XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat

XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat game tileXXXtreme Lightning Baccarat game tile

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger game tileDragon Tiger game tile

Baccarat A

Baccarat A game tileBaccarat A game tile

Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat game tileLightning Baccarat game tile

Speed Baccarat A

Speed Baccarat A game tileSpeed Baccarat A game tile

Salon Prive Baccarat A

Salon Prive Baccarat A game tileSalon Prive Baccarat A game tile

Baccarat Lobby

Baccarat Lobby game tileBaccarat Lobby game tile

Bonsai Speed Baccarat A

Bonsai Speed Baccarat A game tileBonsai Speed Baccarat A game tile

No Comission Baccarat Super 6

No Comission Baccarat Super 6 game tileNo Comission Baccarat Super 6 game tile

Baccarat Squeeze

Baccarat Squeeze game tileBaccarat Squeeze game tile

Baccarat Lobby

Baccarat Lobby game tileBaccarat Lobby game tile


Baccarat game tileBaccarat game tile

No Comm Baccarat 1

No Comm Baccarat 1 game tileNo Comm Baccarat 1 game tile

Live Baccarat 1

Live Baccarat 1 game tileLive Baccarat 1 game tile

Baccarat 1

Baccarat 1 game tileBaccarat 1 game tile

Baccarat Dragon Bonus

Baccarat Dragon Bonus game tileBaccarat Dragon Bonus game tile

Baccarat 2

Baccarat 2 game tileBaccarat 2 game tile

Tao Yuan Baccarat 1

Tao Yuan Baccarat 1 game tileTao Yuan Baccarat 1 game tile

Baccarat 3

Baccarat 3 game tileBaccarat 3 game tile

Baccarat B

Baccarat B game tileBaccarat B game tile

Tao Yuan Baccarat 7

Tao Yuan Baccarat 7 game tileTao Yuan Baccarat 7 game tile

Baccarat C

Baccarat C game tileBaccarat C game tile

Live Baccarat 1 NC

Live Baccarat 1 NC game tileLive Baccarat 1 NC game tile

Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

Baccarat Controlled Squeeze game tileBaccarat Controlled Squeeze game tile

Live Baccarat 2 NC

Live Baccarat 2 NC game tileLive Baccarat 2 NC game tile

Bonsai Speed Baccarat B

Bonsai Speed Baccarat B game tileBonsai Speed Baccarat B game tile

Bonsai Speed Baccarat C

Bonsai Speed Baccarat C game tileBonsai Speed Baccarat C game tile

Casino Marina Baccarat A

Casino Marina Baccarat A game tileCasino Marina Baccarat A game tile

Casino Marina Baccarat B

Casino Marina Baccarat B game tileCasino Marina Baccarat B game tile

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Play The Online Baccarat Game at PlayAmo

Baccarat is one of the oldest and most popular card games played in casinos today. And fascinatingly, it has simple rules that make playing exciting and fun.

Gladly, you do not have to leave your home to a land-based casino to enjoy this popular casino game, as you can play the baccarat game online on an online casino site! The online variant is armed with excellent versions of the baccarat game with incredible features, which makes playing baccarat online as enjoyable as playing traditionally.

Additionally, you can play for real money online with low stakes on your winning wagers on the baccarat online casino or take the free version and play it just for fun. At the Play Amo online baccarat casino, gamblers in South Africa enjoy a variation of the baccarat game with superb game features and a trusted, user-friendly website that enhances your gambling experience.

So, suppose you are a South African gambler and wish to know more about playing the online baccarat game.

In that case, you should read this article and unlock the key to playing, winning and enjoying the baccarat game on the best casino site from South Africa.

How To Play Baccarat Online For Real Money

The best way to earn money playing the baccarat game online is through predicting and wagering on the hand with the highest score. However, this is after you've picked the baccarat variant that works best for you.

Not to worry, all baccarat variations have the same rules; it is one of the most accessible games on any casino platform, and you don't have to worry about not understanding it.

In a baccarat game, the aim is to bet on the hand that scores the closest to 9. And you can play baccarat in any two types of bet: common bets and side bets. While the common bets are preferred mainly by gamblers, side bets offer higher payouts but may be a bit more complex to win because it has a bigger house edge and low landing probability.

Therefore, to have a better chance of winning and getting reasonable payouts by betting baccarat online, you must know how to place intelligent bets. Here is a list of baccarat bets that promises regular profit, low stakes, a low house edge and the best odds of landing:

  • Banker Bet
    The banker bet is considered the most profitable bet while playing the online baccarat game, as it guarantees one of the best odds in baccarat gambling. It has a smaller house edge than the player bet, a 1.06%.
    This is one thing that makes the banker bet great. Some more advantages of playing on the banker bet are its drawing rules that explain the lower house edge and taking the last turn to play. However, the casino charges a 5% commission on all wins in the banker bet, but that does not affect the level of your payout. To win this bet, the banker has to beat the player and get the highest score (i.e. closest to 9).
  • Player Bet
    Just because this is called the player bet doesn't mean you have to wager on this hand. However, the player bet is an excellent gamble option that helps you make money with just a 1.24% house edge. It is regarded as the second-best bet to the banker bet but better than the tie bet. Also, you do not have to worry about a commission when betting on this hand. To win this bet, the player has to beat the banker to get a score closest to 9.
  • The Tie Bet
    Most players either hop for the banker or player bet, as they are the best bets if you're looking to play real money baccarat. The Tie bet honestly gets minimal action, and that's because it's not so great, and you should try to avoid it. While the other two bets have just a little over 1% house advantage, the tie bet has 14%!
    That's just a keep-off sign to tell you that you shouldn't make the mistake of making a tie bet, diminishing your bankroll, and ruining your gameplay. But suppose you want to try it, you may, as long as you know the risk involved. The tie bet is usually on the player and banker who have the same score

A Guide To Playing The Online Baccarat With Bitcoin

Online baccarat gambling is an exciting play and a good gambling choice for any gambler in any city in South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria. Also, there are many payment options to play this game.

One of these is using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and more, to receive or make payments. Luckily, crypto casinos like PlayAmo offer you the crypto option as a payment option with a safer gambling environment and a significant prospect of better winnings.

Therefore, you do not need to look too hard to find a casino that accepts crypto Baccarat with just as much edge and profit on the game as playing with real money. Playing online bitcoin baccarat or using other cryptocurrencies is one of the best options for payment, and you can find that in any cryptocurrency like Play Amo.

Playing Baccarat Online For Free

One exciting thing about baccarat online is that you do not need to start making bets or having a bankroll before enjoying the game.

This is especially favourable to you if you're a beginner, as you get the chance to test the game before putting your money out there. Therefore, you can choose the demo-play option and play free baccarat online games with no download, registration or deposit. It's free and safe and costs nothing except the time used in playing, which is worth it.

Apart from playing free baccarat online for fun, you may also use it to practice your skills on new baccarat strategies, betting systems and side bets without risking your bankroll. The rules in free baccarat practice, the demo-play, are the same as the ones that let you play for money. The only difference is that you do not get to earn anything, but that's okay if you want to have fun and practice your skills.

Bonuses for Online Baccarat

You will need to stretch your bankroll to win at any online casino baccarat game. Luckily, the baccarat site gives you a headstart with various bonuses, including credits in ZAR currency and free spins for South African players, as you register and begin your journey to playing the game. Here are some of the best bonuses you can get gambling baccarat online:

  • The Welcome bonus
    After registering on the PlayAmo baccarat online casino, you will receive a 100% bonus of up to R 2,000 and 100 free spins for the Elvis Frog in Vegas slot on your first deposit. This bonus should be activated with the FIRSTDEP bonus code.
    You will get a 50% up to R 3,500 and 50 free spins for the Lady Wolf Moon Slot for your second deposit, activated with the SECONDDEP bonus code. Note that this only applies to first-time depositors and can be used to wager bets and win.
  • The High rollers bonus
    There’s a bonus for high rollers for players ready to play and win big. On your first deposit of up to R 17,000, you will get up to 50% plus every other attachment with the regular welcome bonus. Activate this bonus with the bonus code HIGHROLLER.

Playing Games At The Baccarat Online Casino

There are enough options to choose from if you play baccarat online, as there are plenty of variations of the baccarat game available at the PlayAmo casino from different software providers. Therefore, before you start enjoying the game and staking anything, you'll need to choose a baccarat variant. Fortunately, they all have the same simple rules, and there's not much to do except pick a hand and wager – the dealer does most of the work for you.

Playing The Classic Baccarat

A top factor in the baccarat casino game is its ability to make playing online feel like a traditional game. With a well-designed website, fantastic graphics and soundtracks, and reasonable betting options, you may never need to visit a land-based casino ever again. Instead, you can access the classic baccarat on your mobile phone, PC, or Mac.

And, yes, again, the rules of the game are simple. You only need to bet on one of two hands, the player's or the banker's bet; however, you may also wager on the tie bet. The bet winners are determined by the hand with the highest score of up to or close to 9. Nevertheless, to begin, you must first choose the value of your chips and place your bet once satisfied. The classic casino site makes it easy to navigate and understand, so you do not need to worry about complexities. All you are required to do is bet and win!

Live Baccarat Online

The live casino is a compulsory experience for every player who loves to have a land-based casino experience. Play Amo saves you all the stress by bringing your live casino to you in any city in South Africa, whether it is Johannesburg, Cape Town or anywhere else.

While playing, you can be sure that the site is legitimate and guarantees fair play; thus, there are no forms of manipulation in the games. The perks of playing the live baccarat game include playing and communicating with dealers, gambling seamlessly on either the website or the mobile app, live streaming, and extraordinary visuals and graphics, amongst others. The live baccarat online game is loved for all the good reasons, especially when you get to see the dealer at the casino when you start the game. Also, you may chat with the dealer live, and he will answer you immediately.

Overall, it gives a fantastic feeling and makes your gambling experience enjoyable. It's like having a live casino in your home while you've done nothing but sit in bed. In addition, the casino's accommodative site and exciting graphics are commendable, as it puts you in the spotlight while you enjoy the game.

PlayAmo Baccarat Online South Africa FAQs

Is the online baccarat rigged?

No, PlayAmo is licensed and regulated under the Curacao Gaming Authority, which monitors the casino's activities and prevents such occurrences. Besides, the casino is only dedicated to ensuring its players have a swell time gambling.

Can you play baccarat with a real dealer online?

The live dealer game grants you this option, where you can see and communicate with the dealer in real time.

Are there different strategies for playing baccarat?

Yes, specific strategies you may learn will help you make smarter bets and make money.

Can you win at online baccarat?

Yes, you can win as much as you want to! You are required to make logical bets, stretch your bankroll, and earn real money.

Can you win by card counting in baccarat?

Unlike blackjack, baccarat isn't known for card counting and does not promise good winnings. You can count cards in baccarat, but you shouldn't expect big profits.


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