Triton's Realm

Triton's Realm game tileTriton's Realm game tile

Fortune & Finery

Fortune & Finery game tileFortune & Finery game tile

Wild Spin Deluxe

Wild Spin Deluxe game tileWild Spin Deluxe game tile

Dr. Rock & the Riff Reactor

Dr. Rock & the Riff Reactor game tileDr. Rock & the Riff Reactor game tile
Wild Witches game tileWild Witches game tile

Buffalo Hold and Win

Buffalo Hold and Win game tileBuffalo Hold and Win game tile

Big Money Bass 6

Big Money Bass 6 game tileBig Money Bass 6 game tile

Super Golden Dragon Inferno

Super Golden Dragon Inferno game tileSuper Golden Dragon Inferno game tile

Forge of Hephaestus

Forge of Hephaestus game tileForge of Hephaestus game tile

Detective Donut

Detective Donut game tileDetective Donut game tile

Wild Wild Bank

Wild Wild Bank game tileWild Wild Bank game tile

Sunny Coin 2: Hold the Spin

Sunny Coin 2: Hold the Spin game tileSunny Coin 2: Hold the Spin game tile

Mighty Eagle Extreme

Mighty Eagle Extreme game tileMighty Eagle Extreme game tile

Coin Win: Hold The Spin

Coin Win: Hold The Spin game tileCoin Win: Hold The Spin game tile

Jester's Riches

Jester's Riches game tileJester's Riches game tile

Gamblelicious Hold and Win

Gamblelicious Hold and Win game tileGamblelicious Hold and Win game tile

Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus game tileGates of Olympus game tile
Drops and WinsDrops and Wins

Cleo's Secrets

Cleo's Secrets game tileCleo's Secrets game tile

Caishen's Gifts

Caishen's Gifts game tileCaishen's Gifts game tile

Master of Lightning

Master of Lightning game tileMaster of Lightning game tile

Rise of Triton

Rise of Triton game tileRise of Triton game tile

Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks - Hold & Win

Tycoons: Billionaire Bucks - Hold & Win game tileTycoons: Billionaire Bucks - Hold & Win game tile

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What is the main reason you should choose PlayAmo for playing Indian real money casino slots?

Gambling and online casino industry is flourishing around the world and India is no exception. Even though it is still in the early stage of development, people are already aware of the different features that the casino industry has to offer them. We are striving to become one of the most prominent service providers in India. Our team has already proven to influence India’s casino landscape very successfully. Our main objectives are to create a customer-oriented network, which will meticulously meet the needs and requirements of our players. Other operators are solely based on generating revenue and ignoring the customers’ necessities. On our platform, we aspire to make a network, which will satisfy the customers needs in the best way possible. As technology is advancing in rapid steps, it is essential to keep up with modern trends and come up with as many innovations as possible. Here on PlayAmo, we are proud to offer a wide selection of different games, including slots, poker, and roulette. To further improve user experience and make it truly unique for players, we provide impressive bonuses and promotions. They will surely increase your playing motivation to its maximum! And because we know a lot about the ever-popular online casino slots for real money and how it is taking on new markets by the storm, we decided to deliver the best ones just for you. Enjoy our exclusive offer!

How to play real money slots?

Slots are a prevalent form of casino games worldwide. The reason why they enjoy such immense popularity is that they require no specific technique or skills to influence the outcome of the game. The whole system is based on luck and there is nothing the player can do about the final result. Even though the game is automated, many players still show an avid interest in playing slots. While most of you probably know how to play them, we assume it is still necessary to explain the fundamental characteristics of slots. The principal concept of playing slots is the same everywhere. All you have to do is to pull the lever and initiate the spinning process… But in online slots India real money you just click the button to do so. It is really that easy! Another difference concerns the number of symbols which a reel can fit. In the ordinary slot machines, space is limited and could only take 6-7 symbols... In online slots there is no actual space and therefore no limitations. You read that correctly, consider yourself a winner from the very start! There are also some great differences in the visual aspect. In conventional slots, symbols such as fruit or gold bars are used to determine the winning. In some cases, they might also point you to the jackpot. In online casinos, slots are more diversified, and you can almost find any slot that suits your appetite. Let your imagination run wild... As for the winning combinations, there is little difference between the orthodox, old-school and new slot games. In slot machines, the number of winning possibilities is limited. It is mainly the horizontal line that gives you the winning possibility. With online slots, the number of possibilities is endless. You can even win with a diagonal line! There are also other differences and characteristics which will take a lot to explain. But these are the bare-bone basics you need to pay attention to.

How have the slots originated, and evolved, throughout the times?

Gambling has its roots in ancient civilizations like Egypt, China, and Rome. People always find it exciting to enjoy themselves and gain real money from leisure activities. It is a winning combination! Of course, the first gambling games were primitive. They developed step by step. But we are now at a point where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of new games… Released month after month! The concept, or idea, behind the gambling machine was developed in 1891. Inventors Sittman and Pitt are widely credited for designing a predecessor of the modern slot machine. It consisted of five drums, holding a total of 50 card faces, based on poker. The prizes, which the players could obtain, were completely dependent on the local establishment they were playing in. Between 1887 and 1895, mechanic Charles Fey devised a more straight-forward slot mechanism. It contained three spinning reels, with a total of five symbols. The name of the machine was Liberty Bell. It instantly became a huge success, providing as a revolutionary mechanism in the growing gaming industry. However, in the initial period, gambling laws were very strict. In most countries, primarily Canada, they severely limited the possibility of playing slots and their distribution in gaming establishments. The first video slot machine was created in California, in 1976. The device used a Sony Trinitron colour receiver for the display. The prototype was mounted in a slot machine cabinet. As humankind made advancements in science, the gaming industry followed suit… This ultimately led to the arrival of the online casino. Online slots were instantly part of the offer. People found it very convenient to play their favourite casino games without even going outside. We are always trying to tailor our service to our loyal customers, by taking it one step further.

What is the list of slots you can play on PlayAmo?

Having found out about the history of slots and its key guiding principles, now is the time to turn your attention to the actual slot game! We tried hard, and put our massive effort, to incorporate the best slot games in our repertoire. Here at PlayAmo, we count on an active collaboration with almost 40 game developers. Thanks to this partnership, they are able to bring their state of the art games to our website... Most of them are very well-known operators. Others operate locally or on a smaller scale. One thing is certain: they are all leading experts in their field. We offer you a wide array of the best casino slot games, which range from the most popular, classic releases to games of original style or stunning 3D, visuals. The choice is yours to make. Some of them support Bitcoin as well: usually, you can see the sign, located in the top right corner of the game. Newer releases have a similar icon in the top left corner. Wild Shark, Satoshis Secret, Blast Boom Bang… These are only a few of the popular games you can try. And what is more, if you are on a bus, outside, or simply do not want to use a computer... You can always make use of our mobile-enabled website and play slots online for real money via your smartphone!

Bitcoin: a chance to move your gaming experience to an entirely new level

The creation of the internet, and “World Wide Web”, proved to be a crucial factor in defining various aspects of our lives. Not only had it a profound impact on the gaming industry, but on our financial system as well. Thinking about the drawbacks that the conventional payment methods offer to customers, we decided to integrate a modern technology into our services. What are we talking about? A Blockchain-based cryptocurrency system. With its creation in 2008, Bitcoin took the world by storm. It turned the whole financial system upside down. It offered a decentralized system, with a high level of security and convenience. In our list of best casino slots online, we offer a bunch of Bitcoin-powered games, such as Gladiators, Jetsetter, Sushi, Admiral Nelson. In fact, there are plenty of them to play, and all of them are similar in terms of Bitcoin availability. And unlike playing real money online slots India has access to, crypto-powered slot games are far more exciting than ordinary ones. Why? Your transactions are secure at all times. Payments are protected from any interventions from the government or central banks. Here, your money, and winnings, are really yours. You also do not need to worry about anyone who is in the middle. What do we mean? There is no one between you and the final destination, the beneficiary of the transaction. Cut the middle man! You can anonymously, and safely, transfer Bitcoin without any assistance from a bank or financial agent. And what is more, there is no need to file the transaction with the authorities.

How can you make payments on PlayAmo?

Playing online casino games is, of course, very fun and exciting. But when it comes to payments, some people are perplexed with their limitations. We understand that things can get a little complicated. We are here to change things. On PlayAmo, you can easily make your transactions with different cryptocurrencies or credit cards. Both are completely fine and convenient to use and we will now briefly review each one of them. In the previous chapter, we discussed Bitcoin and the exclusive features it has to offer. But that is not everything. Actually, using cryptocurrencies can help you to withdraw, and deposit, more money in the blink of an eye, from any part of the world. When you are putting money into your PlayAmo account using Ethereum, for example, there is no upper limit. The minimum amount is 0.01 ETH, which roughly equals 160 INR, so it is not really a big deal. As for withdrawals, the maximum amount is restricted to 5 ETH, while the minimum amount stays the same, 0.01 ETH. On the other hand, credit cards have their benefits as well. Your deposits appear instantly on your account, and there is no delay in processing the transaction. The commission fee is zero and we do not require additional money for the service. But the limitations are visible further on. You can only deposit a minimum of 1,340 INR and the maximum is 321,345 INR. The restrictions also apply to withdrawals. First of all, they take approximately one to three banking days to process your payment. Second, you can only take out up to 321,000 INR, depending on which credit cards you are using.

Play online real money slots India and receive various bonuses

We have already talked about slots, their history, basics, Bitcoin-powered games and payments. Now, the time has come to discuss the most exciting part of our online casino: promotions and different bonuses. Yes, while you are playing our games, and make payments, you have the chance to get some “neat” rewards! The First Deposit Bonus, and Second Deposit Bonus, are almost the same in terms of the bonus they offer. The first one rewards you with a 100% bonus on your first deposit and the second one gives you a 50% bonus on your second deposit, which you make on PlayAmo. Besides, you can also activate free spins through each one of them. The maximum bonus amount is limited. Friday Reload and Monday Free Spins offer you additional free spins, which you can use in the Golden Owl of Athena and Arcane Reel Chaos or Gold Canyon, respectively. And if you are the person who is fond of playing big, then you should probably pay attention to the High Roller Bonus, which brings you an additional 50% on your deposits. Plus, there is one more bonus to check out. It is called the VIP program. While wagering money on different casino games, you are actually collecting CPs special points... Which eventually moves you up to higher levels. On each level, you can expect a prize or different cash rewards. First, you get free spins. Then you move to more significant rewards, such as real money. And if you are an avid casino player, aspiring to the “godlike” level, then you will be rewarded with a supercar, Ferrari 488 GTB! Yes, you read it right. The Ferrari will be all yours in 30 days. You better use that luck… It is definitely hard to achieve, but it is within the reach of your possibilities!


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