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Here you will find over 2,000 best slots and online casino games. We offer generous bonuses for playing and a unique system of VIP rewards. We also hold regular tournaments with equal chances of winning for everyone!

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First deposit bonus

100% bonus + 100 free spins on your first deposit!

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Friday Reload

50% bonus + 100 free spins every Friday!

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Monday free spins

100 free spins every Monday!

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1600 AUD weekly prize fund for playing table games!

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6,000 free spins up for grabs every 5 days!

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Every week the winner's account is credited with 250 free spins for the slot of the week!

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1,200 AUD + 1,000 free spins up for grabs every 12 hours!
17,000 AUD + 14,000 free spins up for grabs weekly!

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1-24 CP
Prize: Participation in the VIP
25 CP
Prize: 15 free spins
75 CP
Prize: 50 free spins
250 CP
Prize: 150 free spins
750 CP
Prize: 125 free spins
4000 CP
Prize: €50
15 000 CP
Prize: €200
200 000 CP
Prize: €1,000
750 000 CP
Prize: €10,000
5 000 000 CP
Prize: ferrari
Welcome to the PlayAmo casino VIP club!

We appreciate our players and are ready to reward your active gambling!

PlayAmo presents its extra special reward program. For every bet made you earn special points – CPs. The more points you earn – the higher your VIP level! Each new level unlocks a special reward. Collect them all including an exclusive supercar Ferrari 488 GTB!

Everything happens automatically. Having collected a certain number of CPs, you move up to the next level. In the meantime, the prizes you earned become available in your client’s area – do not miss those!

That’s what our VIP rating looks like. How high up can you climb?

Beginner level, assigned as soon as you start playing for real money.

25 CPs. Get 15 free spins for the Platinum Lightning slot.

75 CPs. 50 free spins for the Platinum Lightning slot are yours.

250 CPs. 150 free spins for the Lucky Lady's Clover slot.

750 CPs. 125 free spins for one of two slots: Aztec Magic or Hawaii Cocktails.

4,000 CPs. €50 are credited to your account.

15,000 CPs. €200 are credited to your account.

200,000 CPs. €1,000 are credited to your account.

750,000 CPs. Get €10,000 to your account!

5,000,000 CPs. As high as you can get. A mind-blowing supercar Ferrari 488 GTB from PlayAmo is all yours!

  • Welcome to PlayAmo! We are a group of enthusiastic casino operators who want to deliver the best possible service to their Australian customers. With our entertaining games, dazzling promotions, and convenient payment platforms, PlayAmo manages to bring truly a top-notch experience to the gamers.
  • What makes us so good? We’re just like any other gamer - we’ve been on the casino consumer market for a long time. And while we haven’t stopped gaming ever since, we wanted to fill the void that was so prevalent in this industry. We wanted to bring something very special, something that incorporated both a quality customer service and a high level of innovation.
  • By creating this platform, we’re bringing thousands of hand-picked pokies, blackjack, poker, and other mesmerizing games to our customers. But that’s not where the story ends! We’ve got many amazing offers under our sleeves and one of them is our VIP online casino program.
  • With the VIP bonus program, we give our customers an opportunity to win serious prizes, ranging from free spins for our entertaining pokies to a staggering Ferrari 488 GTB! There are so many things to be excited about PlayAmo’s VIP program.
  • When we created PlayAmo, we wanted to make the gaming process so much better for our loyal gamers. We wanted to be different from other operators in terms of bringing truly awesome proposals to the customer base. And with our VIP program, we think we did it. But before getting into an in-depth review of this program, let’s see other bonuses that are also pretty exciting.
  • Here on PlayAmo, you can get over five different bonus promotions on your deposits and favorite games. These bonuses can either give you free spins or increase your initial deposits, therefore, they’re no less exciting than our online casino for VIP players. Here’s a brief look at what each has to offer:
  • The first one is the First Deposit Bonus. Under this promotion, your first deposit gets another 100% on top to have twice as much money to spend on PlayAmo. The upper limit of bonus payout is 500 AUD, which means that if you make a first deposit of 500 AUD, we’ll give you another 500 AUD and you’ll be able to play with 1,000 AUD.
  • Plus, there are free spins included in this, and other bonuses that we’ll discuss below. Here you can get 20 free spins every day for 5 days straight to play Lucky Lady’s Clover slot.
  • The second impressive bonus is the Second Deposit Bonus, which is pretty similar to the first one: PlayAmo adds 50% more money to your second deposit. This means that if you deposit 2,000 AUD for the second time, we’ll give you an additional 1,000 AUD - which is an upper bonus limit - to make it a 3,000 AUD wagering fund. And yes, you still get the free 50 spins for Lucky Blue slot!
  • Next comes the Friday Reload bonus. Under this bonus, every time you make a deposit on Friday, we’ll give you a 50% bonus of up to 250 AUD. And there still are the free spins - 100 of them, actually.
  • Then there’s the Monday Free Spins which is solely dedicated to the free spins, as you might have already guessed. The beginning of the week might be challenging to many people and to offset that, we’ll give you free 100 spins to play Arcane Reel Chaos or Gold Canyon.
  • But these are somewhat low-end bonuses: they don’t include the large deposits. That’s where our next bonus - High Roller Bonus - comes in. If you’re going to play big and want to deposit more than 1,500 AUD, this bonus is for you. PlayAmo will give you a special 50% bonus of up to 3,000 AUD to make your already big funds much larger. So, if you deposit 6,000 AUD, we’ll add 3,000 AUD on top of that!
  • Now that we’ve discussed our usual bonus promotions, let’s move to the more exciting VIP casino promotions! Our VIP platform is designed in a way that you don’t need to do anything special to participate in it and collect various bonuses.
  • One of the most fun things about this program is exactly its simplicity: you just deposit your funds and play the games. The rest goes automatically without your intervention.
  • So, here’s how it works: your participation in our VIP program begins automatically as soon as you make your first deposit. There’s no need to enroll in a special program and enter additional info about yourself.
  • While your enrollment starts from your first-ever deposit, you need to play the games to actually get the bonus points. These points are called the CP points and the more points you earn, the higher your VIP level goes.
  • The CP points are credited after a certain amount of bet is made. For example, you get 1 CP after you make a bet of 12.5 USD/EUR, or 15 CAD/AUD/NZD, etc. Again, these points are credited automatically and all you have to do is keep playing.
  • All prizes and free spins are made available within 24 hours from the moment the player achieves the VIP status. And since there are various levels for our VIP casino online bonus, there are different prizes for each of them.
  • In our VIP program, we want to make sure that every player from every experience or proficiency level can participate in it and get exciting bonuses. That’s why we have created a differentiated status system to bring continuity and progression to our customers.
  • The most basic entry-level status is Amateur. This is a beginner status which you achieve as soon as you start playing with your real money. You can get on this level if you’ve collected 1-24 CPs. Unfortunately, there are no prizes on this level.
  • Next comes the Rookie level. You can achieve this level by collecting at least 25 CPs by playing the best online casino VIP games. And considering the credit-point of each CP, you can reach this level after you’ve bet a total of 375 AUD or 312.5 USD.
  • Then there’s the Intermediate level for 75 CPs; the Pro level for 250 CPs; and the Star level for 750 CPs. One thing that’s common for these levels is that all of them, starting from Rookie all the way to Star, give out free spins for our most popular pokies - we’ll discuss this in-depth down below.
  • The more serious status levels come next. At the Superstar level with 4,000 CPs, you’re already hitting the money prizes. From there, you get various amounts of money on your account.
  • The VIP level at 15,000 CPs, the Diamond level at 200,000 CPs, and the Royal level at 750,000 CPs have the same layout: they give out the money.
  • And as for the final, the most glorious level, there’s the Godlike status. You can achieve this status by collecting 5,000,000 CPs. That’s as high as you can get on PlayAmo and to make it a noteworthy achievement, we’ve got a special prize for you. More about it in the next chapter!
  • All in all, there are so many exciting possibilities for the customers on PlayAmo’s best casino VIP program, and what’s more exciting is that you’re automatically enrolled in it once you make your deposit!
  • Now that we’ve discussed how you can enroll in our VIP program, as well as what levels you can achieve in it, let’s dive into the world of prizes and see, what we actually offer. At the end of the day, that’s probably why you’re here, aren’t you?
  • So, let’s start with the entry-level prizes. As you already know, there are unfortunately no prizes for the Amateur gamers - the only benefit for them is that they’re already enrolled in the program and are few steps away from getting their first gifts.
  • As you reach the Rookie level the fun starts. At this point, you’re eligible to 15 free spins for the Platinum Lightning slot. On the Intermediate level, you get 50 free spins for the same game; while on the Pro level, you receive 150 spins for the Lucky Lady’s Clover slot. The next, Star level is somehow tricky: you get less free spins - 125 of them, but you’re able to use them on two games: Aztec Magic or Hawaii Cocktails.
  • Now, if you want to ramp up the heat and increase the prize pool received from the VIP online casino games, you can move to the Superstar level. From this level until the penultimate - Royal level, you get free money on your account. This can be 50 EUR for Superstar, 200 EUR for VIP, 1,000 EUR for Diamond, and 10,000 EUR for Royal levels.
  • And now, the most exciting part. If you’re able to achieve the highest point on PlayAmo, which is the Godlike level at 5,000,000 CPs, we’ll deliver a mind-blowing supercar Ferrari 488 GTB at your front door in 30 business days!
  • But wait, there’s more. And even though it’s not as exciting as a supercar, it’s still worth your attention. Besides getting the casino-related prizes, you can also exchange your CP points into real money. And as you can imagine, there are different price-points for different currencies. For example, 1 CP is equivalent to 1 USD/EUR, 1,25 CAD/AUD/NZD, etc.
  • By allowing our customers to exchange their CPs into real money, PlayAmo proves that its utmost priority is to please the customers. If they prefer cash over the gambling money on their PlayAmo account, there’s nothing holding them back - especially not us!
  • So, after our exciting journey into the best Australian VIP casino online program, it might be interesting to the customers, how they can deposit and withdraw their funds to the PlayAmo account. After all, that’s the only term for enrolling in the VIP bonus program.
  • Here on PlayAmo, we support a wide range of payment methods that vary from the more conventional, bank-related platforms like Visa, Mastercard, and bank wire, to the somewhat unorthodox ones like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We’re really focused on fusing customer satisfaction and innovation into our services.
  • So, let’s start with the more conventional ones. On PlayAmo, you can use the bank wired transfer, Visa/Mastercard/Maestro cards, as well as Neteller, Skrill, and other e-wallets to make a deposit and withdraw the money and start participating in the VIP bonus.
  • Besides having a big selection of traditional payment methods, there are other major advantages to our platform: there’s no time delay to your transactions - be it deposit or withdrawal. You hit the button and the money is already there! As for the limitations, the credit cards can deposit a minimum of 25 AUD and a maximum of 10,000 AUD.
  • When it comes to withdrawal, credit card withdrawals can take anywhere from one to three days of processing time, while the bank transfer and the bank transfer international take 1-5 days. The minimum withdrawal amount for cards is 25 AUD and for the latter platforms - 500 AUD, while the maximum ranges somewhere around 4,000 AUD per transaction.
  • But as we’ve mentioned above, PlayAmo also supports more unconventional payment platforms - Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And because they’re so fast and secure, while the majority of conventional payment methods have various shortcomings like security weaknesses and so forth, the possibilities with cryptocurrencies are abounding.
  • But why are Bitcoin and its analogous currencies so advantageous to other payment methods? What makes them so special? Here’s why: despite having a minimum deposit requirement of 0.001 BTC, there are absolutely no upper limits to the transactions. You can deposit as much money as you want and continuously increase your chances of getting that staggering Ferrari as a result of our casino VIP promotions!
  • As for the withdrawal, the minimum amount you can withdraw is the same 0.001 BTC, while the maximum amount is 2 BTC. While 2 BTC might seem too small, you have to keep in mind the high volatility of the cryptocurrency: there have been times when Bitcoin was worth almost $20,000. So, even there you’re able to withdraw tens of thousands of dollars a day!
  • In conclusion, by having a diverse payment base on PlayAmo, we give our customers more chances to participate in the VIP bonus system. They deserve that!
VIP program terms and conditions

1) Your participation in the VIP program begins automatically upon making your first deposit

2) CPs are credited as 1 point for each $12.5, 12.5 EUR, 15 CAD, 15 AUD, 15 NZD, 125 NOK, 50 PLN, 325 CZK, 200 ZAR bets.

3) CP exchange rate - 1$, 1 EUR, 1,25 CAD, 1,25 AUD, 1,25 NZD, 10 NOK, 4 PLN, 25 CZK, 17 ZAR for 100 CPs

4) All free spins are made available with a wagering requirement of х10.

5) Funds resulting from exchanging CPs into real money are credited with a wagering requirement of х1.

6) All prizes and free spins will be made available within 24 hours from the moment the player achieves the VIP status.

7) Once the "Godlike" status is achieved, a Ferrari 488 GTB supercar will be delivered to the player in a base trim within 30 business days.

8) General bonus terms and conditions must be observed.

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