Battle of Titans!

PlayAmo is a known fan of the bursting excitement that comes along with lucky gambling and healthy competition! You are welcome to take part in our slot marathon called Battle of Titans.

The race is open to all PlayAmo players – no restrictions whatsoever. All slots participate, and each bet you make during the time of the race count towards the race tally.


- You play any slots at PlayAmo.

- You earn points for your bets following a “€1 in bets = 1 race point” formula.

- You look yourself up on the leaderboard on this page.

- You claim your prize and participate in the next round!

All bets over €0.1 are counted towards the race tally. Every round of the race is a separate one. Once every 5 days we tally up the results and reward the winners. After that the race is reset and another round begins. Thanks to this system our players can jump in at any time. Everyone’s chances are just the same.


Each of the rounds has a separate prize pool for 200 prize places. The prize pool is €3,000 and 10,000 free spins. Once every 5 days we determine the most active players – those that managed to accumulate the most points in the current period.

All race prizes, both money and free spins, must be played through X3. Free spins are credited for the Angler slot.


The race is open to all PlayAmo players. Points are credited for placing bets in slots (table games and live dealer games do NOT count towards the race results). All bets above €0.1 count towards the race tally. Throughout the race, each player gets 1 point for every €1 in bets. The points are summed up until 23:59:59 UTC on the final day of each round. The list of winners for each round is published once every 5 days, the race results are then reset.

The Battle of Titans has begun! Now each time you place a bet playing slots, it gets you that much closer to the big prizes being offered!

Best of luck!

PlayAmo Team.