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  • What advantages do you get when choosing PlayAmo for a live casino?

    Being a casino operator in Canada is not an easy undertaking by any stretch of the imagination. The country is known for its big gambling market, making tens of billions of dollars a year, employing tens of thousands of people, and containing thousands of different businesses.

    Therefore, it’s a really serious challenge to make your own casino business here. However, over the years our group of enthusiast gamers has noticed one major niche in the industry that was still vacant: it was the alignment of customer preferences with the operator’s policies.

    Over a decade ago, our group decided to make our very own online casino - PlayAmo. PlayAmo does exactly what we’ve been aspiring to achieve: it combines outstanding customer service and technological innovation.

    The innovation part is even more obvious, if you ask us. With Bitcoin gaming, regularly updated collections, and of course, our very own live Canadian casino games, PlayAmo is definitely making an impact on the casino market.

    So, what advantages do you get with PlayAmo as a live casino operator? You get the best software developer on the market that provides some of the best games in the world; a service completely revolving around the customer and their satisfaction; a platform that cares about your safety and convenience; an operator that indulges you with exciting gifts and bonuses!

  • Before listing and reviewing some of the best live casino games on PlayAmo, let’s discuss what this technology is really all about because, while some of you might already be familiar with it, there are many gamers who don’t really know what it represents.

    First off, let’s do a little history tour. Before live or even online gambling became such a hype, the casino operators were only present in the brick-and-mortar form. And while the thrills of casino venues and game sounds were enchanting many gamers, there were a lot of drawbacks to it as well: somewhat restricted operation hours (although, casinos worked much longer hours than other businesses), space limitations, a lot of people and noise (which might have been attractive to some), and many more.

    With the proliferation of the internet and it’s online resources, almost every industry has become more efficient and productive. Gambling was definitely among such industries. Migration to online gaming occurred in the 1990s when the first-ever online casino games hit the market.

    After that, it was only a matter of time before the industry could allow the development of live casino gaming. And it’s not surprising to find out that the first live online casino real money games were introduced in Las Vegas - a hub for online and land-based gaming.

    Although, as exciting as it might sound, the first live casino games were not sophisticated enough. Due to space and time limitations, as well as the innovative character of this technology, there was only one single table and an operator in front of the live camera. Players were restricted in how many hands and hours they could play.

    The first live casino games were live blackjack and live roulette. However, as technology went further, other games like poker, baccarat, etc. were also added to this collection.

    So, what’s the basic idea behind live gaming? It’s quite simple, actually: in a Livestream-enabled casino, there are several areas where the live cameras are installed. These cameras then broadcast the gaming process through the online platform which is delivered to online gamers. The latter can watch, as well as partake in these games and wager their money on them. It’s like an actual casino brought into your house.

  • As we’ve mentioned above, customer satisfaction and innovation is our utmost priority. Therefore, bringing the best and the most streamlined live dealer online casino Canada has ever seen is no doubt a must.

    With an overwhelming support of our partner developers, we’ve been able to bring some of the best casino games to our Canadian customers. One special partner is Evolution Gaming who made a serious impact on our live casino gaming.

    With its help, we’ve contacted with major worldwide casinos and started streaming their board games such as Party BJ, Dream Catcher, Casino Aviator Roulette, and many more live. As you can see, our live casino collection is full of various games including live blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette.

    We’ve even included the most popular poker game, Texas Hold’em into this collection. When you feel like playing this game against real dealers and real people, just open up our website, head over to the Live Casino department, and fire up the game.

  • So, once you’ve decided to play live casino for real money on PlayAmo, you have to set up an account on our platform. And doing so is very, very simple.

    Setting up a PlayAmo account is like registering on social media. PlayAmo requires only the most basic information about you such as your full name, country of residence, your phone number, Email, username, and password. Once you’re done with it, you’re good to go with any online game you want.

    There is one additional requirement for a live casino. When setting up an account for live casino games, you also have to provide a photo of your national ID or your passport. This is actually a very crucial detail because it gives casino establishments a more detailed - although not too much - information about you.

    Another advantage of PlayAmo live casino experience is that we deeply care about our customers’ financial and psychological well-being. Because the problem gambling is so rampant in the world, we wanted to promote more responsible gambling by setting some limitations and restrictions on our platform.

    One such limitation, or rather a self-limitation, is the ability to set the gambling limits. If you’re the one who loses control during gambling and wants to take more control over their spending, you can always set a limit to how much money you can wager on our platform. This is a relatively new addition to PlayAmo, making it one of the best live dealer casino Canada has right now. As a result, we hope it helps set a standard of more responsible gambling.

  • Not only is the internet beneficial to the development of live casino games but it also creates some of the best payment methods for them.

    Conventional fiat currencies have so many drawbacks for not just live casino games but also the normal online ones. They are usually slow, susceptible to many security risks, and easily trackable by centralized institutions.

    However, in 2008, the idea of a peer-to-peer currency was conceived. Its originators called it Bitcoin and it was destined to disrupt the status quo in the financial world. With Bitcoin, the transactions are totally anonymous, meaning that no centralized institution will ever monitor your payment records and scrutinize your life when it’s not their business.

    With Bitcoin, your payments live casino online real money games are also very fast, instantaneous even. You press the button and the money is already there. Besides, the cryptocurrencies are far less susceptible to security breaches.

    Therefore, it’s more convenient and safe to the live casino consumers to opt for Bitcoin casino games. This way, only the rudimentary elements of your private credentials will be disclosed to the casino establishments. You’ll also be able to make much larger deposits and withdrawals in virtually no time whatsoever.

  • Online and live casino gaming is nothing without a stable and sound payment platform. It doesn’t matter if the platform contains some of the best games on the market or features the most exciting bonuses if there’s no way to safely transfer your money to your account, then all those efforts were in vain.

    Luckily, PlayAmo does also feature some of the most sophisticated payment platforms there are in the industry right now. There are both normal and somewhat alternative payment methods on our platform. From debit/credit cards to Bitcoin and Litecoin, PlayAmo has it all!

    The normal methods of payment, while being generally flawed, nevertheless have their benefits on PlayAmo. For example, you can deposit and withdraw funds without being charged a single penny for it. Plus, deposits are instantaneous - you can make live casino games real money deposits in no time whatsoever.

    However, withdrawals are more limited: the transactions can take from one all the way to five days to complete. Besides, the limitations are more pressing with how much you can withdraw: the maximum amount you can withdraw is 4,200 Canadian dollars with bank wire.

    We were able to offset these restrictions by incorporating cryptocurrencies into our platform. Not only do they provide instant and secure payments but you can also deposit and withdraw a lot more than with the common platforms.

    When it comes to transaction limits, there’s only a minimum amount of limitation to the cryptocurrencies. For example, with Bitcoin, you can only deposit more than 0.001 Bitcoin which is somewhere around ten Canadian dollars. However, there are no limits to the maximum amount of BTC or other cryptocurrencies that you can deposit.

    And even though there are certain limitations with withdrawals, the restrictions are still softer than with the conventional platforms. For instance, you can withdraw up to 2 BTC per single transaction. And considering how volatile Bitcoin’s price is, we’re talking about tens of thousands of Canadian dollars here.

  • And now that we’ve discussed everything about our live casino games and other impressive offers, we’ve got one more thing left unsaid. To make your gaming experience even more exciting and fun, we offer you our very own set of different bonus prizes.

    On PlayAmo, you can find six different bonuses that play to your advantage. Each and every one of them is special and has serious payout possibilities for both online and live casino games. Let’s take a brief look at them.

    The First Deposit Bonus increases your first deposit by 100% by adding up to 500 Canadian dollars to your money. The Second Deposit Bonus gives you an additional 50% bonus on your second deposit on PlayAmo but also with a limit of 1,000 CAD. Therefore, you can play the best online live casino Canada has ever seen, deposit money in your fund and get exciting bonuses.

    Yet another live casino-enabled bonus is Friday Reload. With it, every single deposit made on Friday gets 50% bonus of up to 250 CAD.

    The bonuses we’ve mentioned above are somewhat low-end, meaning they’re designated to the low amounts. Our High Roller Bonus is specifically designated to our professional players who gamble with larger amount. Such deposits get an additional 50% as a bonus with the maximum payout of three thousand Canadian dollars.

    And as if those bonuses weren’t enough, let us present our most elite and exciting bonus ever - the VIP bonus. Participation is pretty simple: the moment you make your first deposit, you enroll in this program and become eligible for various prizes such as real money and free spins.

    And when you reach the most elite level, you’ll get a special gift from PlayAmo: a supercar Ferrari 488 GTB!

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