

As mentioned before, in order to help the addicted person, you first have to identify the victim of the process. There are certain criteria that have to be met in order to point fingers. There are certain symptoms that can tell you if the person needs your help. You can also be the person who needs help from yourself first of all. 

The number of symptoms includes constant thoughts about gambling, constant desire to win and spend more, irritability once you stop gambling, several trials of giving up the activity, but always returning to the same point, the desire to reverse your fortune once you lose, lying to your family and your friends, gambling becoming an essential part of your daily life, need to steal or fraud in order to continue playing, borrowing money for gambling. One of the major symptoms is when you realize that the cost you pay for gambling is way too high, it is when you have to pay with your relationship or even a job. 

When does the addiction begin

As you understand, everything happens for a reason. Even addiction has its background. There are several major reasons why one can be at risk of addiction or has become a gambling addict. The reasons vary and depend on many factors. At certain moments everything matters, including biology, genetics, the environment as well as mental health. 

Some of the major cases, that can stand as the valid background for developing gambling addiction are following: people who suffer from anxiety attacks or depression; people who are impulsive or have attention problems; people who have family addiction pattern; youngsters or young adults; people who take certain medications, such as dopamine agonists; people who have addiction problems, such as alcohol abuse or drug addiction; people who have certain mental health conditions, such as bipolar disorder, hyperactivity disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

How to give up 

There is no doubt that addiction is quite a severe problem and it requires a lot of effort to overcome it. People need strong willpower in order to overcome this problem. The main thing to consider and to know is that overcoming the addiction is possible. If someone out there gave it up, you also can. 

There are help centers and hotlines, which you can address if you need external help. Professionals in the field, such as psychologists and psychiatrists are the right people for you or your family member or a friend. While for some people, therapy and several sessions are enough to overcome the problem, some people need to take medications and the healing process. 

Online supports, online or live chat, as well as email supports, is available for the Aussies in need. Every call or chat is confidential and will remain anonymous. The professional support is available on 1800 858 858 number 24/7.