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Bonus de 50% + 100 parties gratuites les vendredis!

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6,000 parties gratuites à gagner tous les 5 jours!

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750€ + 1,000 parties gratuites à gagner toutes les 12 heures!
10,500 € + 14,000 parties gratuites à gagner chaque semaine!

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What is bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and payment method that has a lot of positive characteristics. First, it allows instant, irreversible, and international transactions. Second, it cannot be devalued or fooled by any other technology due to being a completely decentralized digital currency. Third, it is unprecedentedly trustworthy, since it uses the same cryptography as Internet banking. Moreover, Bitcoin is an opened project, which means it can be improved, if any advantageous ideas are offered and implemented. Without doubt, this all turns it into the future of online business. But the thing is, it can already be used today.
So, change your paper money to Bitcoin and don’t even hesitate, but grab this opportunity immediately! In the meanwhile, we’ll dwell a little bit more on it’s pluses to finally reason you into believing that Bitcoin is an ultramodern blessing for all of us!
Bitcoin allows freedom of iGaming, because, being a decentralized cryptocurrency, it legally allows gambling wherever there is Internet access. A lot of online Bitcoin casinos can give you a chance to stay completely anonymous. This means that registration process is going to be really fast too, as the only thing you need is email address and password.
In addition, Bitcoin is mobile-friendly. A lot of online casino games are accessible nowadays both in desktop and mobile versions. Now you can get the thrilling experience of your favorite games any time you wish on your smartphone or tablet.
All in all, Bitcoin is loved both by players and operators. It has already become a worldwide trend and its acclaim is going to grow continuously along with the popularity of online gambling.


Not all the online gaming operators have integrated bitcoins. Therefore, some of the games are only available for wagering in EUR. In this article we will show you how to exchange your bitcoin for euros with Cubits so you can enjoy as many of our thrilling games as possible.

1. How to instantly exchange your bitcoins for EUR (if you already have bitcoins)

2. How to quickly and safely open a bitcoin account and purchase bitcoins to play Playamo EUR games (if you don’t have an account already)


1. Login to your Playamo account, click Deposit and select currency

- If you already have bitcoins, you will see a usual bitcoin payment form. Send the bitcoins to to the wallet and your bitcoins will be converted into euros on your Playamo account.

- If you don’t have bitcoins but you would like to purchase them to top up your EUR balance – please continue reading.


To purchase bitcoins and top up your Playamo EUR balance, you need to create a Cubits account. This is a one-time procedure and takes about 3 minutes.

1. On the deposit screen, click Pay with Cubits

2. Click that you want to Pay with Cubits Wallet and click Sign Up to create a Cubits account.

3. Fill in the registration form and once you are in your Cubits account click Buy Bitcoins.

Here you can purchase bitcoins with VISA, MasterCard, OKpay or with a bank transfer. SEPA and International Bank Transfers may take up to 3 days to process.

Once you have bitcoins on your account, you can use them to top up your Playamo balance:

А. You can send bitcoins to your personal Playamo deposit address on the Deposit page

B. Or simply Pay with Cubits and pay from your Cubits account


If you want to buy Bitcoins, first you have to create a Cubits account. We’ll describe the simple steps you need to follow below.

1. Click Pay with Cubits while making a deposit.

2. Choose that you want to Pay with Cubits Wallet and click Sign Up to create a Cubits account.

3. Fill in the required information.

4. Log into your Cubits account and click Buy Bitcoins.

You can buy Bitcoins via VISA, MasterCard, OKpay or Bank Transfer. Please, mind that SEPA and International Bank Transfers may take up to 3 days to process. With Bitcoins on your account, you can now top up your casino balance:

You can send them to your personal deposit address on the Deposit page or simply Pay with Cubits.


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1. What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and payment method that has a lot of positive characteristics.

2. Where can I purchase Bitcoins?

Nowadays there are a lot of facilities that can help you with this matter. Online exchanges include, for instance, Circle and Cubits.

3. What is Cubits?

Cubits is our premium partner that provides great services of either buying or exchanging Bitcoins at any time and in any place. It is fast, secure and user-friendly like Bitcoin itself!

4. Can I track my Bitcoin transactions myself?

Sure! You can easily check the status of your Bitcoin transaction on
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