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50% bonus + 100 free spins every Friday!

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R17,000 weekly prize fund for playing table games!

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6,000 free spins up for grabs every 5 days!

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Every week the winner's account is credited with 250 free spins for the slot of the week!

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11,500 ZAR + 1,000 free spins up for grabs every 12 hours!
160,000 ZAR + 14,000 free spins up for grabs weekly!

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  • What happens to blackjack games when good customer service and innovation come together?

    Online gaming has already become one of the biggest industries in the world. Be it action-packed video games or gambling slots and blackjack, the industry is flourishing everywhere around the globe.

    In South Africa, this trend is more than visible. In fact, every nine out of ten South Africans are involved in gambling, thus, tens of billions of dollars are made by gambling operators across the country.

    However, it’s still difficult to find an operator who aligns its customers’ interests to its own. It’s certainly the case when it comes to high-quality games, including blackjack.

    However, you’re lucky that you’ve come to the right place. On PlayAmo, you can find some of the best internet blackjack, along with other impressive games. What’s more, you can play those games on your smartphone, not to mention the live casino possibilities that take blackjack gaming to whole new heights.

    In addition to that, we also offer some of the most exciting bonuses, as well as the most innovative payment methods such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. All in all, you’re in for a special ride if you choose PlayAmo as your main blackjack gaming platform!

  • When making PlayAmo, we knew our main focus had to be directed at delivering the most entertaining casino games to our customers. However, it was a task we couldn’t do alone.

    That’s why we sought help from the professionals in this industry. These game developers provided over 80 different blackjack games that are very special, not only because they’ve been provided by the most prominent developers but also because they’re constantly updated and perfected.

    Some of the top South African online blackjack casino games that you can play on PlayAmo are Infinite Blackjack, Blackjack VIP L, Blackjack Classic 24, and many more!

    There’s one more thing takes these games to a whole new level: almost all of them support Bitcoin as a main wagering currency. The reason why it’s such a big deal is that Bitcoin is the most secure and fast payment platform in the world. It’s virtually unhackable, free of any political manipulations and inflations, and provides a high level of anonymity.

  • When it comes to playing blackjack, the majority of casino gamers are already familiar with its basic rules and techniques. However, there are other gamers who have never had any connection with this game. Here’s a short guide to how to play online blackjack games for them.

    From the earliest versions of the game recorded back in the XVI century Spain, blackjack has always had one main rule: you should always try to collect 21 points with your cards but never surpass it. Even the first known blackjack game was called 21. Therefore, when getting the cards from the dealer, you should look for their numerical values and get as close to 21 as possible.

    Every card has its own denomination. For instance, the number cards have the same denomination (e.g. 10 of spades equals 10), while the jack, queen, and king are equal to 10. Depending on the player’s decision, an ace can either be 1 or 11. If their hand is closer to 21, they might choose 1 to stay below the 21 limit.

    Whenever the player thinks they need more cards for 21, they’ll say “hit” and the dealer will deal them one more card. On the contrary, if they’re closer to the limit, they’ll say “stand” and the hand will stop.

    In some instances, you might even reach 21 at the first dealing set. In this case, you have a ‘natural’ win or ‘blackjack’, which means that you are automatically a winner of the bet unless the dealer also gets a ‘natural’ win. If you and the dealer both have blackjack, then it’s a tie and the bets are returned without adjustment.

  • So, we’ve come to an agreement that the blackjack games on PlayAmo are some of the best in South Africa. And whenever you feel like having some quality gaming time, you can always fire up our website and play the best blackjack games online.

    But there are some instances when you don’t have access to your desktop devices - be it your PC or laptop. And while our games are at their best on these desktop-class devices, you also have an option to play those games on your smartphone.

    In today’s rapid technological expansion, smartphones are getting more and more powerful. In fact, in some very basic tasks and commands, they’re replacing the computers. Social media and web browsing are already locked in the smartphone realm.

    This rampant trend of ‘smartphonization’ led us to create a full-fledged mobile version of PlayAmo where you can play your favorite blackjack games such as Party BJ on your iOS or Android device. The interface completely adjusts to your smartphone’s screen resolution, making everything as smooth as it could be on your laptop.

  • We’ve already mentioned it many times that innovation is one of two main priorities on PlayAmo. When we push the boundaries and provide the best games on both desktop and mobile devices, we’re doing just that: innovating things.

    However, being able to play the best online blackjack real money South Africa has to offer on your smartphone isn’t the only area where our innovative side comes in. We’re also bringing new opportunities to our customers who want to experience real casino in their homes.

    On PlayAmo, you can play online blackjack for real money such as Blackjack VIP A, Blackjack Classic 12, Blackjack White 3, and more. One thing that’s common with all of them is that all of them are live streamed from the actual casinos.

    The live casino might not be the most recent technology in the industry but it’s still a fairly new phenomenon. There aren’t many operators in South Africa that offer live casino games to their customers. That’s why it was so easy for us to take this niche and become one of the best live casino providers in the country.

    However, despite it was easy to find our place, we still had to overcome a major challenge: how to contact the best casinos operating worldwide and bring their games to our customers. Lucky for us, we found our partner Evolution Gaming who helped us at every step of the way.

    All in all, not only can you play the best live games on PlayAmo, you can also make Bitcoin-powered bets which makes the gaming process even more fun and secure.

  • Yet another thing that we’re utterly proud of is PlayAmo’s very special bonuses and promotions. Not only do we provide the best blackjack and other games but we also want to make playing them more lucrative and profitable.

    On PlayAmo, you can find at least six promotions that work in favor of our loyal gamers. These bonuses are aimed at both the beginner and veteran gamers alike. So, let’s have a look at them.

    Let’s start with the First Deposit Bonus. This is a promotion that doubles your very first deposit on your PlayAmo account. And with the maximum payout of R1,000, you can get a serious raise on your first deposit.

    Another bonus that is also specifically focused on beginner players is the Second Deposit Bonus. With it, your very second deposit will get an additional 50% on top. And with the maximum payout of 3,500 rands, you can get 10,500 rands on your wagering funds instead of the initial R7,000.

    The third one is our Friday Reload. On Fridays, your deposits will also get a 50% bonus and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gamer. With this bonus, you can get a maximum of R4,000 bonus on your R8,000 deposits.

    Next up, Monday Free Spins. As the name suggests, it’s specific to our slot games and isn’t really usable for online blackjack gambling. With this bonus, your every Monday deposit will get 100 free spins for our slot games such as Arcane Reel Chaos or Gold Canyon.

    The next bonus with much larger payouts is our High Roller Bonus. It’s specifically designed to make blackjack gaming for our high-end customers more exciting. With this bonus, your chunky deposits will get even chunkier with 50% bonuses.

    The last, and probably the most exciting bonus on PlayAmo, is our VIP promotion. You’re automatically enrolled in it once you make the first deposit - no need for special forms and codes. Betting on games will give you special CPs and when you collect a sufficient amount of them, your level increases and the rewards with it.

    In these VIP online blackjack promotions, you’re getting free spins and money rewards. For example, when you reach the Superstar level, you get R900 either on your PlayAmo account or as cash which gets bigger and bigger on the upper levels.

    And finally, when you reach the Godlike level in this bonus, you’ll be awarded the most special prize: Ferrari 488 GTB!

  • Having the most effective and innovative methods of payment is yet another priority on PlayAmo. And while we’re offering cryptocurrencies as our most technologically advanced payment method, we also maintained the traditional platforms that are more commonly used.

    For the sake of diversity, let’s review both of these categories. Let’s start with cryptocurrencies. On PlayAmo, you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and other blockchains to make both deposits and withdrawals for your favorite real money online blackjack and other games..

    With them, you’re able to deposit or withdraw funds instantly and with no charges at all - there are no transaction fees or time delays. Besides, you can deposit as much money as you want on the PlayAmo account .

    As far as withdrawals are concerned, there are some limitations to consider. For example, in a single withdrawal, you can get up to two Bitcoins. This is a big advantage considering the fact that in most cases, one Bitcoin can surpass ten thousand dollars. And when compared to the conventional methods of payment, these limitations are way softer.

    Now, let’s move to conventional platforms. On PlayAmo, there are both credit card payments, as well as e-wallets. And while these are more restricted in what they can do, they’re still advantageous in some areas on PlayAmo. For example, there are still no commissions to your payments. Besides, the deposits are also instant.

    The fourth one - the Monday Free Spins which is solely dedicated to slots and not really related to blackjack, yet it’s still nice to mention it here. Each Monday, you can get 100 free spins for the Arcane Reel Chaos or Gold Canyon slots, so that your Monday doesn’t feel that exhausting or miserable!

    However, when it comes to withdrawals, credit cards take up anywhere from 1 to 3 days to complete the transaction. There are other limitations to them as well. For instance, your deposits and withdrawals with credit cards are restricted to R170-65,000. Therefore, if you’re looking for the most convenient payment platform, you should always choose cryptocurrencies offered by PlayAmo.

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