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Three Card Poker

  • How to play live casino for real money and why should you choose PlayAmo?

    In South Africa, gambling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. That’s why everyone’s trying to find their place as a quality operator here. However, the majority of casino establishments are only focused on their revenues and interests, while their customer satisfaction goes closer to zero. It was due to this void in quality service that we’ve decided to intervene and create our very own casino operator.

    When making PlayAmo, we were predominantly focused on two main goals: to make the platform as customer-friendly as it could get and incorporate the most up-to-date technologies into our services.

    And when it comes to innovation, there are several major technologies that we’re particularly proud of. One of those technologies is our live casino online real money platform. With our partners’ help, we were able to deliver the most popular casino games from the actual gaming halls to our customers’ electronic screens.

    Besides, you’re also getting the most recent and widely acclaimed payment methods that ensure your financial security. You’ll find out more about them in the upcoming sections.

  • Live casino is a rather new form of gambling that has been around for a little over a decade now. And because it’s so intertwined with the internet and online services, let’s first talk about how online casino became so popular.

    Before all this hype on internet-based resources and services, gambling was solely confined in the casino halls. While the actual experience there was exhilarating, there were several major limitations to those halls. For example, space was not that big to accommodate too many gamers at once; besides, despite casinos were open for longer hours than other establishments, they still had some off-hours.

    When online gaming became an overwhelming hit in the 1990s, these limitations were completely alleviated. Now, gamers could play their favorite games without waiting for their turn in long queue lines or for the casino to open. This was truly a revolution in the industry.

    From that, it was only a matter of time to take things a step further. In the gambling ‘heaven’, which is Las Vegas, obviously, a new form of gambling emerged. With this innovative technology, gamers could play their favorite board games in the actual casinos while still enjoying the comfort of their homes.

    Although, as exciting as it might sound, the first live casino games real money could buy were not sophisticated enough. Due to space and time limitations, as well as the innovative character of this technology, there was only one single table and an operator in front of the live camera. Players were restricted in how many hands and hours they could play.

    The first live casino games were live blackjack and live roulette. However, as technology went further, other games like poker, baccarat, etc. were also added to this collection.

    As a result, the live casino gained traction pretty quickly. From the US and North America, it quickly spread across the world, reaching South Africa as well. Here, PlayAmo is one of the top live casino providers with hundreds of games and innovative proposals.

    As a result, the live casino gained traction pretty quickly. From the US and North America, it quickly spread across the world, reaching South Africa as well. Here, PlayAmo is one of the top live casino providers with hundreds of games and innovative proposals.

  • Just the desire to deliver some of the best online live casino South Africa has to offer, or even the usual online ones, wasn’t enough to achieve this challenging undertaking. We had to reach out for help. And when you’re able to play such entertaining live games as Immersive Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Party BJ, and many other South African live casino games, you should know that it was only possible thanks to our partners.

    The most exceptional partner in our live casino efforts has been Evolution Gaming. It has been operating on the live casino market since 2006. With its decade-long experience, this technology is at its peak as of today. Over the years, Evolution has been a beneficiary of various awards and prizes, the most special one being the Live Casino Software Supplier of the Year which it has won for the third time in a row.

    All in all, hundreds of addictive poker, blackjack, roulette, and other games are Live Streamed from the actual casino venues and brought directly at your home. You just need to open our website and enjoy.

  • As you can see, live casino gaming is truly an entertaining form of gambling and PlayAmo is trying to bring the best possible live games to you. However, while most of the time you’ll be playing these games on a desktop, there will be moments when you don’t have access to your PC or laptop.

    Say you’re stuck in very long traffic. One thing you can do is listen to music or a podcast. But you can also take out your phone and play our live games right in it (don’t play in your smartphone while driving!).

    Today’s smartphones are so much more sophisticated and powerful that they can easily perform desktop-class tasks and commands. Besides, the cellular internet has also gotten dramatically fast with hundreds of megabytes of download per second. This gave PlayAmo an opportunity to make a mobile-friendly website and enable its users to play live online casino real money games on iOS or Android.

    Once you open up our website, it will automatically shrink to become more mobile-friendly, adjusting to your phone’s screen. The games will also be in portrait or landscape orientation, depending on their original layout. Either way, you’ll be able to play them on your smartphone without any complications.

  • Once you’ve made up your mind about choosing PlayAmo as your live casino provider, it’s time to think about how you can create an account for it. Despite one minor difference, setting up an account for the live casino is identical to setting up any regular gambling account.

    When registering on PlayAmo, the system will only require the most rudimentary information from you such as your full name, country of residence, your phone number, Email, username, and password. Once you’re done with it, you’re good to go with any online game you want.

    The one difference that we’ve mentioned above is that when setting up an account to play live casino for real money, the system will also require a photo of your passport or national ID. That’s to ensure that you’re really the one registering on the platform and not anyone else.

    But as far as requirements go, that’s all PlayAmo asks from its customers. Our goal was to respect our loyal gamers’ privacy as much as we could and only ask for the most basic credentials from them.

    But that’s not everything. While setting up an account, you can also set some limits to your wagering activities. If you’re the one who loses control during gambling and wants to take more control over their spendings, you can always set a limit to how much money you can wager on our platform. This is a relatively new addition to PlayAmo and it already makes a tangible impact.

  • Once you’ve set up a new account for our most sophisticated live dealer online casino South Africa has got, you have to make your very first deposit and start playing our games. One of the most compelling reasons why you should choose PlayAmo is that you have a wide range of selection in payment methods.

    From traditional credit cards and e-wallets to the most recent cryptocurrencies, you can choose whichever platform you desire for your deposits and withdrawals. Let’s take a look at the most innovative platform since we’re mostly proud of it.

    On PlayAmo’s best live dealer casino South Africa has got, you can play your favorite games with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum and deposit/withdraw money without any charge - there are no transaction fees and delays. Besides, you can deposit as much money as you want on the PlayAmo account - the only requirement is that you should deposit no less than 0.001 BTC.

    Withdrawals are a bit more restricted here. In a single withdrawal, you can get from 0.001 to 2 BTCs. However, it still is a big advantage considering the fact that one Bitcoin is usually worth almost ten thousand dollars, sometimes even more.

    On the other side of the spectrum, there are certain advantages, along with limitations to the credit cards. For example, there are no transaction fees to your deposits or withdrawals. You get exactly what you’ve asked from PlayAmo.

    Plus, the deposits are instantaneous - there’s no delay in depositing money on your PlayAmo account. However, it takes somewhere around 1 to 3 banking days to complete withdrawals. There are other limitations with credit cards as well. For instance, you’re required to deposit or withdraw no less than 170 rands and not more than 65,000.

  • And last, but not least, there are PlayAmo’s exciting bonuses. With over six different promotions, you can make your gaming experience even more fun and enjoyable.

    To categorize these bonuses, there are two different groups: the normal bonuses and the VIP bonus. Let’s start with the normal ones. The First and the Second Deposit Bonuses are quite similar because they offer 100% and 50% bonuses to your initial deposits. And with the maximum payouts of 2,000 and 3,500 rands respectively, you can take your real live casino games and their funds to a whole another level.

    The next two bonuses are also similar: Friday Reload and Monday Free Spins are both applicable to your Friday and Monday deposits - Friday Reload gives you an additional 50% bonus while Monday Free Spins give you free spins for slot games.

    The last bonus in this collection is the High Roller Bonus. If you want to increase your wagering funds and thus, your profit prospects, you should definitely opt for this promotion. Under the High Roller Bonus, you’ll get an additional 50% on your deposits that are no less than R17,000. With the maximum payout of R35,000, you can possibly get R105,000 on your wagering account instead of initially deposited R70,000!

    And now, let’s move to our very special VIP promotion. This bonus is special in two ways: it has some very high-end rewards while it’s also applicable to beginner gamers. It works like this: once you make your first deposit on PlayAmo, you enroll in the VIP program. And when you wager on our live or other casino games, you get special CPs.

    With CPs, you increase levels and win various prizes. The rewards start from the Rookie level. From here to the Star levels, you’re going to get a lot of free spins for various slot games on PlayAmo. For example, the Rookie level has 15 free spins for the Platinum Lightning slot, while the Star level - 125 spins for either Aztec Magic or Hawaii Cocktails.

    From the next levels, the prizes come in money. For example, when you reach the Superstar level, you get R900 either on your PlayAmo account or as cash. The upper levels also give out money in much higher amounts. For example, the Royal level rewards you with R160,000!

    And as a final surprise: once you reach the most elite, Godlike level at 5,000,000 CPs, you’ll get Ferrari 488 GTB from PlayAmo in 30 business days! So, it’s never too late to start your own quest for this amazing prize.

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