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  • What should you expect from PlayAmo and its real money roulette games?

    When making PlayAmo, our team knew that it wouldn’t be easy to establish ourselves in the South African gambling market. It’s already full of various operators with distinctive services and offers.

    However, lucky for PlayAmo, there was something we could offer; in fact, there was more than one. You see, even in this myriad of gambling operators, it’s still not easy to find the one who offers the best casino games and has great customer service at the same time, not to mention a high level of innovation on top of all that.

    Sure, there are plenty of operators who offer one of these conditions but only a few have actually combined them into one singular platform. Therefore, the only way we could be prominent on the South African market was if we combined all of those characteristics that we’ve discussed above into one single platform.

    That’s why when you want to play roulette online South Africa has got, your main choice should always be PlayAmo. You’ll get the best roulette games in the country alongside the most up-to-date payment platforms and various bonuses that promise a lot of lucrative opportunities.

    Let’s delve into the PlayAmo’s roulette world and see, what we have to offer.

  • Roulette is one of the most sought-after casino games in this industry. One reason for that is its dependence on luck. Roulette, alongside slots, is the most chance-based casino game that cannot be influenced by your gaming skills or techniques.

    However, there are still some rules and basics that you should definitely attend if you want to play roulette for money successfully. Roulette, as a game, is all about those rules and they take the most credit for its popularity.

    Roulette consists of two main attributes: a table and a wheel. The table is segmented into numbers from 1 to 36. You place your chips on these numbers and wait for your luck to kick in. In the majority of roulette variations, there are two numbers - a zero and a double-zero - reserved for the house. This means that whenever the ball lands on these numbers, you lose and the casino wins. There are, of course, other variations where instead of two, there are three or one zeros for the house.

    The second main attribute is the wheel which spins and decides the fate of your bets. There are 36 pockets on the roulette wheel that are covered in red and black colors one after another. There are still two (or more/less) zeros reserved for the house. When the wheel starts spinning, the dealer will throw a ball onto it and wherever it lands, that number will be the winner.

    There are so many winning combinations in roulette that just listing them here would take ages. The most conventional one is if you guess the number where the ball lands correctly. However, there are other winning combinations as well. For example, if you play online roulette for real money and bet on a specific color, you can also win the game.

    One thing to keep in mind, however, is that when wagering on a combination other than a specific number, your bets will be less profitable.

  • To bring the best roulette games to our customers, we sought help from our professional partners. With their help, you can find over 100 different casino roulette online games with their distinctive designs and payouts.

    Here, we have every variation of the game including American, European, and French roulette. Among the most popular roulette games on PlayAmo are Dragonara Roulette, RNG Lightning Roulette, and European Roulette VIP.

    But that’s not all. While online gaming is great with its smooth gaming processes, you have other options to choose from. For example, if you prefer the thrills of real casino venues and want to play against real machines, you can always opt for our live casino roulette.

    Thanks to our main partner in this, Evolution Gaming, we were able to perfect the live casino platform and provide the best games from the major casinos around the world. In our collection of live online roulette real money South Africa has to offer, you can find such games as Royal Casino Authentic Roulette, DUO Auto Roulette, Portomaso Roulette, and many more.

  • When we mentioned a high level of innovation on PlayAmo, we meant payment methods predominantly. While we have traditional platforms such as Visa and Mastercard, our customers can easily choose Bitcoin as their main payment, as well as a wagering method.

    With fiat currencies such as USD and EUR, there are centralized institutions - be it the government or the bank - who control your payment flows. They monitor every single financial execution and if necessary, even terminate them.

    With Bitcoin, however, the only regulating body is the users who actually use it for their payments, therefore, the currency is in its most democratic state. Besides, every transaction is encrypted at the deepest level so that no other entity can trace its origins or two parties. That’s why your payments are completely anonymous and safe.

    As you might have guessed, Bitcoin-powered games, including online roulette gambling, are the safest forms of gambling because you won’t be susceptible to any security risks or surveillance threats.

  • In the previous section, we’ve talked about one of PlayAmo’s most innovative payment platforms - Bitcoin. And while the cryptocurrencies are fast and secure, there are other advantages with them that are worth noting here.

    In general, there are two types of payment methods on PlayAmo: the traditional ones such as credit cards and e-wallets and the more alternative ones like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc. Let’s start with the traditional ones.

    On PlayAmo, credit cards have certain limitations, as well as advantages. For instance, when you make a deposit for the best online roulette games or withdrawal of your winnings there, we won’t charge you a single penny for it - the transactions are commission-free. You get exactly what you’ve asked from PlayAmo.

    Besides, your deposits take no processing time - once you hit the deposit button, your money is already there on your PlayAmo account. Unfortunately, though, the withdrawals are more limited in this sense: it takes from one to three days to complete your credit card withdrawals. And when it comes to the limits to how much you can actually deposit or withdraw, you can withdraw the minimum of 170 rands and the maximum of 65,000 rands in a single transaction.

    It was due to these limitations that we put cryptocurrencies here. Bitcoin and its analogous cryptocurrencies, as we’ve mentioned, are very trustworthy in terms of secure and quick payment processes.

    With them, your payments still don’t have any commission fees whatsoever. Besides, both withdrawals and deposits are instant. With deposits, you are only required to transact the minimum of 0.001 Bitcoin but apart from that, there are no other limitations.

    And when it comes to withdrawals, the differences are more obvious. Despite the fact that there are still some limitations with cryptocurrencies - you can withdraw in a margin of 0.001-2 Bitcoins, it’s still better than the credit card withdrawals.

  • When you play roulette on PlayAmo, you’re not only getting the most streamlined games in the industry but also the most lucrative opportunities as well. Every day you log in to our platform, there are various bonuses and promotions waiting for you.

    For instance, when you deposit for the first time for our best online roulette for real money, you will get the First Deposit Bonus which will double your initial deposit. The maximum amount we’re paying as a bonus is R2,000, therefore, you can possibly get R4,000 on your gaming account.

    Another bonus is the Second Deposit Bonus which works similarly. When you deposit your money for the second time, you’ll get a 50% bonus from PlayAmo. But there’s still a maximum cap of R3,500. So, in theory, you can get R10,500 for your roulette gaming instead of R7,000.

    There are, besides these two, other pretty exciting bonuses as well such as Friday Reload, Monday Free Spins, and a High Roller Bonus. All of them have many rewards and prize pools that work in favor of your winnings.

    But the most special bonus that we’re excited about is our VIP promotion. With it, you have a chance to win not only free spins and money for various games, including roulette but as the main prize, you’re in for a quest to win Ferrari 488 GTB!

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