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  • Why should you play blackjack online for real money on PlayAmo?

    When it comes to gambling and the casino industry in Australia, the market is full of operators that offer distinct services. While PlayAmo doesn’t claim to be the best of the best, we nevertheless have one of the finest platforms in the industry.

    What makes us so special is the way we treat our customers. You see, we’re just like any other gamer: we also love gambling. Being in a casino consumer market for many years has given us many insights about what the customers want and how an operator can improve their service.

    Once we realized how we could meet the demands of the market, the idea of PlayAmo was already born. Our team on PlayAmo is focused on two main objectives: quality customer service and a high level of innovation. The combination of these objectives makes our service so appealing to many customers on the Australian market.

    Delivering some of the most popular casino games, be it online pokies or online blackjack for real money, we wanted to bring the best on the market. That’s why we’ve collaborated with 12 major providers to have thousands of diverse and addictive games.

    In this section, we’ll talk about one such popular game - blackjack, which is a favorite casino game for many gamblers who prefer a fast-paced and thought-provoking entertainment.

  • To fully comprehend what PlayAmo blackjack games are all about, it’s necessary to take a little history lesson and see, where blackjack comes from and how it became popular in Australia.

    The first-ever form of blackjack game was called twenty-one, and although there isn't any exact record about where or when this game first originated, it was first mentioned in the writings of Miguel de Cervantes.

    In this game, a couple of gamers played against each other to reach the maximum number of 21. The rules were pretty similar to the modern blackjack: you should never surpass the number 21 and the ace represents both 1 and 11, depending on a player’s decision.

    As for how the game named twenty-one got another name of blackjack, we have to move from Europe to the United States. Initially, when the game reached US soil, it was still called twenty-one. However, the way it was delivered to the consumers brought about a change in the name.

    As it was a new game, the US operators started to push the game with various bonuses. One such bonus implied that if the player had a hand which consisted of the ace of spades and a blackjack (jack of clubs or jack of spades, they would get a 10 to 1 payout. Obviously, the bonus was called blackjack, and when these promotions were withdrawn by the operators, the name stuck to the whole game.

    After some minor tweaks and adjustments, we now have a modern blackjack that’s both quick in its execution and is moderately thought-provoking.

  • When it comes to playing Aussie blackjack games on PlayAmo, it’s of the utmost priority that you know what the rules and requirements are. Some players might disregard them completely, thinking that they’ll learn those rules in the process, but if you want to be more successful in blackjack, you’d better pay attention to them now.

    The majority of the online blackjack gambling games that are featured on PlayAmo feature an AI dealer that plays against you. To start the game off, the dealer deals a hand of two cards to each position. As a general rule, the dealer gets one card face-up and lets everyone see it.

    The main idea in blackjack, as well as in its previous version - twenty-one, is to create card totals that are higher than that in the dealer’s hand. However, you shouldn’t surpass 21 either, or you’ll be busted and lose the hand.

    The number cards have their own designated values (e.g. 10 of spades equals 10), while the jack, queen, and king are equal to 10. An ace can be a 1 or 11, depending on what the player decides. If their hand is closer to 21, they might choose 1 in order to not surpass 21.

    If the player thinks that after having dealt the initial two cards the amount is lower than that of the dealer’s hand, they might demand another card by saying “hit”. On the other hand, if their hand is closer to 21, they might stop the game by saying “stand”.

    Sometimes, when you play online blackjack games or even offline ones, the first two cards you are dealt might make up 21 on their own. In this case, you have a ‘natural’ or ‘blackjack’, which means that you are automatically a winner of the bet unless the dealer also gets natural. If you and the dealer both have blackjack, then it’s a tie and the bets are returned without adjustment.

    There are, of course, more than these two options (hit and stand) such as “doubling”, “splitting”, or “surrendering”, but for the brief tutorial, the first two are also enough.

  • Now that we know where blackjack comes from, as well as how you can play if you’re new to the game, it’s time to move to what PlayAmo has to offer.

    We’ve mentioned above that to bring the best possible games to our Australian customers, we’ve partnered with 12 of the most popular and professional game creators in the industry. Some of those developers include Netent, Microgaming, Rabcat, and many more!

    As a result of this cooperation, we were able to deliver almost two thousand distinctive and super-addictive casino games that include pokies, roulette, poker, and of course, top Australian online blackjack casino games. Almost one hundred different blackjack games are there on PlayAmo to make your gambling experience more fun and entertaining.

    Some of the hottest games on our platform are Blackjack VIP L, Blackjack Classic 23, Vegas Strip, Vegas Single Deck, Spanish Blackjack, and many more. They all have one major similarity that you’ll be playing against the AI dealer. Now, this might be somewhat concerning for many players thinking that the computer might rig the randomness of the cards. Rest assured, the algorithm is created in a way that the numbers and the cards are always random and there’s no pattern in how they are dealt.

    While the majority of games are AI-driven, meaning that you’re playing against the computer, there are also those games that let you play against the real dealer in a brick-and-mortar casino.

  • If you’re that type of gamer who likes the sounds of the real casino and its atmosphere, you can still find something on PlayAmo. Our live casino streaming services allow our consumers to stream their favorite games from the brick-and-mortar casinos while enjoying the comfort of their homes.

    We’ve been cooperating with one of the most popular software developers on the market - Evolution Gaming, to bring the best blackjack games online for you to stream.

    On PlayAmo, there are over 30 different live casino blackjack games that let you play against the human dealer in your favorite casino. The rules are very simple and pretty similar to the usual online blackjack with one difference - the human dealer is more susceptible to emotions.

    Some of the most popular live casino blackjack games are Blackjack VIP A, Blackjack VIP B, Blackjack White 1, etc. You can always find these games in the Blackjack section of our website by scrolling down at the bottom of the game list.

  • While the “traditional” blackjack games are great with their skill-based layout and a fast pace, PlayAmo has some additional advantages over other gambling operators in Australia.

    While the whole world is migrating online and using internet resources to improve their services, one area where the proliferation of the internet had the biggest impact - currencies. With a new form of currencies built in the blockchain system, the financial world has become ever-more innovative and sophisticated.

    Cryptocurrencies and their A-lister Bitcoin are the fastest and most secure currencies in the world. That’s why we were so eager to incorporate this technology into our games to make gaming on PlayAmo a more entertaining endeavor.

    And what’s more fun is that the majority of games support Bitcoin, making our platform one of the most innovative and secure on the Australian market. But what exactly is so special about Bitcoin and crypto-powered games? Why should you choose our Bitcoin online blackjack real money Australia has right now and not some random operator who supports more conventional payment methods?

    We’ll answer that question down below but for now, let’s just say that Bitcoin enables us and the players to make much safer payments, as well as make them instantaneously - without waiting too long.

  • But wait, the story of PlayAmo promotions is not over! We’ve still got some things to say. When we wanted to bring the best possible experience for our consumers, we knew that the entertainment wasn’t just embedded in the gaming process. How they prepared for it was also very important for us.

    That’s why we created this whole net of a bonus system that covers not only online blackjack promotions, but also other games such as pokies, roulette, craps, etc. There are over 5 different bonuses and prizes that ensure that our customers have an incentive to play our casino games.

    Let’s start with the first one - the First Deposit Bonus, which doubles your first deposit. The maximum amount is 500 AUD, which means that if you deposit 500AUD, you’ll actually have 1,000 AUD on your PlayAmo account. Besides, you get 20 free spins for Lucky Lady’s Clover slot for 5 days straight!

    Next comes the Second Deposit Bonus, which adds a 50% bonus to your second deposit. The maximum amount of bonus is 1,000 AUD, so if you deposit 2,000 AUD, we’ll make it 3,000 AUD for you! And 50 free spins added on top of that for Lucky Blue slot!

    The third one is Friday Reload with its 50% bonus up to 250 AUD every Friday. Plus, there are 100 free spins coming along the bonus for The Golden Owl Of Aretha slot.

    The fourth one - the Monday Free Spins which is solely dedicated to slots and not really related to blackjack, yet it’s still nice to mention it here. Each Monday, you can get 100 free spins for the Arcane Reel Chaos or Gold Canyon slots, so that your Monday doesn’t feel that exhausting or miserable!

    And last, but not least, the High Roller Bonus. If you want to play with bigger deposits and bigger odds of profits, you can opt for this bonus and use our special promotions.

    In case you’re planning to deposit more than 1,500 AUD, this bonus is for you. PlayAmo will give you a special 50% bonus of up to 3,000 AUD to make your already big funds much larger. So, if you deposit 6,000 AUD, we’ll add 3,000 AUD on top of that!

  • And what about when you want to deposit or withdraw funds from your PlayAmo account? What options are there for you? Well, we’re happy to inform that there’s a big variety of payment methods that you can use for your transactions.

    On PlayAmo, we support pretty much every major platform. From traditional to more unconventional payment platforms, you have a wide selection to choose from so that when you play real money online blackjack and generate a profit, you can have access to it right away!

    Let’s start with the first one - the First Deposit Bonus, which doubles your first deposit. The maximum amount is 500 AUD, which means that if you deposit 500AUD, you’ll actually have 1,000 AUD on your PlayAmo account. Besides, you get 20 free spins for Lucky Lady’s Clover slot for 5 days straight!

    Let’s discuss the conventional payment platforms first. From Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro cards to the bank wire transfer, PlayAmo supports all of these methods. Besides being very diverse in the payment systems, PlayAmo also features some of the most attractive services for the payments and withdrawals.

    For example, you don’t need to wait for your deposits or withdrawals to appear on your account. They’re instantaneous! With credit cards, you can deposit the minimum of 25 AUD and the maximum of 10,000 AUD, therefore there are not that many limitations to your choices.

    As for the withdrawal, credit card withdrawals can take anywhere from one to three days of processing time, while the bank transfer and the bank transfer international take 1-5 days. The minimum withdrawal amount for cards is 25 AUD and for the latter platforms - 500 AUD, while the maximum ranges somewhere around 4,000 AUD per transaction.

    One of the best things about PlayAmo gaming experience is that there are no payment commissions whatsoever. What you deposit or withdraw is what you actually get. We care about our customers’ funds and don’t want to rob them of their honest earnings!

    However, the story of the payment methods doesn’t end here. As you already know, we also support Bitcoin which is such a big advantage over the other operators in Australia. There have been so many downsides with traditional payment methods that we wanted our customers to feel as free and as comfortable as possible. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, their transactions are fast and secure at the same time.

    The best thing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies used in our platform is that while there are some minimum deposit requirements like 0.001 BTC, there are absolutely no upper limits to the transactions.

    As for the withdrawal, the minimum you can take is still 0.001 BTC, while the maximum amount is 2 BTC which is still not a small amount, considering how high the Bitcoin prices can be - on some occasions, the cryptocurrency has hit the $20K mark.

    We want our customers to feel empowered and appreciated, that’s why our crypto-based transactions are so flexible and provide such convenience.

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