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100% bonus + 100 free spins on your first deposit!

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50% bonus + 100 free spins every Friday!

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100 free spins every Monday!

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C$1500 weekly prize fund for playing table games!

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6,000 free spins up for grabs every 5 days!

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Every week the winner's account is credited with 250 free spins for the slot of the week!

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C$1,200 + 1,000 free spins up for grabs every 12 hours!
C$16,000 + 14,000 free spins up for grabs weekly!

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  • What are your benefits for choosing PlayAmo for blackjack gaming?

    Since online gaming is so popular in the world, and certainly in Canada, there are many entities who are trying to establish themselves as the best providers on the market.

    But even in such an abundance of casino operators, there is still a shortage of quality providers that put their customers’ interests in front of their own. That was a niche that our team on PlayAmo decided to fill.

    You see, back in the day, we were also gamers ourselves. Having spent thousands of hours playing some of the most entertaining real money online blackjack, some of which were top-notch and some of which - completely trash, we’ve gained an insight into what it’s like to be ignored and poorly treated. If we were going to make PlayAmo, we would only deliver the best blackjack and other games with exciting rewards and innovative payment methods.

    And after a lot of hard work and dedication, we were able to create this platform where thousands of gamers come together. What makes PlayAmo such an overwhelming success is that it combines thousands of addictive casino games, as well as exciting bonuses and sound regulatory measures. The company is licensed under the Antillephone N.V. class license.

    Among the big collection of casino games, there is one particular genre that attracts many gamers. It’s blackjack, of course, and with PlayAmo, you’re in for a special ride!

  • On PlayAmo, there are over forty different software developers that bring their most streamlined blackjack and other casino games. And since blackjack is definitely one of the most popular games in the industry and certainly, in Canada, we wanted to make the blackjack gaming process on PlayAmo a top-notch experience for our customers.

    On PlayAmo, you can find hundreds of top Canadian online blackjack casino games such as Blackjack VIP L, Blackjack Classic 23, Vegas Strip, Vegas Single Deck, Spanish Blackjack, and many more. One of the main similarities between these games is that while playing them, you’re competing against the AI dealer.

    Playing against the computer might be a source of concern for many players. And even though, there’s no pattern in what card comes out next and it’s always random, there is a way that you can play against the human dealer.

    Again, thanks to our partners, we were able to bring the best live-streamed games to the Canadian gamers. With this technology, the brick-and-mortar casino establishments install Livestream cameras at the gaming tables and broadcast the whole process over the internet.

    With live casino, you can play your favorite blackjack against the human dealer. They will be dealing the cards at the other end of the screen while you place wagers and win various prizes.

  • As we’ve mentioned above, the most basic and incremental rule has always remained the same: the players had to reach 21 and whoever got the most points, they would win.

    So, here’s how it all works: when the game starts, the dealer starts dealing the hands of two cards to each player. In general, one card gets turned upside-down and revealed to everyone.

    Each card has its own number denominations. For example, the cards with numbers have their own designated values (e.g. 10 of spades equals 10), while the jack, queen, and king are equal to 10. An ace can be a 1 or 11, depending on what the player decides. If their hand is closer to 21, they might choose 1 to stay below the 21 limit.

    So, if the player thinks that they need more cards to get closer to 21, they’ll say “hit” and the dealer will give them another card. And if they’re closer to the limit, they’ll say “stand” and the hand will stop.

    In some cases, you might be able to reach 21 at the very first set of dealing. In this case, you have a ‘natural’ win or ‘blackjack’, which means that you are automatically a winner of the bet unless the dealer also gets a ‘natural’ win. If you and the dealer both have blackjack, then it’s a tie and the bets are returned without adjustment.

  • Since blackjack is certainly one of the most popular casino games in the world, it would be nice if we took a brief look at how the game came to be.

    Although there are no precise recordings of the origins of blackjack, what’s known to us that back in the XVI century the game called twenty-one was already popular in Europe, especially in Spain. As the name suggests, the players sat against one another and turned the cards until they reached 21. So yes, the game was pretty similar to its modern descendant.

    From Europe, the game quickly spread to the whole world. And North America was no exception here. In the US, for example, because the game was so new and unpopular, the operators pushed various bonuses that would help the game become more famous.

    One of the bonuses was called blackjack and it implied that if a gamer had a hand of the ace of spades and the blackjack (jack of clubs or jack of spades), they would get special payouts. This and other bonuses quickly died out, however, the name “blackjack” stuck to the game and obviously, we have variations of best blackjack games online and offline under this name.

  • Playing some of the most popular online blackjack real money Canada has ever seen on PlayAmo is itself pretty entertaining. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. On PlayAmo, you can find several different bonuses that will make your blackjack gaming experience so much better.

    On PlayAmo, there are at least two categories of bonuses: the conventional ones (although, there’s nothing conventional in their rewards) and the special ones. Let’s take a look at the former ones in this chapter.

    The First and the Second Deposit Bonuses are both dedicated to the newcomers since they increase the first and second deposits. The first one adds 100% to your deposits and the second one - 50%. They also give free spins but they’re not really related to blackjack and thus, cannot be used here.

    The next bonus is Friday Reload: every Friday, when you deposit your money up to 500 CAD, you will get a 50% bonus, meaning we’ll give you an additional 250 CAD for your Friday deposits. Therefore, you can play online blackjack games every Friday and your funds will be constantly rejuvenated.

    And then, if you’ve moved up to a gambling ladder and gained enough experience to put more money into gaming, we’re introducing our high-end High Roller Bonus.

    With this bonus, your large deposits will get 50% additional reward and in theory, you can get 9,000 CAD on your account instead of initially deposited 6,000.

  • But the story of PlayAmo bonuses isn’t quite over yet. In fact, we haven’t talked about our most exciting bonus - the VIP program.

    The moment you make the first deposit, you enroll in PlayAmo’s VIP bonus program and start competing for the various impressive prizes. As you begin to play blackjack online for real money, as well as other casino games, you receive special points called CPs. The CPs help you increase the levels and get bigger rewards.

    In this VIP program, there are 10 various levels that you can reach over time. Despite the first level - Amateur doesn’t really give out any special reward, it’s still exciting as it indicates that you’re enrolled in this elite bonus program and thus, can get the rewards soon enough.

    And pretty soon indeed, the actual fun begins. From the Rookie to the Star level, you’re going to get a lot of free spins for various slot games on PlayAmo. And while these spins cannot be used for blackjack, you can always exchange the CPs for the actual money and start playing blackjack with new funds.

    As you move up the ladder, you get to the Superstar level where you can get 50 euros either on your PlayAmo account or as cash. The upper levels also give out money in much higher amounts. For example, the Royal level rewards you with a mind-blowing 10,000 euros!

    And now, the time has come to talk about what we’ve teased in the headline. When you play online blackjack for real money and other casino games on PlayAmo, you’re not only getting the money of free spin bonuses, you also participate in a contest to win a Ferrari 488 GTB supercar. That’s right: if you can collect the maximum available 5,000,000 CPs, we’ll deliver this Ferrari to you in 30 business days.

  • When it comes to putting your money on or withdrawing funds from your PlayAmo account, the possibilities couldn’t be more diverse. On PlayAmo, there are both conventional and unorthodox payment methods at your disposal.

    In terms of traditional payment methods, you can either use Interac, Neteller, Skrill, and other e-wallets or the good-old credit cards, even the bank wire. With these options, there are no commission fees whatsoever - on both deposits and withdrawals. Besides, when you deposit your money, it’ll be set instantly - there’s no time delay to PlayAmo’s deposits.

    However, these platforms aren’t totally limitation-free: there is a certain deposit range that you should fit in - from 10 to 10,000 Canadian dollars. Withdrawals are even more restricted. Not only do they take up to five days to complete but they’re also limited by a maximum withdrawal cap of 4,200 CAD.

    Offsetting these limitations was a big priority to us, that’s why we’ve incorporated cryptocurrencies into our platform. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other analogous cryptocurrencies are much safer and more secure, therefore, they’re great for casino games - even more so for the internet blackjack and other online board games.

    And here’s why cryptocurrencies are so beneficial to the casino industry: when it comes to deposits, you’re only restricted to the minimum amount that you can deposit. For example, with Bitcoin, the only requirement is the minimum deposit of just 0.001 BTC while there are no upper limits to them. And even though you cannot withdraw more than two Bitcoins per single transaction, it’s still much better than the credit card withdrawals.

  • And what about when you want to deposit or withdraw funds from your PlayAmo account? What options are there for you? Well, we’re happy to inform that there’s a big variety of payment methods that you can use for your transactions.

    On PlayAmo, we support pretty much every major platform. From traditional to more unconventional payment platforms, you have a wide selection to choose from so that when you play real money online blackjack and generate a profit, you can have access to it right away!

    Let’s start with the first one - the First Deposit Bonus, which doubles your first deposit. The maximum amount is 500 AUD, which means that if you deposit 500AUD, you’ll actually have 1,000 AUD on your PlayAmo account. Besides, you get 20 free spins for Lucky Lady’s Clover slot for 5 days straight!

    Let’s discuss the conventional payment platforms first. From Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro cards to the bank wire transfer, PlayAmo supports all of these methods. Besides being very diverse in the payment systems, PlayAmo also features some of the most attractive services for the payments and withdrawals.

    For example, you don’t need to wait for your deposits or withdrawals to appear on your account. They’re instantaneous! With credit cards, you can deposit the minimum of 25 AUD and the maximum of 10,000 AUD, therefore there are not that many limitations to your choices.

    As for the withdrawal, credit card withdrawals can take anywhere from one to three days of processing time, while the bank transfer and the bank transfer international take 1-5 days. The minimum withdrawal amount for cards is 25 AUD and for the latter platforms - 500 AUD, while the maximum ranges somewhere around 4,000 AUD per transaction.

    One of the best things about PlayAmo gaming experience is that there are no payment commissions whatsoever. What you deposit or withdraw is what you actually get. We care about our customers’ funds and don’t want to rob them of their honest earnings!

    However, the story of the payment methods doesn’t end here. As you already know, we also support Bitcoin which is such a big advantage over the other operators in Australia. There have been so many downsides with traditional payment methods that we wanted our customers to feel as free and as comfortable as possible. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, their transactions are fast and secure at the same time.

    The best thing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies used in our platform is that while there are some minimum deposit requirements like 0.001 BTC, there are absolutely no upper limits to the transactions.

    As for the withdrawal, the minimum you can take is still 0.001 BTC, while the maximum amount is 2 BTC which is still not a small amount, considering how high the Bitcoin prices can be - on some occasions, the cryptocurrency has hit the $20K mark.

    We want our customers to feel empowered and appreciated, that’s why our crypto-based transactions are so flexible and provide such convenience.

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