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  • PlayAmo Online Roulette in South Africa

    Can you imagine that roulette is one of the oldest casino games, which is still very popular worldwide? The history of roulette games goes back to 18th century France. But now, in the 21st century, you can play it online on your laptop or even mobile phone. PlayAmo online casino offers its gamblers from South Africa a great selection of online roulette games.

    You will have an opportunity to play classic games and different variations of roulette games. PlayAmo is a legit and the most reliable online casino in South Africa. It is also registered in Cyprus. The company provides top-notch casino software and game suppliers. Discover a new world of online casinos and play online roulette South Africa for money.

  • Benefits of Playing Online Roulette in South Africa

    PlayAmo is the friendliest roulette casino online in South Africa for newcomers as well as for professional gamblers to play this iconic game. Let us show you some of its advantages to spark your interest:

    • You can play roulette for fun or learn a strategy to win real money.
    • A variety of payment methods is available, including ZAR currency and cryptocurrency.
    • 27/7 customer support.
    • more than 500 roulette games online.
  • Online Roulette: A Quick Guide On How To Play Roulette For Real Money

    PlayAmo casino offers its SA gamblers an opportunity to make money from roulette. The game rules are simple and easy to understand. More importantly, online roulette provides a slower play rate than other popular casino card games. The main action takes place around a numbered spinning wheel and a ball.

    All you have to do is guess where the ball will land on the wheel. Then you have to place your bets on the roulette table and hit the spin. After that, just wait and see if you successfully guessed the results. What else should you know? There are two types of bets – inside and outside bets. Inside roulette bets mean that you can bet on individual numbers inside the roulette grid. This is riskier, which means that you can get the highest payout if you're lucky.

    Whereas outside roulette bets mean you can bet outside the numbered roulette grid. It may increase your winning on each spin, but the payout would be less generous. All you need is practice. Try out different variants and betting options. Online roulette on PlayAmo is the only chance for players from Cape Town, Pretoria, or Johannesburg to experience this classic casino game and win cash. In addition, the casino site is accepting ZAR and cryptocurrency. You can spend hours gambling on the casino site on a small bankroll by depositing the minimum amount. Before you start playing for money, you can try your luck on a demo roulette, also available on the PlayAmo roulette website.

  • Play Roulette for Fun: Don't Miss Your Chance to Experience The Roulette Game

    One of the fascinating features of PlayAmo Casino in South Africa is that a significant number of games are available as demo versions. Instead of playing online roulette for real money, you can try to play it for free. It's the same roulette wheel online game, but with no deposit. All you need to gamble is to use virtual coins. This is an excellent chance for newcomers and depositors who don't want to put their wealth at risk. Play roulette online in South Africa to experience this classic French casino game.

    PlayAmo in South Africa: Crypto Roulette Online

    As the leading casino platform in South Africa, PlayAmo accepts not only South African rand, but also cryptocurrency. It is possible to deposit and withdraw using BTC. They accept such popular cryptocurrencies as

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
    • Dogecoin

    Always check the terms and conditions on the PlayAmo website to keep up to date with the information on crypto roulette.

    Variations of Online Roulette Games

    The PlayAmo casino offers different variants of over 500 online roulette games. You can search for games in the search box or pick a game from your favourite provider. PlayAmo casino platform supports several popular and the most reliable suppliers in the industry, such as

    • Bgaming
    • Netent
    • Evolution Gaming
    • SoftBet
    • Betsoft

    You will try your luck while playing online roulette, as a lot depends on chance. That's why this game is so popular among beginners, but professional players also love this game as they can master their strategy skills. You will be surprised by how many variants of games there are. You can find roulettes with different inside roulette bets, outside roulette bets, payout, winning streaks, betting limits, and more. What is more important is that you don't need to download any other additional software, just play mobile roulette on your favourite gadget via the PlayAmo website. Let's look closely at some game variants on the PlayAmo website.

    Classic Roulette

    This is the most accessible game in the catalogue of the PlayAmo roulette gambling site. There is a roulette board, and you just have to spin a wheel, throw a ball into it and correctly guess a number or a section. The random number generation system will provide the results of roulette betting.

    European Roulette

    It' s one of the most popular variations of roulette games, so you can start your online roulette journey with this game. It has a roulette wheel and 37 slots where a ball can land. You can choose where to place the bet. It could be a single number or a series of numbers. Betting on the right number will bring the return of the bet. European roulette is usually considered a game with low stakes. You can read the game rules on the website just before you start a game. Register on the website to play for real money.

    American Roulette

    American Roulette has a slightly different system. It features 38 slots and a wheel. It has an additional double zero, "00", as well as the standard number 0. This is the main difference from the classic game. It is also the roulette with the best odds. Just try to play it, and you'll find out.

    French Roulette

    French Roulette is a classic roulette game. The game has a ball, a wheel, and numbers coloured black and red marked from 1 to 36 (number 0 is coloured green). You can bet on any single number or a range of numbers. In case the winning number is 0, you will have a chance to return the even-money bets in their half amount.

    Live Dealer Roulette

    While playing Live Dealer Roulette, you will have an opportunity to interact with a real croupier during a live session. This is an excellent chance for those who want to experience live roulette while being online.

    Speed Roulette

    This is a fast version of live dealer roulette. Each round takes approximately 25 seconds from spin to spin.

    Instant Roulette

    This game features 12 auto roulette wheels and quick game rounds. Although betting time is unlimited so you can play at your own pace. Winners usually bet on different wheels.

    VIP Roulette

    VIP Roulette is a slightly updated variation of the roulette game. You will be able to play a more luxurious designed game with experienced dealers. This game is for real pro gamers and high rollers, as every game stake counts.

  • PC & Mobile Roulette Wheel Online Game

    You can download the PlayAmo casino South Africa app on your device to play on the go. It is suitable for IOS as well as for Android and Windows. Mobile Roulette is safe and easy to play on every type of gadget in HD format. Moreover, you can also play a multiplayer game on your device.

  • Roulette Online: Important Information on Strategy Tips

    The traditional roulette strategy is based on a system in which, after each round, you increase the size of your bet. It is risky and has a high bankroll, but it's a good opportunity to try your luck. Here is the list of the most popular strategies:

    • Martingale
    • Fibonacci
    • Labouchere
    • D' Alembert
    • Paroli

    Let' s have a closer look at each of these systems.


    This is one of the most popular systems in roulette. The concept is that with every losing spin, you can double your winnings. It means that you can return your previous losses.


    This system uses the sequence of numbers named after the Italian mathematician Fibonacci. The idea is that each stake is the sum of the two previous stakes. It ignores the zero at the start, and you will progress to the following number in the sequence with each loss, and for each wager, you will go back two places. This one's for you if you consider yourself a risky stake player.


    This system is more difficult and involves mathematical calculations. You have to decide how much you want to win and then split that number into random numbers. Then you need to use this sequence for betting and play until you cross all numbers and win your sum.

    D' Alembert

    This is the best system for newcomers. You have to choose a unit — an amount of money you want to act. In the case you win, you have to decrease the next bet by one unit. Conversely, in the case you lose, you have to increase the next bet by one unit.


    This is the opposite of the Martingale system. In the case of losing, you should keep the stake the same. In the case of winning, you should double the stake.

  • PlayAmo Roulette Bonuses For Gamblers

    As one of the major online casinos in South Africa PlayAmo has a lot of bonuses for its new customers as well as for loyal players. As a newcomer, you will have a welcome bonus package that features two deposit bonuses so you can start playing to win real money.

    The First deposit bonus will double your amount after making the first ever deposit. Moreover, you will get 40 free spins in the next 48 hours, which will be split equally into two portions. After your second deposit, you will receive 50% more of your deposit amount and another 50 free spins. To activate these bonuses, use promo codes FIRSTDEP and SECONDDEP.

    Furthermore, you can get up to 100 free spins every Monday by making a deposit. Don't forget that you should deposit a minimum of€20/$10 (approx. r355). You can get a 50% bonus (up to r4000) and 100 free spins every Friday. To receive this reward, use the bonus code RELOAD. There is another bonus offer for risky winners. If your first deposit is at least r17000, you can have a chance to get a special High Roller bonus of 50% up to r35000. Just use promo code HIGHROLLER in your bonus code field.

  • PlayAmo Online Roulette South Africa FAQs

    How do roulette games work online?

    It is very similar to the offline roulette game. The main difference is that a wheel will spin a random number generator instead of a real dealer.

    Is online roulette gambling legal in South Africa?

    It is safe for South African players to gamble online on foreign websites. PlayAmo is a licensed website, and it takes customer safety very seriously by using high-quality security measures. Moreover, PlayAmo is the online casino with the fastest payout. To find out more, visit their website's terms and conditions section.

    Can I make real money by playing online roulette?

    It is possible to win real money on the PlayAmo website. You need to create an account and deposit, which is relatively easy. Please keep in mind that the minimum deposit amount is € 20/$10 (approx. r355). The platform offers its customers the best-paying options supporting such popular payment methods as credit and debit cards, electronic wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

    Can I make cryptocurrency by playing online roulette?

    It is possible to choose cryptocurrency as your payment method on the PlayAmo website. It includes such popular cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. In case you have any queries or want to make a claim, there is a 24/7 customer support team and Live chat on the PlayAmo website.

    What is the difference between the American, French/European Rouletes?

    The main difference is that in American roulette, the numbered wheel has a double zero "00" as well as the standard single zero "0", which you will find in French or European wheels.

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