Playamo Jackpot

Prime Network

Prime NetworkPrime Network

Prime Network

Hit Range: €300,000 +



Hit Range: €5,000 - €10,000



Hit Range: €500 - €1,000

Are you thirsty for awesome promotions? Then we’re happy to present PlayAmo Jackpots – a stunning event with breathtaking money prizes! Join now to boost your balance and become a true legend of PlayAmo Casino!

The Promotion includes 3 separate jackpot levels: MINOR, MAJOR, and PRIME. Each of them boasts unique money limits, making the event even more fun and versatile. We made sure that all our clients could try their luck, therefore the minimum bet is just 1 EUR.

Crazy slots features

  • Real money prizes
  • Progressive prizes
  • Prizes in your favorite games
  • Real time awarding
  • The prizes are triggered randomly

Jackpot history

Joann**MinorC$ 883.8929.02.2024, 06:55:47
To**MinorC$ 1290.6627.02.2024, 20:47:04
Coll**MajorC$ 13587.1226.02.2024, 05:15:03
Ped**MinorA$ 1627.6825.02.2024, 20:08:54
Jam**MinorA$ 1143.7424.02.2024, 01:41:24
Mark**Minor€ 749.5422.02.2024, 15:07:02
Wen**MinorA$ 1641.9920.02.2024, 12:36:38
lapcev**Minor€ 738.1717.02.2024, 10:19:52
Shikar**MinorA$ 1394.0916.02.2024, 10:54:39
Kris**MinorA$ 1002.3414.02.2024, 23:46:48
Micha**Minor€ 677.5413.02.2024, 12:35:39
Ant**Major€ 7715.5312.02.2024, 21:31:02
Veroniq**MinorC$ 1185.1112.02.2024, 06:11:32
Franco**MinorC$ 804.6710.02.2024, 00:58:15
Maria Lid**MinorC$ 1199.508.02.2024, 17:00:03
Jo**MinorC$ 1143.8806.02.2024, 04:36:27
Thanh Co**MinorA$ 1133.0403.02.2024, 15:48:24
Isabel**Minor€ 688.6101.02.2024, 22:20:09
Rona-Mar**MinorC$ 1253.4931.01.2024, 03:59:49
Petri**MajorNZ$ 14822.0230.01.2024, 11:23:30
Mich**Minor€ 981.4428.01.2024, 17:01:13
J**MinorA$ 1151.0626.01.2024, 08:13:00
Wen**MinorA$ 1586.9824.01.2024, 14:18:03
Sha**MinorC$ 1087.3121.01.2024, 09:37:37
Danes**MinorC$ 941.2819.01.2024, 18:00:36
Aman**MinorC$ 811.9218.01.2024, 09:33:54
Shel**MinorC$ 1023.1417.01.2024, 00:28:19
Andr**MajorA$ 8997.9816.01.2024, 09:56:02
Sco**MinorC$ 1316.6514.01.2024, 22:35:54
Serg**Minor€ 553.1412.01.2024, 15:25:00
Berk**MinorA$ 850.1411.01.2024, 16:10:32
Samu**MinorA$ 88110.01.2024, 12:38:08
Clau**MinorC$ 817.909.01.2024, 06:58:03
Clau**MajorC$ 13285.2608.01.2024, 11:09:59
Micha**Minor€ 862.4707.01.2024, 15:56:44
Dominiq**Minor€ 620.5405.01.2024, 11:57:52
Micha**Minor€ 502.1604.01.2024, 11:00:16
Fran**MinorC$ 1452.0603.01.2024, 15:27:33
Micha**Minor€ 666.3501.01.2024, 10:39:06
Isabel**Minor€ 787.6831.12.2023, 01:25:16
Jean-Nicol**MinorC$ 1406.6529.12.2023, 02:39:23
Co**MinorNZ$ 1648.6126.12.2023, 13:54:31
Mart**MajorC$ 11328.6625.12.2023, 12:52:42
Cathr**MinorA$ 1087.1723.12.2023, 22:18:39
Antho**MinorA$ 1403.322.12.2023, 10:09:56
Nedelj**Minor€ 947.1320.12.2023, 14:49:50
Mark**Minor€ 60719.12.2023, 05:31:33
Agniesz**Minor€ 811.6118.12.2023, 20:56:45
Joe A**MinorC$ 1015.6217.12.2023, 09:20:50
Mar**MajorC$ 1299116.12.2023, 05:29:41
Mark**Minor€ 826.8715.12.2023, 09:57:00
simo**Minor€ 821.8512.12.2023, 21:38:56
Jose**MinorC$ 1414.410.12.2023, 05:11:47
Yafi**MinorC$ 1229.3807.12.2023, 23:51:03
Natasc**Minor€ 638.3205.12.2023, 19:58:02
Nan**MinorC$ 1386.0504.12.2023, 16:54:30
Isabel**Minor€ 773.9202.12.2023, 00:07:27
Miri**MajorC$ 12547.7801.12.2023, 02:59:39
Chery**MinorC$ 1074.7530.11.2023, 03:30:33
Hann**Minor€ 769.228.11.2023, 01:31:23
Bernadet**MinorA$ 1148.4225.11.2023, 09:56:11
Juli**MinorA$ 860.2723.11.2023, 22:45:22
Giusep**Minor€ 648.4822.11.2023, 21:24:30
Praveen Red**MinorA$ 1395.4320.11.2023, 20:40:44
Emil**MinorC$ 1016.8917.11.2023, 19:36:14
Stev**MinorC$ 1358.915.11.2023, 22:17:59
Ant**Major€ 7514.4114.11.2023, 01:04:59
Tan**MinorA$ 1335.5612.11.2023, 00:45:15
Trist**MinorA$ 1309.509.11.2023, 15:59:11
Clau**MinorC$ 884.9507.11.2023, 00:48:01
Kev**MinorC$ 885.3504.11.2023, 13:58:46
Benjam**MinorA$ 1295.5602.11.2023, 18:20:47
Dan**MinorA$ 1278.0931.10.2023, 15:37:10
Josh**MinorC$ 1259.2129.10.2023, 08:03:39
Jacqu**MajorC$ 10832.1729.10.2023, 07:52:13
Josh**MinorC$ 1179.5527.10.2023, 05:51:09
kristoph**MinorC$ 1384.9225.10.2023, 06:00:05
Russe**MinorA$ 1494.1721.10.2023, 23:49:26
Ko**MinorC$ 1296.3319.10.2023, 11:13:10
Jonath**MinorC$ 909.1415.10.2023, 19:08:22
Elisabe**MinorC$ 779.113.10.2023, 23:03:31
Em**MajorA$ 10418.1513.10.2023, 03:31:22
Ma**Minor€ 779.7512.10.2023, 19:45:36
Nicol**MinorA$ 1570.3110.10.2023, 03:38:56
Sh**MinorA$ 1323.2907.10.2023, 07:09:30
Almed**Minor€ 791.8305.10.2023, 09:23:25
Caitl**MinorA$ 981.902.10.2023, 17:56:18
Caitl**MajorA$ 10894.0302.10.2023, 08:11:18
Rushitkum**MinorC$ 1297.5230.09.2023, 21:49:20
Stev**MinorA$ 1422.5428.09.2023, 16:03:40
Rushitkum**MinorC$ 1365.826.09.2023, 19:12:01
Nath**MinorC$ 1279.2823.09.2023, 06:20:50
Adn**MajorA$ 13504.3621.09.2023, 15:17:53
Matth**MinorA$ 850.1520.09.2023, 18:41:49
Do**MinorA$ 842.219.09.2023, 15:10:35
Christoph**MinorC$ 1061.6918.09.2023, 15:17:08
Mark**Minor€ 536.5516.09.2023, 11:27:43
Andr**MinorA$ 1560.9815.09.2023, 11:42:34
Fra**Minor€ 565.3411.09.2023, 21:51:27
Aman**MinorC$ 906.1110.09.2023, 11:55:02

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Playamo Jackpot

How to participate?

  • Pick Any Game Available In The PlayAmo
  • Place a Bet
  • Collect The Winnings!

Terms & conditions

1. Playamo launches an event (“activity”) Playamo Jackpots (hereinafter - Promo), which includes 3 jackpot levels - MINOR, MAJOR, PRIME.

1.1. The promo will run until canceled by the decision of the administration of Playamo.

2. The increase in the current amount of the jackpot level depends on the size of the participants' bets, while no additional costs will be charged to the player to participate in the Promo.

2.1. All Jackpots have a minimum and a maximum limit, and it is guaranteed that a Jackpot will be drawn before reaching the maximum limit. The minimum limit indicates the sum that should be accumulated before the Jackpot drawing begins. Minimum and maximum limits for all Jackpots are indicated in the paragraph 2.2. of these Terms & Conditions.

2.2. Minimum limits of all Jackpots are as follows: Minor starts at 500 EUR; Major starts at 5,000 EUR; PRIME starts at 300,000 EUR. Maximum limits of all Jackpots are as follows: Minor is drawn before reaching 1,000 EUR; Major is drawn before reaching 10,000 EUR; Prime Network 300,000 EUR +.

3. The player automatically takes part in the Promo if they meet all the requirements (3.1. - 3.4.).

3.1. Only the registered Playamo players are allowed to participate in the Promo.

3.2. The Promo is only available to the players who have reached the age of 18 (or more).

3.3. The Promo is not available to the players from the countries where bonuses are not allowed.

3.4. The promo is not available to the players who have been excluded by the Playamo administration.

4. Qualifying bets are those that meet all the requirements (4.1. - 4.3.):

4.1. Bets made with real money only.

4.2. Bets made in the following currencies: EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, NOK, RUB, PLN, NZD, CZK, ZAR, JPY, INR, HUF, BRL.

4.3. Bets placed in any game that is available in Playamo Casino.

5. The winner is selected at random at any time.

6. The prize is awarded to the winner in the form of a bonus automatically as the winner is determined.

6.1. The winner must activate the bonus within 14 days after delivery.

6.2. The bonus can be activated in the player's account.

7. Bonuses have no wagering requirement.

8. After activating the bonus, the amount of the winnings is credited to the player's balance in real money.

9. Winnings are available for withdrawal.

9.1. The current casino limits of withdrawal are applied to Playamo Jackpots winnings.

9.2. Playamo Jackpots winnings are not progressive jackpots and are not subjects of one-time full withdrawal. Playamo Jackpots winnings have a daily withdrawal limit of 4000 EUR (or fiat money equivalent), weekly withdrawal limits of 16000 EUR and monthly withdrawal limit of 50000 EUR(or fiat money equivalent).

10. The winner will receive a notification from the Casino (Casino notification) about winning each level.

11. The winner will receive an email message confirming that they have won the Prize (Jackpot).

11.1. Only the players who are subscribed to the Playamo newsletters receive emails.

12. The current jackpot levels are displayed at the top of the screen in real time during the entire Promo period for the players included in the jackpot drawing.

12.1. The display of the current amounts may have a delay of up to 15 seconds.

12.2. The running amounts displayed may differ from the actual winnings due to rounding.

13. The payment of the Promo winnings is carried out by Playamo.

13.1. The jackpot fund is formed entirely from the Playamo funds.

13.2. The winnings do not affect the RTP of the qualifying games.

14. Playamo reserves the right to confiscate account funds and / or freeze accounts in accordance with the Playamo General Terms and Conditions.

15. Any winnings may be verified by Playamo and / or the Promo software provider. All decisions are final with no correspondence conducted.

16. By participating in the Promo at Playamo, all participants are deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions. All Playamo Terms & Conditions apply in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions and the Bonus Terms & Conditions.

17. Playamo assumes no responsibility for any system, hardware or connection problems that may affect any end user.

18. In case of communication failure with Playamo, the Promo may become unavailable.

19. The player accepts this agreement and all of its clauses.

20. Playamo reserves the right to make changes to the rules of the Promo and its parameters.

21. While you have active bonus, maximum bet for all game types (slots, live games, table games, scratch, action games) is 6.5 AUD / 125 CZK / 5 EUR / 5 USD / 50 NOK / 6.5 CAD / 6.5 NZD / 20 PLN /600 JPY/ 1750 HUF/ 425.00 INR/ 30.00 BRL (Unless stated otherwise in special terms for the bonus). Purchasing any game features (including but not limited to ’respin’) will add to your bet amount. If the player exceeds the maximum bet when the bonus is active, Playamo reserves the right to confiscate the winnings, including the Playamo Jackpot, if any accured during the bonus wagering.

22. If the player is suspected of fraudulent actions including but not limited to:

  • Low-risk roulette play where the player betting equal stakes for both black/red or even/odd covering 25 or more out of 37 numbers on the table. (Placing bets on black/red only covers 36 of 37 possible numbers).
  • Any other types of cheating the Company reserves the right to terminate the account and confiscate the winnings.

23. Playamo reserves the right to cancel the Promo at any time.


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