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  • Why choose PlayAmo as a main online casino roulette provider?

    In Canada, where almost 60% of the population is involved in gambling and the land-based venues are solely held by native Canadians, it’s particularly challenging to offer something special to the customers. Just delivering great games won’t cut it.

    Lucky for our team on PlayAmo, we already knew what needed to be done. We had to bring not only the best games but also the best promotions and financial support.

    Before creating PlayAmo, we were keen gamers ourselves. Blackjack, pokies, roulette, poker - all of these games mesmerized us and made us strive towards something more, something better.

    And what came out of our efforts is truly amazing. On PlayAmo, you can play thousands of addictive and entertaining games from slots all the way to real money roulette. If you prefer the real casino experience, you can also sign up for our live casino and play roulette against real casino establishments.

    And when the time comes to deposit or withdraw the funds from your account, you can either use conventional, more widespread payment platforms such as credit cards or, if you need more security and convenience, you can always opt for cryptocurrencies.

    Besides, PlayAmo is also giving out some exciting bonuses that increase your wagering funds. Some of them are meant for newcomers and some of them - the veteran gamers. All in all, they’re there to make everyone happy.

  • When it comes to the best online roulette games, there’s a big selection of them on PlayAmo. We have every variation of the game including European, French, and American roulette. Among the most popular roulette games on PlayAmo are Dragonara Roulette, RNG Lightning Roulette, and European Roulette VIP.

    What’s more, almost all of these games support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These blockchain-based currencies are very beneficial, especially to the casino users. With them, there’s more security guarantees and faster, even instantaneous transactions. Besides, these transactions are anonymous and no one can track them from the government or the bank.

    All in all, our team on PlayAmo was very determined to bring vast opportunities to you - our loyal customers. And with Bitcoin and diverse roulette games, we think we did just that.

  • On PlayAmo, one of the top priorities is to deliver the best casino games to our customers. That’s exactly what constitutes a quality customer service - if gamers are happy with what they’re playing, then we can be happy as well.

    That being said, we’ve collaborated with 12 major game developers that bring some of their best work to our platform. In total, there are 42 different providers such as BGaming, Authentic, Belatra, etc.

    As a result of this cooperation, we were able to bring thousands of addictive games ranging from slots and craps to blackjack and roulette. All of these games are regularly updated and the collection is constantly filled with new games.

  • All the games that we’ve mentioned above have one similarity (except for the fact that they’re all roulette games, of course) - you play against the AI dealer. What this means is that there’s a computer algorithm that generates random probabilities and decides, whether your bets on a certain number are going to win or not.

    Now, there’s no chance that the algorithm makes a biased pattern in favor of the establishment. The patterns are always random and resemble the real-life roulette probabilities.

    However, there are some gamers who wouldn’t bet on such games and rather play against the real machine. Of course, it’s their own decision which types of games they want to play; the only thing we can do is provide them with alternatives.

    On PlayAmo, there are certain types of roulette games including VIP Roulette, Blaze Roulette, Portomaso Roulette, and many more that are similar in one major way: we’re live-streaming them from the actual casinos.

    It was because of our loyal customers that we wanted to bring this technology to them. On PlayAmo, you can play real money roulette online, as well as live casino roulette against human dealers and real machines.

    Our partner, Evolution Gaming, helped us in every possible way possible - be it connecting with major worldwide casinos, or providing technology for such a feat. As a result, you can play all of these roulette games that are not only streamed from the actual casinos but also support Bitcoin and other safe payment methods.

  • So, after we’ve talked about some of the best online roulette for real money on PlayAmo, let’s now discuss the origins of the game and see where it comes from.

    As it’s always the case, roulette was popular among gamers much earlier than our times. The earliest variation of the game which is known to us was called Biribi. It was played in Italy back in the XVIII century. So yes, roulette has been around for over three centuries now.

    But there are other sources that claim that the mechanism of the roulette wheel was invented long before Biribi. In fact, these records show that a French inventor Blaise Pascal, in his quest for a perpetual motion machine, created a roulette mechanism currently used in many modern roulette variations.

    One major similarity between the earlier versions such as Biribi and modern roulette is that there are two slots reserved for the establishment. These slots are called zero and double-zero and they help the house win in some cases. However, there was one difference: instead of green color that these slots are painted in modern roulette, in the past versions, a zero was in red color and a double-zero - in black.

    There was another variation of the game, popular in the US, where instead of two, there were three slots reserved for the house. The third one depicted the American Eagle. Despite its popularity and depiction of the American culture, the game was very detrimental to the gamers due to its high loss probabilities. That’s why it lost its popularity pretty soon.

    Despite these developments, North America was still a leading market for roulette. Therefore, the game quickly spread across the continent and soon reached Canada, where it gained huge popularity.

  • Now, there are many gamers on PlayAmo that already know how to play online roulette for real money, as well as other games, there are still those who are new to our platform. And one thing that makes PlayAmo so special is that we address the needs of every single customer of ours.

    That’s why we’ll offer you this short tutorial of how to play roulette on PlayAmo and what are some basic rules and techniques of the game.

    There are two main attributes to the game: a table and a wheel, obviously. There are various numbers on the roulette table from 1 to 36. You place your chips on these numbers and wait for your luck to kick in. As we’ve mentioned earlier, there will be two zeros reserved for the house, however, there might be one or even three zeros depending on which variation you’re playing at the moment.

    Then comes the wheel which does the spinning part of the game. There are 36 pockets on the roulette wheel that are covered in red and black colors consecutively. Again, there are zeros that work in favor of the house; they’re covered in green. When the wheel starts spinning, the ball will be thrown at it and where it lands, that number will be the winner.

    One of the main reasons why online roulette gambling is popular among so many gamers is that it’s based on luck. There’s no way you can somehow predict or even influence where the ball will land - it’s totally random every single time.

    But if you don’t feel like wagering on any specific number, you can use different betting types such as specific rows of numbers on the table, specific colors, etc. For example, if you bet on black and the ball lands on a black pocket, you’ll still win the set. However, the payout is much lower in this case than if you had placed a bet on a single number.

  • We have mentioned at the beginning that the innovations are ever-more present in our payment platforms, which couldn’t be truer. Alongside traditional platforms such as credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers, you can play roulette online Canada has got using more alternative, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies that are constantly changing the industry.

    Let’s briefly review each of them and see what they promise to PlayAmo’s customers. Starting with conventional platforms, there are credit cards, bank wire transfers, Interac, Skrill, and Neteller e-wallets. These payment methods might have some downsides that make them susceptible to security breaches and wider surveillance, however, they still have some conveniences on PlayAmo.

    One of the biggest advantages of PlayAmo payment methods - be they conventional or alternative ones, is that there are no commission fees at all. Plus, when you make a deposit, the money will instantly be set on your account.

    However, when it comes to payment volumes, that’s where the general limitations come in. With credit cards, you can deposit in a margin of 10-10,000 Canadian dollars. And with withdrawals, the restrictions are more apparent. Here, you can only withdraw as much as 4,200 Canadian dollars per single payment. Besides, getting your money on your private account can take anywhere from one to five days.

    Since these limitations were so punitive, we’ve brought Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other analogous cryptocurrencies that are much safer and more secure, and thus, they’re more convenient for casino users - even more so when you play roulette for money on PlayAmo.

    And the benefits with cryptocurrencies are abounding. For example, there are no upper limits to how much money you can deposit on your account - only the minimum requirement of 0.001 BTC.

    When it comes to withdrawals, the advantages of Bitcoin become more and more noticeable. Despite the fact that there are still minimum requirements to the cryptocurrencies - the same as the deposit requirements, they are less strict and require only 0.001 BTC. As for the upper limits, you can withdraw up to 2 BTC per single transaction.

  • Roulettes are one of the most entertaining and at the same time, lucrative games in the industry. However, we wanted to make them even more profitable with our special bonuses and rewards.

    There are six bonuses on PlayAmo that are designated to both professional and amateur gamers. If you’re someone who’s been playing our selection of the best online roulette real money Canada has ever seen, you might be on a different level of proficiency.

    Playing with smaller funds might not be an option for you. If you’re someone who likes to deposit large sums of money, then the High Roller Bonus is definitely for you. With this bonus, your deposits of no less than 1,500 CAD are eligible for a 50% bonus. And with the maximum payout of 3,000 CAD, you can, in theory, get 9,000 CAD on your PlayAmo account if you deposit 6,000 CAD.

    The First Deposit Bonus is more of a beginner-level bonus because it increases your very first deposit on PlayAmo account. In fact, it will give you a 100% reward with the maximum payout of 500 Canadian dollars.

    The Second Deposit Bonus is also pretty similar to the first one since it’s focused on the newcomers to PlayAmo. When you make your very second deposit, you’ll get an additional 50% bonus on top of it which you can use for roulette or other casino games.

    The third one is the Friday Reload bonus: every Friday, when you deposit your money up to 500 CAD, you will get a 50% bonus, meaning we’ll give you an additional 250 CAD for your Friday deposits.

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