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Here you will find over 2,000 best slots and online casino games. We offer generous bonuses for playing and a unique system of VIP rewards. We also hold regular tournaments with equal chances of winning for everyone!

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First deposit bonus

100% bonus + 100 free spins on your first deposit!

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Friday Reload

50% bonus + 100 free spins every Friday!

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Monday free spins

100 free spins every Monday!

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C$1500 weekly prize fund for playing table games!

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Every week the winner's account is credited with 250 free spins for the slot of the week!

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225,000 CAD + 120,000 FREE SPINS Take part in our Winter Marathon
between December 2019 and February 2020

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1-24 CP
Prize: Participation in the VIP
25 CP
Prize: 15 free spins
75 CP
Prize: 50 free spins
250 CP
Prize: 150 free spins
750 CP
Prize: 125 free spins
4000 CP
Prize: €50
15 000 CP
Prize: €200
200 000 CP
Prize: €1,000
750 000 CP
Prize: €10,000
5 000 000 CP
Prize: ferrari
Welcome to the PlayAmo casino VIP club!

We appreciate our players and are ready to reward your active gambling!

PlayAmo presents its extra special reward program. For every bet made you earn special points – CPs. The more points you earn – the higher your VIP level! Each new level unlocks a special reward. Collect them all including an exclusive supercar Ferrari 488 GTB!

Everything happens automatically. Having collected a certain number of CPs, you move up to the next level. In the meantime, the prizes you earned become available in your client’s area – do not miss those!

That’s what our VIP rating looks like. How high up can you climb?

Beginner level, assigned as soon as you start playing for real money.

25 CPs. Get 15 free spins for the Platinum Lightning slot.

75 CPs. 50 free spins for the Platinum Lightning slot are yours.

250 CPs. 150 free spins for the Lucky Lady's Clover slot.

750 CPs. 125 free spins for one of two slots: Aztec Magic or Hawaii Cocktails.

4,000 CPs. €50 are credited to your account.

15,000 CPs. €200 are credited to your account.

200,000 CPs. €1,000 are credited to your account.

750,000 CPs. Get €10,000 to your account!

5,000,000 CPs. As high as you can get. A mind-blowing supercar Ferrari 488 GTB from PlayAmo is all yours!

  • Canada is one of the most popular gambling countries in the world. That’s why it’s such a big responsibility and challenge to be a leading casino operator here.
  • When making PlayAmo, we knew we had to do more than just bringing the best games in the country. We also had to incorporate some of the most exciting bonuses and reward systems that would increase our customers’ profits.
  • And since we have also been gambling customers for a long time, we knew exactly what would make the greatest bonus system on PlayAmo. When you play thousands of our addictive games provided from our professional partners, you’ll get over six different bonuses.
  • These bonuses can be separated into two different categories and while some of them are focused on beginners and some of them - on experienced gamers, all of them are nonetheless exciting and rewarding. These bonuses will make gaming process on PlayAmo a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Some of the most popular bonuses that you’ll meet on PlayAmo are the First Deposit Bonus, the High Roller Bonus, and the VIP casino promotions. The latter one, the VIP bonus, is especially important and exciting since it has some mind-blowing rewards.
  • In our exciting collection of various bonuses and promotions, there’s this VIP bonus that is applicable for every gamer on PlayAmo. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced casino player, you’ll find something special to your needs in this online casino for VIP players.
  • So, in this VIP program, there are different levels that reflect your gaming experience and background. We’ll be discussing those levels in the upcoming chapters but for now, we’ll vaguely mention them to list our exciting rewards.
  • The moment you enroll in this program, the fun starts. It’s super easy to reach the Rookie level where you get 15 free spins for the Platinum Lightning slot. On the next, Intermediate level, you get 50 free spins for the same slots; on the Pro level, you receive 150 spins for the Lucky Lady’s Clover slot. Then comes the Star level which is a bit weird: you get less free spins - 125 of them, but you’re able to use them on two games: Aztec Magic or Hawaii Cocktails.
  • The levels we’ve mentioned above all give out free spins for various slot games. As you reach the next, Superstar level, you’re contesting for the real money. That’s right: from the Superstar level to the Royal level, you can get anywhere from 50 to 10,000 euros on your PlayAmo account. Now, you can either spend this money on our games or freely withdraw it anytime you want.
  • But wait, there’s more. Besides getting the casino-related prizes, you can also exchange your points into real money. And as you can imagine, there are different price-points for different currencies. For example, 1 CP is equivalent to 1 USD/EUR, 1,25 CAD/AUD/NZD, etc. So, for example, if you’ve reached the Star level at 750 points and don’t want to get free spins, you can always exchange those points to real money and get almost 940 CAD.
  • And if you’re really persistent and want to take your gaming to the Godlike level - literally (the level is also called Godlike) and figuratively, and if you’re able to collect 5,000,000 points, you’ll get a staggering reward: a Ferrari 488 GTB supercar! That’s right, we’ll deliver the car at your front door in a month’s time.
  • But the VIP casino online promotion isn’t the only bonus that PlayAmo offers to its loyal or new customers. In fact, there are five other bonuses that are also pretty exciting and rewarding.
  • The first and obvious choice here is the First Deposit Bonus. The name suggests already that the bonus is going to do some exciting things to your first deposit. And you’re right: the moment you make your first deposit, we will double it for you and give you 100% of what you have already deposited. This way, you’ll have more funds to play your favorite casino games.
  • But there’s a limitation here (as is in the other bonuses): the maximum amount of bonus we’re giving out is 500 CAD. Because the issue of problem gambling is so pressing, we wanted to address it by not encouraging our customers to gamble too intensely. So, if you deposit 500 CAD on your PlayAmo account, you’ll actually get 1,000 CAD.
  • The next bonus is the Second Deposit Bonus. When you deposit the money on your PlayAmo account for the second time, we’ll give you 50% of your money as a bonus. And again, due to our problem gambling concerns, we’ll only pay out a maximum of 1,000 CAD bonus. But wait, there’s more: in these conventional bonuses, we’re also giving out free spins for various slot games. For example, in this Second Deposit Bonus, we’ll give you 50 free spins to play the Lucky Blue slot.
  • Then comes the Friday Reload bonus: every Friday, when you deposit your money up to 500 CAD, you will get a 50% bonus, meaning we’ll give you an additional 250 CAD for your Friday deposits. And you’ll still get 100 free spins for The Golden Owl Of Athena slot.
  • The fourth bonus is the Monday Free Spins. The bonus is particularly designated to the slot games to make playing them even more exciting. Every Monday, you’re going to get 100 free spins for either Arcane Reel Chaos or Gold Canyon.
  • And then, as if these bonuses weren’t enough, there comes our High Roller Bonus. The ones we’ve discussed above are more or less targeted to the beginner gamers - the ones who don’t deal with large sums of money.
  • However, if you’re planning to wager with more than 1,500 CAD, the High Roller Bonus is a definite choice for you. With this bonus, you’ll get an additional 50% on your large deposits. With the maximum payout of 3,000 CAD, you can possibly get 9,000 CAD on your wagering account instead of initially deposited 6,000 CAD!
  • Now, if we’ve got your attention by now and you’ve finally decided to try out our impressive VIP rewards, you can certainly do so without too much fuss. You see, having impressive and exciting bonuses is one thing and allowing your customers to get them easily is another. Knowing this truism, we’ve simplified the enrollment process in our VIP program so that you don’t really need to do anything to participate in it.
  • The moment you make your first deposit on PlayAamo, you automatically enroll in this Canadian VIP casino program and become eligible for upcoming rewards and prizes. It’s that simple: you don’t need to fill out any additional forms or surveys.
  • Now, just enrollment doesn’t cut it, however. The bonus has its own point-based system; these points are called CPs and they will help you get more and more prizes as you move forward.
  • Every time you make a bet, you get a certain amount of CPs. For example, you get 1 CP after you make a bet of 12.5 USD/EUR, or 15 CAD/AUD/NZD, etc. Again, these points are credited automatically and all you have to do is keep playing.
  • Once you reach the Rookie level, the free spins (and in higher levels, the money) will be available in no longer than 24 hours. And as we’ve mentioned above, there are a lot of different prizes that you should be excited about.
  • PlayAmo’s VIP program is the most merit-based system on the platform - probably even more so than the games. This meritocracy is achieved by dividing the whole system into different levels that have their own exciting rewards.
  • As you already know, you get to the upper levels by collecting the CPs. The more you have, the bigger your level of proficiency. The most basic entry-level status is Amateur. This is a beginner status which you achieve as soon as you start playing the games. You get on this level once you’ve collected 1-24 CPs. Unfortunately, there are no prizes on this level but you’re already enrolled in the best casino VIP program on the platform, so, the real prizes are not too far.
  • The fun starts with the Rookie level. You achieve this level by collecting at least 25 CPs on PlayAmo. And considering what the CPs are worth, you can reach this level easily after you’ve spent just 375 CAD.
  • Next comes the Intermediate level at 75 CPs; then the Pro level at 250 CPs; and the Star level at 750 CPs. We’ve already mentioned one similarity between these levels: starting from Rookie all the way to Star, they all give out free spins for our most popular slots.
  • The money rewards start from the next levels. On the Superstar level at 4,000 CPs, you’ll get 50 euros on your PlayAmo account. From here, you get a different amount of money on your account each time you increase the level.
  • The VIP level at 15,000 CPs, the Diamond level at 200,000 CPs, and the Royal level at 750,000 CPs have the same layout: they give out the money.
  • And then there’s our most elite level ever. The Godlike level is achieved if you collect 5,000,000 CPs, which means you’ve been with our Canadian VIP casino online for a long time now. Therefore, you deserve special treatment. To recognize your role in making PlayAmo what it is now, we’ll reward you with a mind-blowing Ferrari 488 GTB!
  • With these impressive and diverse bonuses, PlayAmo is one of the top casino providers in Canada. It doesn’t matter if you choose our VIP bonus or other promotions, the rewards for you are endless.
  • However, when it comes to claiming those rewards, there are several concerns that should be addressed. But these concerns aren’t exclusively locked on bonuses and are also relevant to the payments.
  • You see, the conventional payment methods are flawed in several ways: they’re slow, unsecured, and easily trackable. Every government-partnering institution, including banks, can monitor your payments without any hard work.
  • On PlayAmo, we value our loyal customers’ privacy and anonymity. We don’t want to become a cause for anyone’s financial problems. That’s why we’ve incorporated the new form of payment for our VIP online casino games - Bitcoin and other currencies.
  • With the blockchain-based currencies, the transactions are fast and secure. And what’s more, they’re totally anonymous; there’s no centralized institution governing the flow of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, there are no surveillance mechanisms either.
  • The PlayAmo gamers can freely deposit or withdraw their funds and get their very special bonuses anytime they want. There’s no threat that their bank accounts and credit points will be lost as a result of these transactions. That’s the reason why you should always choose our Bitcoin services.
  • Once you’ve decided to start playing casino games on PlayAmo and get some of the most impressive casino VIP promotions, you have to register on the platform and put the money on it.
  • Now, registration is a very simple process and closely resembles the account setup process on social media. PlayAmo only requires your most rudimentary details such as your name, phone number, email, etc.
  • And when it comes to making deposits and withdrawing funds, there is a big selection of platforms that you can choose from. On PlayAmo, you can find both traditional and more alternative payment methods.
  • When it comes to traditional payment methods, PlayAmo supports Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro credit cards, as well as bank wire and e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, etc. These platforms might have various shortcomings in general but on PlayAmo, you’ll still get some major advantages.
  • For example, when you make a deposit or withdrawal, you won’t be charged with any commission fees. It’s one of our top priorities that you get what you’ve earned. Plus, when making a deposit, there will be no delays of any sort - your money will be set as soon as you press the button.
  • However, the credit cards and bank wire are majorly limited in how much money you can deposit or withdraw from your account. In fact, these limitations are so rampant that we had to do something and as you know, we’ve got Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in store.
  • As we’ve mentioned many times, you can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies to play games and get the best online casino VIP, as well as other bonuses.
  • So, what are the cryptocurrencies’ advantages anyway? When it comes to transaction limits, you’re only restricted to the minimum amount that you can deposit. For example, with Bitcoin, you have to deposit more than 0.001 BTC. However, there are no limits to the maximum amount of BTC or other cryptocurrencies that you can deposit.
  • And despite the fact that there are limitations to the withdrawals as well, with Bitcoin, they are far less strict. For example, you can withdraw up to two Bitcoins per single transaction.

Your VIP level increases with every bet made at PlayAmo. The prizes are waiting!

You can also change your CPs for money in just one click! You will still keep your status and will be able to keep moving up the levels.

Play and get all the privileges PlayAmo’s VIP club has to offer.

VIP program terms and conditions

1) Your participation in the VIP program begins automatically upon making your first deposit

2) CPs are credited as 1 point for each $12.5, 12.5 EUR, 15 CAD, 15 AUD, 15 NZD, 700 RUB, 125 NOK, 50 PLN, 325 CZK, 200 ZAR bets.

3) CP exchange rate - 1$, 1 EUR, 1,25 CAD, 1,25 AUD, 1,25 NZD, 10 NOK, 4 PLN, 25 CZK, 50 RUB, 17 ZAR for 100 CPs

4) All free spins are made available with a wagering requirement of х10.

5) Funds resulting from exchanging CPs into real money are credited with a wagering requirement of х1.

6) All prizes and free spins will be made available within 24 hours from the moment the player achieves the VIP status.

7) Once the "Godlike" status is achieved, a Ferrari 488 GTB supercar will be delivered to the player in a base trim within 30 business days.

8) General bonus terms and conditions must be observed.

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