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  • Why should you choose PlayAmo for online roulette gambling?

    Roulette is one of the oldest forms of gambling known to history. With the development of modern technologies, online roulette has now started to gain popularity among ordinary people. Nowadays, a lot of online casinos have come forward, with the intention to establish themselves as leading providers of roulette. At PlayAmo, we are proud to say that our platform offers a variety of services to our customers, in India and elsewhere in the world. These include hundreds of games, exciting bonuses and, of course, a sophisticated payment system. At PlayAmo, you can experiment with a bunch of addictive games from blackjack to real money roulette. Moreover, if you are interested in trying out our live casino... You can use our real casino option and play against other real casinos worldwide! Trust us to give you a test of the real game. Of course, every game or online casino feels more appealing... When it offers generous bonuses and promotions! They are not only for experienced players. We made them for those who are starting out as well. The promo includes deposit bonuses and a VIP program. The latter even comes with a grand prize final reward. In terms of the financial network, we offer both conventional and non-conventional systems, such as credit cards or cryptocurrency systems. Nowadays, crypto is a more flexible, secure and convenient way of conducting any financial operations.

  • Which roulette games can you play on PlayAmo?

    While talking about the best online roulette games, we cannot neglect the wide variety of games that PlayAmo offers. The honorable mentions go to European Roulette, American Roulette, Arabic Roulette, and RNG Lightning Roulette. But our catalog is much wider than you think. Prepare yourself for a surprise. What is more, the majority of our games support blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency creates a stable, secure and comfortable system that is beneficial for online casinos. Across the board. They guarantee immediate transactions with no mediator, between the sender and the receiver. It is not feasible to track individual payments, meaning that government entities or central banks will not “spy” on your activities. At PlayAmo, many roulette games have a Bitcoin sign in the top right corner. It gives users the possibility of using Bitcoin instead of real money. We are bound to facilitate a direct interaction between our loyal customers and casino, with no middlemen.

  • What other games can I play on PlayAmo?

    When a customer decides to become a member of our platform, we pledge to provide the best experience possible. This would not have been possible without the game developers who continuously create superb content for our platform. The games are well-designed, have a user-oriented interface… Put it this way: if our customers feel comfortable, they are more likely to stay motivated throughout the entire gameplay. This will make them go back. Thanks to the collaboration with many developers, we are able to bring forward the games, which satisfy the needs of our users. The games themselves vary from blackjack and roulette to different types of slots. We also update them regularly and add new ones as often as we can.

  • Enjoy playing live roulette on PlayAmo and feel the real casino environment

    All of the abovementioned games, including roulette blackjack or slots, have one feature in common. The player comes in contact with artificial intelligence, which in turn decides the outcome of the game. It produces a wide range of possibilities that determine whether they will win or lose. Of course, the algorithm is devised randomly and at no cost to the operator or provider. The chances of winning in online casino games are almost identical to real-life games. We are carrying on the legacy of great casinos. Some players would rather play live roulette, because it feels more enticing. They think it is fruitless to play against AI machines and prefer the real experience. For all the sceptics out there, we have a wide range of live roulette options. Allow yourself to be convinced! At PlayAmo, there are specific variations of roulette that provide virtual experiences. They include Auto Roulette, Casino Malta Roulette, Bad Homburg Casino roulette and many more. They are being streamed, thanks to our collaboration with Real Casinos. We have taken into account the wishes of our customers. We implemented live technology to our regular repertoire or catalog of games. Now you are able to play real money roulette online against AI dealers and real dealers as well. The choice is yours to make! We are thrilled to declare that none of these would have been possible without Evolution Gaming. The operator is responsible for connecting leading casinos worldwide to different platforms. You are now able to play games that not only streamed from real casinos. Many of these games also support cryptocurrency.

  • What is roulette and how it evolved?

    Roulette is a type of casino game that was named after the French word meaning “little wheel”. The first-ever form of roulette could be traced back to 18th century France. Some people actually believe Blaise Pascal was the one who invented the original roulette while searching for a perpetual motion machine. The first roulette machines were very complicated. They differed from each other and some had political symbols, decorating the wheel. For instance, the American roulette wheels had an American Eagle slot, which was depicted as the symbol of American liberty. After some time it vanished. During the 19th century, roulette started to gain a foothold across Europe and the United States. It became one of the most popular casino games ever. When the German government abolished gambling in 1860’s, Francois Blanc, the chief proponent of roulette, decided to move to Monte Carlo. Monaco then became the last legal casino in Europe. He proposed a single zero roulette wheel, which gained immense popularity. Only the US carried on using a double zero wheel. This tendency continued well into the 20th century, when Monte Carlo and Las Vegas continued to use a single zero wheel and double zero wheel, respectively. The 1970s saw an upsurge in the casino industry. Nowadays, hundreds of casinos offer roulette games. Double zero wheels remained dominant only in Canada, the US and the Caribbean, while a single zero wheel is prevalent in other places. The interesting fact is the total amount of numbers on the roulette wheel composes the number 666. According to the Bible, it is the number of the beast.

  • What are the essential rules to know to play casino roulette online?

    While there are experienced players who know how to play online roulette for real money, there are newcomers who should be aware of the concept. As we have already mentioned, there are two types of roulette: European roulette (37 numbers) and American roulette (38 numbers). The croupier normally spins the wheel in one direction, repeating it again in the other direction. After some, the time ball loses momentum, and through deflection, falls onto the particular number. A player can choose where to place his bet, depending on the colour, variety of numbers or through selecting a high number. When the spin is finished, the money is distributed to the players, considering if their bets were successful or not. Roulette in general and online casino roulette is very popular among players because it is solely based on luck. While playing no one can foretell or influence any possible way the outcome of the game. Unlike poker, which is also a viral casino game, it requires no specific skills. Take into account that you can simply bet on any colour or row if you are not sure about the specific number; however, the payout will be low in this case.

  • How to transfer and withdraw money at PlayAmo?

    It is already clear that you can play roulette online India using real money and cryptocurrency as well. But there are some incredible innovations regarding transferring money on and from your PlayAmo account. Besides orthodox methods, such as using credit cards, we also offer some unorthodox ways of depositing and withdrawing money, which is blockchain-based platforms and cryptocurrencies. As for traditional methods, things are straightforward. We have a wide variety of payment methods, including Visa, Maestro, Interac, Neosurf. Pay attention that Mastercard is supported only in 28 countries. Even though these platforms are very convenient, widespread and comfortable, they may become vulnerable to government surveillance and cause security flaws. But at no point do they cause inconvenience or misunderstanding. One of the notable benefits of PlayAmo account and money transferring both in conventional and unorthodox methods is the fact that the commission fee is none. You can freely deposit money and not worry about additional costs. In addition, when you put on money into your account, it immediately appears. However, there are some restrictions when it comes to the amount of payment. The minimum requirement of depositing money equals 6700 INR, and the maximum one is 321600 INR. As for withdrawals, limitations are also visible as well. The minimum amount you can withdraw via Visa and most of the types of credit cards equals 1340 INR, while the maximum amount is 321600 INR. also transferring money to your bank account can take roughly 1-3 banking days. While talking about cryptocurrencies, we mentioned that they propose not only security and convenience but an extreme swiftness as well. Using Bitcoins Litecoins or Ethereums for withdrawing money will instantly get them to your account. There are some additional features regarding cryptocurrency. For instance, you can deposit as much Bitcoin as you want; however, the minimum amount you can place is 0.001 BTC, which equals roughly 695 INR. Due to Bitcoin’s floating nature, the conversion price may vary. And when it comes to withdrawing money, things are much more straightforward. As it was in case of deposition, you can withdraw 0.001 BTC per single transaction, and the upper limit is 2 BTC. in other cryptocurrencies everything goes the same way, and you will get your money in to time.

  • PlayAmo’s magnificent offers and bonuses which will further entice you to continue playing

    Playing roulette online as well as other casino games become more funny and attractive when it offers various promotions. Roulette is a popular game to play, and we surmised it was necessary to provide our loyal customers rewards and bonuses. We have a number of bonuses on PlayAmo which are suited for veteran and rookie gamers as well. If you have been playing online roulette real money India in our game selection for a long time, then we have more to offer. If you are the one who plays to prefer significant sums, then the High Roller Bonus is suited for you. You will receive this bonus up to 160780 INR for your first deposit starting from 80390 INR. We are always looking for ways to further support our loyal customers. Another exciting bonus which is for all the newcomers is the First Deposit Bonus. As soon as you deposit fund to your account it will double. However, the maximum bonus amount is 26800 INR. If you add 26800 INR to your account, it will get 53600 INR. Take note that the maximum betting requirement is 350 INR. The Second Deposit Bonus is almost the same. For your second deposit, you can get a bonus of 50% of your deposit amount. As for Friday Reload, you have a chance to get 50% up to 13400 INR. Additionally, you will receive 100 free spins, but it is for slots and not relevant in this case. Also, make sure to activate 50 free spins for the Lucky Blue slot. The most exciting bonus which we kept for the last is a VIP program, which only requires signing up at our website and nothing more. You are instantly taking part in this program. While you are wagering money, you are moving from level to level, starting from Amateur to Godlike. You collect specific points called CPs, and when you accumulate a total of 5,000,000 CPs, you will be rewarded with nothing more than supercar Ferrari 488 GTB, which will be delivered to you in 30 working days. Seems pretty alluring right? So do not hesitate and become a member of PlayAmo where everything is at your disposal.

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