The Top 6 Mistakes Rookie Slot Players Make and Ways to Avoid Them

Slots are some of the most popular games in the gambling world. The reason behind it is its structure and playing mechanism. And to be honest, there’s not much to the structure and mechanism to explain: a gamer just pulls the lever or presses the button and reels start to spin; if they hit a certain combination, they win. That’s all for it.

But while slots definitely aren’t the skill-based casino games, they still obey some basic rules and mechanisms. In fact, these rules are oftentimes the reason why people lose ridiculous amounts of money in this game. In this article, we’ll take a look at six of the mistakes that rookie and even some experienced, slot players make by avoiding those rules. We’ll also offer ways of avoiding those mistakes.

#1. Not internalizing the losing side of the game

Losing is part of the game. It’s been a part of it for as long as the games have existed; that’s the whole point of it – you either win or lose and that risk is what drives your urge to play. And when it comes to slots, the chances of losing are even higher than perhaps in any other game.

As mentioned above, slots are based on pure luck and chance, nothing else. This means that a “soul-less” mechanism, be it a mechanical or digital, will randomly decide the fate of the hand. And if one trend is apparent in slots, it’s that of multiple losses per game.

But many slot players tend to avoid facing this fact. When they lose, they don’t internalize that – they just keep on betting and spending their money. And from there to becoming broke is just a tiny step. So, instead of punishing yourself for not being lucky – that’s exactly what it is – it’s best to develop a mindset that revolves around that simple fact – you’ll lose and that’s part of the game. Your wallet will thank you for that.

#2. Completely disregarding the volatility

Slot games have one feature called volatility. It’s a rate of reward payout and varies from one type of slot to another. Higher volatility rates are associated with games that don’t pay out as often as the lower ones. But they have much higher prize pools and just one strike of the jackpot could make anyone rich.

This part is often disregarded by the beginner players. They think that just because slots are completely luck-based, they don’t need to think about the volatility of a certain game. If the players engage in a several-hour game with high volatility, their chances of winning are very slim. Therefore, they lose quite a lot of money. 

In that instance, lower volatility can have a measurable impact on a game’s result. So, if you’re a type of player who likes spending hours playing slots, maybe you should consider the low volatility slots.

#3. Sticking to one game

There’s this misconception among slot players, both rookie and experienced, that if they stick to one game, the chances of winning a jackpot or getting back the money they lost increase. While this might seem somewhat logical to some, in reality, it’s not.

Playing one slot over and over again has no positive effect on the actual payout. If anything, it makes players miss on the opportunity to try out other games with different prize pools. Plus, this method “imprisons” players and doesn’t allow them to improve their gaming technique.

So, it’s better to regularly move from one game to another. Maybe some other slot has much better payout chances. There’s no reason to close yourself to the opportunities.

#4. Not checking the RTP

There’s another term in slots called Return-to-Player (RTP) ratio and it gives an idea of how much money can be recovered from the game. For instance, if the game has a 70% RTP, it means that in the long run, a player has a chance to get $70 back from wagered $100.

Now, RTP is not entirely carved in stone and people might not recover as much as it says, however, when players disregard this indicator, they completely miss the opportunity of having that chance. That’s why picking out the highest RTP-rate games is a better option.

#5. Ignoring bonuses

Bonuses are part of the casino environment. Many casinos use them to attract more players, however, many of them seem to completely ignore this opportunity of getting free prizes from the house.

Granted, some casinos demand ridiculous commitments from their customers, but there are others with realistic promotions like cashback bonuses and free spins. And that’s especially important for luck-based games like slots where every penny can count. So, why not get all the help that’s being offered?

#6. Not looking for the casinos

Searching for individual slot games on the internet isn’t bad by any means. However, the players tend to forget that they’re offered by the casinos. And they’re the ones to look for in the first place.

The internet is full of online providers whose entire platform is specialized in slots and if anything, they’re the ones to be examined first. More often than not, they’ll be having special bonus systems and welcome promotions, as well as loyalty gifts for their long-term customers.

Remember, online or offline casinos are the ones who offer slots to the players. They set the volatility rates, as well as RTPs and volatility rates. So, looking for the best provider can increase the payout chances.